Morning, Feudal Era

Inuyasha- 1sT =

I awoke sweating, with Miroku lecherously grinning at me.

"Miroku… Did you hear my side?" I asked bravely.

"Miroku was nice enough to keep Shippo away… I'm sure Kagome's pleased though…" Sango said, bursting into laughter with Miroku.

"You two seemed rather pleased with each other as well." I smirked. Sango and Miroku turned ten shades of red.

"I knew you got together after I talked to Kagome… Her close friend Ayumi is your descendent. And her father's a hentai… To bad that didn't run out of the family." I said after an uncomfortable silence.


Saturday Morning, Present Day.

Kagome - 1St =

I opened my eyes finally, although I'd been awake for a good hour, to my room and Ayumi with a lecherous grin. 'Not now.. Inuyasha's probably going through the same thi.' I started before I had the urge to puke. I got up from my spot and ran to the bathroom. I threw up multiple times before Ayumi had gotten my mom to the bathroom.

"Mom...I found a way to connect with Inuyasha the night before last... his haori was proof of that. But last night.. I uh... may have taken something more than material possessions... Morning.. sa...sick.. sicknesses ring a (-puke-) bell?" I asked my mother.

"You.. hanyou's works faster, eh Kagome...I'll take you to Dr. Akash after lunch. I'll call Ayumi's mom to see if she can come as well. Now put on the haori and go eat breakfast. Hurry up while I wake Souta." Momma said, smiling.

Higurashi Household - 3rD =

Kagome and Ayumi ran into the kitchen with hungry grins. The two sat down quickly next to Souta and waited for Kagome's mother. When she arrived after a quick call to Ayumi's mother, the Higurashi Family and Ayumi began breakfast.


Midmorning, Feudal Era

Kaede's Village - 3Rd =

Inuyasha walked in front of Miroku and Sango as the two love birds flirted and blushed. Shippo ran up to his surrogate father and jumped into his arms. Kaede took notice of the two blushing and look quizzically at Inuyasha. He nodded signifying their engagement. Shippo sighed and curled up to Inuyasha. Many other villagers gathered to hear what happened.

" My fellow villagers, the houshi and the tajiya have expressed their love, and agreed to be wed to one another. Let us celebrate tonight." Kaede said, adding a celebration to attempt to cheer up Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha," one villager attempted, "Will you and Kagome- sama be wed?"

"Kag.. Kagome.. Has returned to Tokyo. She may not return. If she does, yes… If not, I'll … I don't know… I'm going to the Goshinboku. " Inuyasha said, before taking off, dropping Shippo in the process.


After Lunch, Present Day

Kagome- 1ST =

Momma, Ayumi and I waited anxiously in the waiting area for Dr. Akash. I began to wonder things like, what if Inuyasha being demon speed up the pregnancy? If my cousin, Dr. Akash, found that my child has inu ears like Inuyasha, would she tell? I looked at my mom, hoping she'd get it.

"Rin-mei won't tell on you, Kagome… besides… she's got enough family problems with Uncle Maru right now to tell." Momma told me. I smiled and looked at Ayumi in anticipation.

"Kagome- san?" a voice asked. I looked in the direction of the voice. Until that moment, I never noticed how much Rin-mei looked like Sesshoumaru.

"Rin- mei! How's Aunt Kagu…" I started before realizing something incredible.

"Mom's fine… Who's the pregnant one?" she asked the three of us.

"I am.. I need to tell you something later though…" I said as I stood up and walked to my '22 year old cousin'.

"You aren't 17 yet Kagome! Okay.. Shocks worn off… Shall we go to the room?" Rin-mei asked. I nodded and the four of us headed to a room.

Ten minutes later, Rin-mei and I were alone as she hooked up the ultrasound machine. She had a pathetic look on her face as she shut the door. My mom and Ayumi left me alone knowing it would hurt without Inuyasha there enough.

"Who'd you… ya know… with Kaggy?" she asked me.

"My love… Inuyasha, I miss him…" I said with pain in my voice.

"How did you fall in love so young?"


"Why can't fate help me?"

"Because… you're over 500 years old aren't you Rin? With my almost brother and sister - in - law, Sesshoumaru and Kagura. You were attacked by Kouga's wolf demon tribe when you were so young. I know because Inuyasha could smell your blood when we found the village in ruins. Sesshoumaru revived you with the Tensaiga (sp.?)."

"How? Haahow?"

"The Bone Eater's well. It transports Inuyasha and I though time. It… used to anyway. Now I'm stuck her with his child growing inside me and he's there crying in front of Kouga. You know Kouga's obsessed with me?"

"I'm so, so sorry. If it helps, look at this screen and listen. Three beautiful children. Two boys and a girl… wait that's two girls and two boys… When did you mate with Inuyasha. They are looking about ½ a month old. I know it's not been ½ a month."

"This morning…"


"And five hundred years strained it. So with the added effect of sleeping time travel and Inuyasha's half demon blood.. That's what I'll get."

"Maybe it'll go too fast…Whoa! You're already fat… no offense… How will your other friends take it?"

"I have no idea. Get my Mom and Ayumi in here."

" 'Kay Kaggy."


Later that evening, Feudal Era

Inuyasha - 1st =

I walked back up the Goshinboku. I started to dig and dig till I found a small root about forty feet under. I carved 'KH IY = LOVE…' and recovered it. I sat it the Goshinboku for an hour, before the sleep took over.


Dream Cavern - Night Three

3rd =

Inuyasha sat against a cavern wall for awhile until Kagome arrived. She looked 'heavier' and held a blush on her face. She sat against her loving hanyou and sighed.

"Inuyasha… Four pups on the way.." she said grinning at him.

"Four… PUPS? I'm going to be a real father… Not just a surrogate. Oh.. Kagome!" Inuyasha burst out. Kagome just grinned.
------------------------picket fence--------------------
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