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". . . And. . . that's it," Kagome sighed, setting down her empty tankard of brandy and choking back a sob as she leaned against the wall, toying with her necklace. "That was the last any of us saw of him." She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip, trying to keep the tears inside. "He's been gone ever since."

As she finished, silence blanketed the customers of the Autumn Leaves like a woolen cloak. Some looked surprised by the story, some as if they'd known all along, and still others a bit jealous. All the same, they had one feeling in common: pity.

"Miss. . . Miss Brandy, I'm very sorry for asking," Hojo whispered, hanging his head. Kag glanced up, as if having forgotten he- or anybody else for that matter- was still there. Then she smiled gently, shaking her head.

"It's not your fault, Hojo-kun. It's not anybody's."

"Yes it is! It's that Inu-Yasha bloke's fault!" one elder man frowned, raising his mug to those who responded with hearty 'here here's. "He should have stayed with you."

"That's a double sided coin, sir," Kagome chuckled humorlessly, shuffling out from behind the bar and collecting a few empty plates. "He should have stayed with me, just as I should have gone with him. One of us would have had to loose a huge chunk of ourselves. . . One of us would have had to sacrifice something that we weren't ready to give up."

Weren't ready to give up. . .

Not then, anyway.

". . . Would you be ready now?" a small, red haired boy asked with wide, innocent green eyes. Kag jumped at the question, but simply patted his head softly in response as the others shut themselves up.

"Well," Sango clapped her hands for attention, pulling all of the eyes away from Brandy (much to said waitress' silent relief); "it's getting late- closing time's in five minutes. Everyone finish your drinks and head out- lest you'd like to do the sweeping. . . ?"

Within the blink of an eye, everyone but the employees were gone.

The chestnut locked female snickered, rolling her eyes. "Works every time. . ."


"Thanks for listening, today," Kagome whispered, pulling her coat closer to her thin form as she and her friends exchanged farewells outside the locked bar door. "I know it must have been annoying to hear again."

"It was nothing," Kikyo assured her gently, patting her lovingly on the shoulder. "You go home and get some rest, all right? And do try to forget about that bastard. . ."

"You know I can't," Brandy grinned joylessly. "Fate won't let me- this tavern won't let me." She began to play with her necklace again. "Neither will the moon, the stars, my body, or my heart." She sighed as a swirl of leaves danced past on the wind. "Not even the falling leaves. . .

Good night, you two. Sweet dreams." And with that said, she slowly set off into the darkness.


Irony was a funny thing, she decided as she strolled. Why, just look at all the ironic occurrences in her life alone! For instance- Wasn't it funny that her nickname was Brandy, when she secretly despised the drink? Wasn't it funny that she lived so close to a landform that she hated? Wasn't it funny that she had fallen in love with the one kind of man she had promised herself that she wouldn't? And wasn't it funny that her bar was named after the song that described her life so well. . . ?

Stopping for a moment in the middle of the bridge- her and Inu-Yasha's bridge-, she leaned against the stone and looked out over the ocean, taking a deep breath of the fresh air. She felt as if she needed to let something out- a scream, a sob, a swear- but she didn't know quite what. So she eventually settled on a song. . . After all, they worked for Miroku; and it was too damn quiet out here, anyway. "The falling leaves. . .

Drift by my window. . .

The falling leaves. . .

Of red and gold.

I see your lips

The summer kisses

The sun-burnt hands. . .

I used to hold. . ." she sang softly, feeling a single tear slip down her cheek as she turned away from the sight, walking towards her lonely house, eyes on the road.

"Since you went away

The days grow long. . .

And soon I'll hear old winter's song.

But I miss you most of all, my darling,

When autumn leaves start to fall."

At night

When the bars close down

Brandy walks through a silent town

And loves a man

Who's not around

She still can hear him say

She hears him say "Brandy,

You're a fine girl

What a good wife you would be!

But my life, my lover, my lady

Is the sea!"

. . . walking towards her lonely house. . .

So lonely. . . Her house was so lonely. She didn't even consider it a 'home' anymore. Home is where the heart is, after all, and her's was long gone- at sea with Inu-Yasha.

The sea, the sea, the sea-

He says, "Brandy,

You're a fine girl!

What a good wife

You would be!

But my life, my lover, my lady

Is the sea!"

Oh, if only he'd come back! Just for a while! If only she could turn back time- to when he'd asked her to come with him- she'd have changed her answer. She'd have said yes!

. . .

But she couldn't turn back time. . .

She couldn't find him. . .

He was lost to her forever.

"Start to fall. . ." she continued to choke out, turning the corner to her street, hands in her apron pockets and head down low.

"And I see your lips. . .

The falling leaves. . ."

She mechanically walked up her front steps to the door, fumbling for her key as she whispered the last line of the song. "The falling leaves

Of red and gold."

"You have a beautiful voice, you know."

- - - ?!

She froze- the key she'd just managed to fish out falling from her hands in shock; as if it was made of fire. As it landed on the floor with a clatter, Brandy slowly turned around, not daring to hope but knowing all too well who she'd just heard speak. 'Can it be. . . ?'

It could.

And it was.

There, at the bottom of the steps, leaning casually against a metal post, was Inu-Yasha; tilting his head casually to the side with his usual smile. "Hey."

She simply gawked, eyes widening.

It wasn't. . . it- it had to be her mind- - -


"Sorry I missed you at the bar," he apologized calmly, straightening and stepping slowly next to her. "Got in a bit later than expected." He reached out a callused hand; running his fingers down her soft cheek, as if to prove they were both truly there on the porch. Were they?

Yes. . .

She could hear him- that was his voice.

'Inu. . . Yasha. . . ?'

She could feel him- that was his touch.

Inu-Yasha. . . ?'

She could smell him- that was his scent.


He was
truly real.

All the sudden it sank in- crashing down upon her like a wave of disbelief: HE WAS BACK.

Was that her heart she felt appear inside- - - ?

"Inu-Yasha!" she gasped happily, her tears of sadness birthing droplets of joy as she threw her arms around him so spontaneously that the sailor almost fell backwards with a laugh. "It's really you! It's really you!"

"Yes, it's really me. . ." he assured softly, breathing in her sweet aroma; burying his face in the crook of her neck.

"You're back! You're here!"

"Yes, I am," he chuckled, nuzzling her throat as she gripped him tightly to her.

"You are! But- but how? Why?" She loosened her hold just enough to stare him in the eyes, curious but beaming. "I thought you said you couldn't live without the sea! It was your home!"

"I was wrong," he whispered, leaning his forehead against hers and kissing the tip of her nose. "It's
you I can't live without. You are my home." He suddenly laughed as she blushed, and he began to swing her around in the air. "Oh, Kagome- I'm so happy to see you!" he beamed. "I have so many things to tell you! So many tales and sto- - -" But before he could say anything more, Kag pressed a finger to his lips, standing up on her tiptoes as she was placed carefully back on the ground.

"There's only one thing I want to hear," she murmured, a serious expression overtaking her features. She licked her dry lips, wrapping one arm around his neck and keeping the other against his mouth. "Will you be staying with me?"

He grinned widely at her, kissing her fingertip. "Yes. Always."

She smiled back. "Good."

With that, Kag pulled Inu's head down to meet hers, their lips locking in a passionate embrace. She arched her back, pressing herself into him as he stumbled into the railing, holding her close. She moaned as she felt his tongue slide into her mouth, battling her own for dominance as her hands locked themselves in his silky hair. But it was then that they ran out of breath, and had to break apart.

Inu-Yasha was the first to recover, chuckling quietly as he picked up her keys and tossed them carelessly in his hand. "You don't know how long I've been waiting to do that."

"I think I know," Kagome grinned, burying her pink face in his shirt as she felt his lips skim her ear.

"Do you also know. . ." he whispered, "that I'm still open for any tour of your bedroom that you may offer. . . ?"

The bartender laughed and pulled quickly away, playfully whapping his arm. "You terrible flirt!"

"True," he smiled roguishly. "But I'm your terrible flirt. And you're mine."

"Yes," she agreed softly. "You're right. . ." She kissed his cheek and smiled. "I love you."

"I love you too," he whispered, running his fingers through her hair. "My mermaid. . ."

She blushed and then shook her head, as if to clear it. "Well, come on," she then announced, taking the keys from his hands and opening the door. "It's getting late, and if I plan to make it to work on time tomorrow, we'll have to start your tour right away."

. . . ?!

Inu-Yasha started, blinking at her in surprise as she winked.

"Coming?" she giggled, tossing her braid over her shoulder.

"Wha- - - ? I- - - heh. Not even an ocean could keep me away," he breathed, before quickly following Brandy into the house, locking the door behind them once more.


It turns out that Brandy didn't make it to work on time the next morning, anyway, but when everyone found out why, they very quickly forgave her. After all, they finally had Kagome back.

And Kagome had Inu-Yasha back.

And Inu-Yasha had his mermaid.

Isn't it funny how everything seems to work out in the end?

Irony is nice that way.

- - -

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