"I will not have him in this house," shouted Aurelius Nocturino.

"But I love him, Father. He asked me to marry him and I said yes," said Saveage Nocturino. "I will have no other man."

"You will marry the man I have chosen and that is final!" shouted Aurelius.

"You cannot make me marry a man I do not love!"

"Your marriage will ensure the continuance of the Nocturino line. Our blood must be preserved."

"It will be, Father. Severus Snape comes from a long line of wizards. Our union would not be against your blood." She had to find a way to do this with her father's consent; she might even be able to use his own ideas against him. "Just think about it, Father. The wizarding world's finest families joining together; the Snape family fortune is higher than that of the Black family. It would be wonderful."

"I will not have a Death Eater in my family, no matter how much money his family has."

Saveage's face contorted in anger. "He is not a Death Eater! How many times must someone tell you for you to understand! Even Dumbledore came here to explain it to you!"

Aurelius looked into the fire. He understood that his daughter was in love with Severus Snape. He had even approved of the match at first, but things were different now; he had an offer for Saveage's hand from one of the richest families in the wizarding world. There was also the fact that Snape had bad news written all over him; he had the look of a Death Eater, no matter what Albus Dumbledore said. Although Aurelius believed that the wizarding race would be better off with purebloods only, he did not abide murder; which he knew was what the Dark Lord was doing. How was Dumbledore to know if Snape was really on the right side? He could be spying for the Dark Lord. He did not want his daughter associated in any way with someone like that.

He turned to his daughter. "I will not consent and that is final. You can say nothing that will change my mind. You will marry young Sirius Black and forget about Severus Snape." He moved toward the door and stopped in front of her. "I am doing this for your own good. You will thank me one day." With a final kiss to her forehead, he left the room.

Saveage waited until she knew he was gone and headed towards the fire. She took out her wand and pointed it at herself "Fecundius" she incanted and then grabbed a handful of Floo Powder. Just as witches could cast spells for birth control, they could also do one for fertility. She looked towards the door her father had just closed and threw the Powder into the fire. She knew that this was the only way she could get out of this marriage and it was not exactly the way she wanted to do it, but she was desperate. "I'm sorry, Father, but you have left me no choice."

She stepped into the fire and said, "Snape Manor!" She disappeared in a whirl of green flame.

She arrived in the entrance hall fire of Snape Manor and was greeted by the house elf Wooly. "How is Miss Nocturino this day? Wooly thinks she is here to see Master Severus, yes?"

"Yes, Wooly. Is he in his rooms?"

"Yes, Miss. Would Miss like Wooly to announce her?"

"No, that is not necessary." Saveage was quickly on her way towards Severus' rooms. Halfway down a corridor, she halted, remembering something she needed from Wooly. She turned so quickly she almost stumbled over the poor elf hurrying after her. "I'm sorry, Wooly, I didn't see you. Could you do me a favor and warn us if anyone comes while I'm here?"

"Of course, Miss." The elf bowed low and went off to do as he was bid. He did not mind taking orders from Saveage, even though she was not a Snape, because she was never rude to him.

Saveage made her way through the corridors of the vast mansion and finally came to the corner where Severus' study and bedroom were located. She tapped lightly and paced in front of the door as she waited, trying to think of how she was going to explain to Severus why she was there.

Severus' face, annoyed at being disturbed, appeared in the doorway. His expression instantly softened when he saw who was at his door. "Sage. What are you doing here?" He opened the door wider to allow her entrance.

Saveage walked into Severus' study and looked around at the familiar surroundings. She had been in this set of rooms many times and she had this horrible feeling that this might be the last time she would be seeing them, and she wanted to memorize the layout.

"Sage?" whispered Severus. He walked towards her and stood inches behind her. "What's the matter?"

"He said no." She did not even turn around to face him. She couldn't, her face was already wet with tears. She could not lose this man. He was the only one that understood her, the only one who had ever truly connected with her heart.

"Your father?" he asked. He saw her nod and sighed. "I thought he would." He moved away from her.

Saveage quickly turned and walked to Severus. "I do not care what he says; I love you and I will marry you."

Severus took her hands and held them to his lips. "I cannot ask you to do that. As much as I despise your father at this moment, I know how hard it would be for you to disobey him. I know, if the shoe were on the other foot, you would say the same thing."

He was right and Saveage knew it. She would not have asked him to do what she was willingly doing at this moment: defying her father's wishes. But she knew what would get to him and she had to use it, even if it didn't work as she wanted and she never saw him again. "He wants me to marry Sirius Black."

Severus looked into her eyes. She was telling the truth. He let go of her hands and moved towards his fireplace. Of all the people it might have been, her father had to choose Sirius Black. "And what did you tell him?"

Saveage heard the distance in his voice; she knew that he was drawing himself away from her emotionally. She had to pull him back to her. "I told him that I would not marry a man I did not love." She saw Severus' shoulders slump slightly, as if he had been holding his breath. She walked to him and stood behind him. Her hand stretched out to touch his back; he stiffened at first, but quickly relaxed when she began to move her hand in circles. "I made you a promise and I intend to keep it."

Severus whirled around on his heel and stared at her in surprise. "And I told you that I would not hold you to it, if your father did not approve of me."

"I know you did." She placed her hands on his chest and began to massage the muscle beneath her fingers. Her voice was trembling when she spoke. "I will belong to no other man but you."

Saveage leaned forward and kissed his lips. He did not respond at first, still in shock, but he quickly embraced her and returned her kiss with a passion he had never displayed before. He deepened their kiss as his hands began to roam over her body. She allowed him to explore as she began to unfasten the buttons on his cloak and slide it off his shoulders. He did the same with her robes and began to loosen the strings of her dress. She was soon out of it and she pressed herself to him.

She could feel his manhood and the heat that emanated from it through his pants. Her hurry to disrobe him became almost frantic. He quickly grabbed her hands and looked down at her. "Take your time. No one is home and she's not going to be back for another day." He kissed her neck. "We have all the time in the world."

Saveage gasped in pleasure as he kissed and sucked on her neck. She saw him reach for the wand in his robe pocket. She quickly grabbed his hand. "Don't worry, I did it before coming here."

Severus looked a bit surprised and then a slow smile crept on his face. Saveage loved it when he smiled; it made her love him all the more. "So you had already planned to have your way with me, even before you saw me?"

She gave him a saucy smile. "Of course. A girl must always have a plan."

They took their time, but all too soon for Saveage it was over and she lay in the arms of the man who had forever stolen her heart. She noticed that his breathing had become deep and rhythmic and moved to see his face. He was fast asleep. She moved slowly, so as not to wake him and lay with her head in her left hand and her right hand was moving along his face, tracing his eyebrows, going down his nose and jaw line. She wanted to remember every single line and angle of his face, knowing full well that she would soon be parted from him.

She saw him stir and rested her thumb on his lips. Severus opened his eyes and looked into the sky blue eyes that were part of his very soul. He kissed the thumb that was on his lips and then moved Saveage so she was snuggled closely to his side.

They lay in each other's arms for a long time, kissing and caressing each other. Severus made love to her throughout the entire day. She fell asleep from exhaustion and woke in the evening to find him in a chair by the fire; he had a table with food on it and Saveage realized that they had not eaten all day. She got up and wrapped herself in a robe that she knew he set out for her at the foot of the bed. She moved towards the fire and seated herself in the soft chair opposite him.

"I thought you might be hungry," he explained.

"I'm starving," she said. She uncovered one of the silver platters and found her favorite dish: roast beef with fresh vegetables and mashed potatoes. "You always did know what I liked."

"Only because it was always what you ordered when we went out." Severus had already eaten and so he watched the fire as she ate her dinner.

Saveage sat back contentedly as she finished her potatoes and watched as Severus swirled his brandy. They both stared into the fire for a while. Saveage came out of her reverie when she realized the table and its food was gone. She smiled at how quiet and efficient Wooly was. She looked over to tell Severus how much she liked his house elf and found that he was staring at her.


"I'm not going to see you again, am I?" he asked.

Saveage gasped at his words. "Of -- of course you will see me again," she breathed, but her eyes must have betrayed her.

"I'm glad it ended like this, Sage. I know that the life I lead would not be the one for you. Being who I am would not, and obviously has not, set well with your family. I cannot ask you to follow me when I don't know where it is I'm going or if I'll live long enough to see tomorrow."

"If you're talking about spying for Dumbledore, I already know about that." She smiled when he turned surprised eyes on her. "I talked to him last time he came to see my parents. He told me all about it and I have a sneaking suspicion that he might know about us."

Severus smirked. "I have no idea how that man knows half the things he does, but I wish I had the same gift."

"He gave us his blessing. He said that he would support us in any decision we make. I think it was a nice subtle way of telling us he would help." She reached over and took his hand. "I love you, Severus."

"We can't. At least not yet. I do not want to put you in the situation where you are up all night, waiting and wondering if I've been found out and you're a widow. I love you too much to do that to you."

"Then you would subject me to waiting for who knows how long, just to see if we can marry?" She let go of his hand. "Severus, as much as I hate to say this, I have to. That day may not come in our lifetime. I'm sure one day it will and this world will be rid of You-Know-Who's terror, but I can't see it." She stood and walked over to him and sat on his lap. Taking his face in her hands she told him, "I would rather die your widow, than live never having been your wife."

Saveage had known this would happen, but it was not any easier to cope because of the knowledge. Her parents had found out she was carrying Severus' child and they had decided to move to America. She was watching her house elf pack her trunks as she sat on the bed. She had the letter she had written to Severus in her hand.

The letter was the only way he would know the truth of the matter. It explained everything that had happened in the last four months, including why she had not been to see him since their night together. She explained how her father had decided Sirius was not the right man for her; she presumed it was because he had found out about the child. She apologized to Severus for what she had done, asking him to forgive her and pleading for his promise to wait for her to return with their child.

"Mistress is ready to go," said Binky, the house elf, in her usual high-pitched voice.

Saveage tore herself from her thoughts and looked at the house elf with determination. "Binky, I need you to do something for me."

"Anything, Mistress."

"I need you to deliver this letter to Mr. Snape at Snape Manor, but you have to wait a few days, alright?"

"Yes, Mistress," the house elf said, shakily.

"Is everything alright, Binky?"

"Yes, Mistress, Binky will deliver the letter."

"Thank you, I owe you one." Saveage left the room and went downstairs to meet her parents. They would be leaving soon and she knew her father liked to give last minute instructions.

She sighed as she walked through the halls of the Manor. There were white sheets over much of the furniture. She knew that they would be gone for at least a year, maybe as long as five. She hoped that her father would see how miserable she was and decide to end their exile as soon as possible.

Saveage reached the foyer and stared absently as her father gave the gathered house elves instructions on the upkeep of the house while they were gone. It was not as if they did not know what to do, it was more for Father's benefit that they listened intently, making sure every order was memorized. She smiled at Binky as she and her parents walked out into the sunshine and waved at all the house elves before disapparating.

She arrived in the bedroom of the house in New York that her parents had managed to acquire. She did not know the details of the transaction and did not want to know either; she planned to stay in this room until her child was born.

Life would be manageable if she stayed out of her parents' way and they out of hers. She knew they would say something about her 'brooding' and enclosure in the room, but they could not say much, since it was their own decision that had brought her there in the first place.

The months passed and she waited in vain for a reply to the letter that she had left for Severus. Had Binky forgotten to send it? No, that couldn't be possible, even if she had waited for a while, Severus would surely have received the letter by now. She waited day-by-day, getting rounder as the weeks passed, but heard nothing from her love. Her mother even commented on the lack of owls from her friends; her father on the other hand seemed quite happy that no one had written to her, or to any of them for that matter, at all since her departure from England.

Five months passed and she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her parents had not offered any suggestions on a name for the child, so she chose to name her Severa Raven Nocturino. It was evident when she was born exactly who her father was. The jet black hair on her head left no question in Saveage's mind.

Severa's birth brought about an unexpected change in Saveage's father. He had been aloof and very controlling when the family had first arrived; probably because he felt the situation had happened because he had not been in enough control. But a few days after the baby was born and he held the newborn in his arms, there was a change in his face. It had softened and so had his heart. Saveage noticed that he hung around the door of the nursery a lot, usually when Severa's naptime was over. He had once even offered to change her diaper.

Saveage, although sad that it took so long, was glad about the change in her father. She liked the man she was seeing, the proud grandfather that coddled his granddaughter to the point of spoiling her rotten. He would buy her toys and clothes and even indulged her with a teething wand. Even though the change was pleasant and a welcome one, Saveage could not help feeling that it should be Severa's father to spoil her, to buy her things and to change her diapers. She began to feel resentment for her father that ran deep; a bitterness that he was depriving Severa of a father's love and affection. But Saveage hid the feelings, burying them deep inside her and would not let them come out for the sake of her daughter. Severa deserved the world and Saveage wanted to give it to her.

It was not until her first birthday that Saveage broached the subject of returning to England and the home they had abandoned. The first request was met with utter refusal. Saveage fought for two months to return to their home and only after threatening them that she would return alone to find Severus had they agreed to the return.

Once home, Saveage and Severa settle into a sheltered life at the Manor, neither leaving the house for more than the occasional trip to London, visits to friends, or a family vacation. Severa, now known as Eva, was given free reign in the Manor as she grew and was surprisingly well behaved. She was quite content with being taught at home, where she could study whenever she pleased and had the undivided attention of her teachers. She had shown an extraordinary gift of magic, and her grandfather had been training her in wandless magic since she was eleven. Her other schooling was going well and she was even ahead of her age group studying at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Life was good for Eva, at least until she turned fourteen. She had heard her mother and grandparents discussing something over their lunch and had decided to listen at the door. She heard something about starting all over again and the mention of Albus Dumbledore, whom she knew was a good friend of her grandparents and the Headmaster of Hogwarts. She hoped that they weren't planning on sending her away to school; she liked her home training. It was her mother's next comment that really caught her attention. She said that it was no longer safe for Eva to be at the Manor and that they should consider sending her to America or elsewhere.

That night Eva found it hard to sleep as she turned the conversation over in her mind. She wished she could ask her Mother about it, but then she'd have had to admit to eavesdropping. Her Mother had always told her she had her father's analytical mind and Eva found herself devising arguments against being sent away. Finally she yawned and shrugged, pushing the conversation to the back of her head --it was no use worrying –- she'd know soon enough if it came to pass. She soon pushed the conversation to the back of her head and had completely forgotten about it.

It was not until the middle of August the following year that it was thrust again into the forefront of her mind. Eva led a sheltered life; her scant information of the world beyond the manor came from Draco Malfoy, her best and only friend. For reasons her Mother and Grandparents refused to even discuss, Draco had abruptly been banned from visiting her last year and so news from him and the goings-on of the outside world had become even more limited. She did know, however, that he would be starting his sixth year at Hogwarts and that he had been made a prefect the previous year. Beyond that information and the crumbs her grandparents tossed her, she did not know what was going on, not why he was forbidden to see her.

She was walking down the hall towards the study her grandparents shared. She wanted to turn in the three parchments that she had just finished. She heard raised voices and slowed down to find out who was arguing her grandparents or her mother and grandfather. She was surprised to find that it was two people hooded and cloaked who were speaking to her grandparents. Eva thought it odd to find people so dressed in her home and moved closer to the door to see what was going on.

This is just some background for what will happen later. I will be adding some translations for the spells I make up as well.
Fecundius - Fecund means fertile.
Also Saveage is pronounced: sah-vay-ajh. It means someone who is well-cultured but strong-minded, and can get along with anyone. I thought it would perfect for the woman who fell in love with Sverus Snape.