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Summary: Due to a freakish accident while spying on Sasuke, Naruto is now sporting a fluffy orange tail with matching ears!

Warnings: OOC syndrome…although we were going for that so…yeah… This story should be tame compared to our other ones…but we're not making any promises! Also it is Yaoi! You have been warned!

Pairings: SasuNaru!!! So there!!!

Rating: PG13…for now…if we don't lose our minds in the process of writing…again…

Chapter 1- What one will do…

A figure crouched in the bushes, waiting for it's target to be seen. Blue eyes shone in the light of the near full moon, focusing on the illuminated window several stories up...

At last another figure moved by the window, and the light went out. A few moments later a blur, barely noticeable, flew from the side of the building and into the night. The figure in the bushes grinned. It was time.

Naruto crept from the bushes towards the Uchiha mansion. Now that Sasuke was away the fox could play. Naruto tried not to snicker at his play on words for a nursery rhyme. He was going to find out once and for all the bastard's weakness. After all he was Naruto's rival and Naruto was getting a little annoyed at the stone cool Uchiha. Why the hell was he being much more of a bastard then normal?

Quickly and quietly he snuck in through an open window...well maybe not quietly, he knocked over a book on his way, but since the entire building was empty he really didn't pay it much attention. He snuck through the home and up the stairs, straining his ears for any sign that Sasuke was coming home, but the house was dark and silent. At last he reached his destination, and cautiously pushed the door open and stepped into Sasuke's bedroom, practically shivering with anticipation at the goodies he would find inside.

He was slightly disappointed when he looked around, Sasuke's room was so...bare...why wasn't there any kind of posters or ...well anything personal? The walls, thank god, were not grey but still they did reflect almost everything Naruto knew about Uchiha Sasuke...which was almost nothing. Naruto sighed and began looking for clues, maybe a diary or...something...

He pulled out a dresser...nothing but duplicates of the outfits that Sasuke always wore. Naruto twitched, didn't he have any other kind of clothes, he wondered, completely ignoring the fact that he owned probably ten pairs of the same orange outfit he always wore. He sighed and started flipping through the books and scrolls on Sasuke's shelf...they were all just boring things on jutsu...

He stopped when a small photo fell out from one of the books and floated to the floor.

Picking up the photo Naruto was shocked to see a five-year-old Sasuke holding the hand of someone who must have been his mother, and the boy in the picture was actually smiling! Getting over his shock Naruto looked at the other person in the photo who must have been his father...but the rest of the picture was torn, cutting off the fourth person who stood by the older man. Naruto could barely make out a shoulder and a bit of the sleeve. Naruto squinted at the picture, and ran a finger down the torn edge. Why had Sasuke ripped the picture? He wondered thoughtfully, and his eyes moved back to rest on the smiling face of the five-year-old Sasuke. He almost wished he could see Sasuke smile like that again...

He was brought out of his train of thought by the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs.

'Crap Crap CRAP!' Naruto cursed inside his head trying to think of what to do, Sasuke must be home! Who else would be there inside of the Uchiha mansion?! The window was closed and locked with drapes that looked like they had converted into bars before Naruto's eyes. The only other way out was the door and Sasuke was coming from there! H-he needed to hide!

He looked around frantically...there was nowhere to hide, the room was so neat and tidy...there wasn't room under the bed, if he went into the closet he would make too much noise and there was nothing he could hide behind. The footsteps came closer to the door, the door handle moved slightly so Naruto took the only option he could think of. He made a sign with his hands and whispered something under his breath.

Sasuke opened the door and stared down at the animal sitting in the middle of his room, it was a fox. What the hell was a fox doing his room? Truing on the light, Sasuke tried to figure out what a wild animal was doing there...it wasn't very big. Maybe it was a kit? It certainly looked wide-eyed and scared...but that could be because it wasn't used to humans.

He knelt down in front of the tiny fox, who backed away a little bit, frightened. After a moment he reached a hand out to it and said in a friendly voice "Hey little guy..."

Naruto the fox stared in disbelief at Sasuke. Had he just sounded...friendly? Nice? What the hell was the world coming to? He backed up a little more but found himself already pressed up against the wall. Sasuke reached out his hands and before Naruto knew what was happening, he was in the Uchiha's arms. He blinked 'How the hell?' he asked mentally, and was about to bite, scratch, and claw his way out of his rival's arms when Sasuke reached up a hand and scratched him between the ears.

All thoughts of escape flew out of Naruto's mind as the most overwhelming feeling of happiness took him over. No wonder cats liked to be scratched behind the ears...it felt good...it felt really, really good. He felt a strange sort of purring noise coming out of his throat as he leaned into Sasuke's hand happily.

Sasuke stopped his scratching and looked around. "How did you get in here little guy?" He asked, again with that unfamiliar friendly tone. Naruto opened his half closed lids and groggily wondered what he was doing...then it hit him. He was stuck in Sasuke's room as a fox...the guy had just scratched him behind the ears and...and....He'd LIKED it?!

That was not the most shocking thing though, no not by a long shot. Sasuke...the great Uchiha Sasuke...was...actually...talking to him in one of those voices that NORMAL people with hearts use when talking to an animal or baby! T-This was almost Twilight Zone music worthy...but it also was the perfected cover. That is, if Uchiha Sasuke didn't use his freaky eye thing and saw right through the disguise...but Naruto might be able to find out...well he didn't know what he could find out but he bet his fluffy orange tail it had to be juicy.

He decided then that the best course of action would be to play up his role as the cute and adorable fox, and try to squeeze as much information out of the unsuspecting Uchiha as he could. Grinning evilly on the inside he pulled out everything he knew on the subject of cuteness and threw it at Sasuke, giving him the biggest puppy dog eyes he'd ever had to use. He made a cooing sound and tilted his head slightly for effect.

Sasuke looked down at the adorable fox he held in his arms, and although he still wondered where it had come from, Sasuke was happy to comply with his need for attention. Strangely enough, the big bright blue eyes reminded him of the dobe...that is to say Naruto.

Sitting himself down on the bed, Sasuke held the little fox out so he could get a better look at it. He stared at it for a while in silent contemplation, and Naruto started to sweat. Was he seeing through his disguise? Damn it, he had to up the cuteness factor some more to distract him! He made another cooing noise and wagged his fluffy tail, and Naruto could swear...was that a smile on his lips? Well...it was almost a smile anyway.

"You remind me of someone I know." Sasuke said suddenly, and Naruto stopped his tail wagging. Damn it, he was so doomed!

Sasuke's brow knitted together as if he was thinking of something rather important...either that or he had gas. Just in case, Naruto tested his nose…nope only the sweet aroma of Sasuke met his nose...wait 'Sweet?!' Naruto tested the air again…yeah Sasuke smelt like mint and strawberries...who would have thought?

"Naruto." Sasuke said suddenly, and Naruto's heart stopped beating completely.

'Damn!!!' He cursed to himelf. 'I've been found out, he's going to kill me!!!!' He closed his eyes trying to prepare himself for the eruption that was sure to come.

"I think I'll call you Naruto..." Sasuke continued, and Naruto's eyes opened and stared at him in total shock. "You remind me...of him..." He said and pulled Naruto the fox to sit on his lap and stroked his fur.

Naruto was too dumbfounded to even protest as Sasuke scratched him behind the ear again. Had Sasuke had just name him after...well himself? At lest he wasn't going to have to remember some other stupid name that Sasuke might have thought up. Making himself more comfortable in Sasuke's lap, Naruto planned on milking this for everything he could get.

"Yeah your definitely a 'Naruto'" Sasuke said again.

'I'd better be...' Naruto thought to himself and closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of Sasuke's fingers scratching that wonderful spot behind his ear. A guy could get used to treatment like this...He found himself thinking, then stopped. 'Where the hell had that come from??' Frustrated, he pushed Sasuke's hand away without realizing that he was supposed to be buttering the guy up for juicy info.

Sasuke blinked at the fox who was now squirming and trying to escape...although making a very poor attempt at it. Naruto the fox was laying on his back in Sasuke's lap so, needless to say, he was trapped and Sasuke didn't even have to lift a finger to hold him.

Naruto sighed, annoyed that his escape attempt did not work out as planned and was about to go into a bit of a sulking fit when Sasuke asked him a question that made his ears perk right up. "Hey are you hungry?"

He wagged his tail happily at the mere mention of food. 'Maybe Sasuke has ramen!' Although he didn't seem like the ramen type but then again he didn't seem like the cuddle-a-baby-fox type either, so who knew? Well granted he hadn't cuddled him yet but...

His thoughts were once more interrupted when Sasuke picked him up and held him to his chest, carrying him into the kitchen. With his nose practically pressed up against the fabric of Sasuke's shirt the smell of mint and strawberries was almost overpowering.

Naruto suddenly had an urge to go and find some fresh strawberries...but wait! They were in the kitchen now...what was Sasuke planning on feeding him?

Sasuke flicked on the lights and opened the fridge, wondering what he should feed the little fox in his arms...after all foxes were carnivores right? 'So then left over ramen probably won't go over too well...' or at lest that's what Sasuke thought as he moved the pot of ramen out of the way to get at some meat he had defrosting in the fridge.

'Ramen!!!' Naruto thought happily to himself and squirmed out of Sasuke's arms, leaping into the fridge and attacking the bowl with tin foil over it. He could smell the ramen under it and tried to get at the stuff.

Sasuke blinked and took the fox out of the fridge...Naruto squirmed and tried to get back in. "You like...ramen?" Sasuke asked. Naruto wagged his tail enthusiastically and licked the side of Sasuke's face for good measure...hey, anything for ramen.

Staring at the fox strangely, Sasuke brought out the ramen but didn't even have a chance to warm it up before the small orange fox tried to get at it again. Sasuke barely had time to pull off the tinfoil that covered it and place it on the floor before Naruto plunged his snout into the bowl slurping happily ...although Naruto's sense of taste had changed just a little...he could tell that this was made from instant ramen and not the really good stuff that the ramen guy served him at the noodle bar.

Sasuke watched the fox eat hungrily. "Geeze, your gonna eat yourself to death, Naruto." he complained as Naruto hungrily slurped up the noodles. Hey, ramen was ramen no matter where it came from...didn't matter if it was cold either. With his head buried in the pot he didn't notice the slight softening of Sasuke's eyes. "Just like him..." He muttered to himself.

As Naruto slurped up the last of the ramen he was attacked by a vengeful noodle, which did not want to be eaten. Naruto blinked and tried to stretch his tongue to reach the noodle that had landed on his snout almost between his eyes. Although Naruto's new tongue was long by human standards...it still could not reach the escaping noodle.

Struggling to get the noodle off himself, he squirmed in every way he could think of, trying to grab it off with his paws, but the damned thing just would not be unstuck. As he tried to rub it off by dragging the top of his head across the floor, as sound came to his ears...a very unfamiliar sound...probably not heard since the last time dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Sasuke was laughing.

Naruto stopped trying to get the noodle was still evading him and stared... 'Okay Twilight Zone music should staring...now! No now! Okay now!'

Sasuke cleared his throat when he saw the fox staring at him as if the little orange thing knew he was the source of his amusement, and reaching over he picked the stray noodle off Naruto nose and held it out for him to take.

That ghost of a smile came back as Naruto bent his head to take the noodle from Sasuke's hand, and he reached out both hands to pick up the small orange creature. "It's late, I should get to bed." He told the fox, who was still a little shocked from the laughing incident...and a little dissapointed that the ramen was gone. He let Sasuke carry him back into his room and place him at the foot of the bed, while he turned and dug in his dresser for something.

Pulling out a pair of pajama shorts and placing then next to Naruto on the bed Sasuke began to undress. Naruto's eyes widened as he watched Sasuke pull his clothing off...it was almost hypnotic...Naruto quickly averted his eyes form the sight of a half naked Sasuke. So as not to look suspicious, he began sniffing his way around the bed...hey it wasn't all that interesting but it kept his eyes off of Sasuke's lean body... 'Stop thinking about his body! What's this smell here on the pillow? Think about that! …Hmm smells salty...'

He continued to sniff around the pillow...mostly the entire area smelled salty...except for a little bit in the middle...

He didn't have any more time to ponder this because he felt the covers being lifted up from under him and he lost his footing, toppling head over paw to the other side of the bed. He stood up and shook his ruffled fur up indignantly and watched as Sasuke, now in his pajamas, crawled under the covers and shut off the bedside lamp.

'Humph, where's my bed? …Bastard Sasuke can't even give a poor stray animal a decent bed…' Naruto thought bounding over to Sasuke and sitting down right on his chest looking down at him as if defying Sasuke to move him...okay maybe he didn't need a bed really, after all once Sasuke was asleep he was going to make a break for it... but still couldn't he have some place comfy to rest while he waited for Sasuke to fall sleep?

Naruto's now sensitive eyes could see Sasuke smile a little as he reached out to scratch the top of Naruto's head, and the next thing he knew he felt the boy's hands wrap around his middle and pick him up. 'Now this is more like it! A nice comfy place to rest while...'

He stopped thinking when Sasuke pulled Naruto into a loose embrace, lying him right beside him on the bed, and snuggling in comfortably. "Night...Naruto..." he muttered sleepily.

If Naruto was actually in his human state he would have blushed...or run away or...or...something! But he couldn't do anything or else he would blow his cover! God knew what Sasuke would do to him when he found out he was...cuddling the real Naruto and not just a stray animal that he'd named after him. Trying not to do anything but lay there Naruto's sensitive ears told him that Sasuke had finally fallen asleep...'About bloody time it's 3 in the bloody morning!'

He carefully crawled out from under Sasuke's arms, trying not to wake him again, and fell silently onto the wooden floor, looking around him. The bedroom door was slightly ajar so he went through that, and once out in the hallway, he couldn't take it anymore. He had to get out of this body and get the creepy feeling of Sasuke's hands stroking his fur and scratching behind his ear and...laughing. laughing...and...half naked...he needed it ALL out of his mind now! He closed his eyes and concentrated on letting go of the jutsu.

He blinked and looked around him... 'huh?' He was still looking at things from an impossibly short angle...looking down at his hands...paws Naruto cursed, he was still a fox! Trying again and again, Naruto still had as much luck getting back into his original form as Garra had getting a good night's sleep...the guy was an insomniac... so needless to say, Naruto was still sporting his orangey blonde fur with matching tail and ears.

By now panicking, he tried one last time to get back to his normal self...but no such luck. He didn't understand it, he'd done this a million times before...well not with this particular form but still, it was easy! Looking around he decided that maybe if he got out of this creepy house he could fix himself, and ran desperately down the stairs and out the open window he'd come in, using the book he'd knocked over as a stepping stone to get to the ledge.

Naruto tumbled head over paws and he landed hard on the ground. Damn fur was a good thing to protected against road rash... Leaping to his four feet, he dashed off towards home hoping that with familiar surroundings he could transform himself back...unfortunately...he couldn't reach the door-knob to let himself in.

He tried his window...no luck there...he even tried the little narrow window in his bathroom but his home was locked up tighter than the forbidden scrolls in the Hokage tower. Finally he sighed dejectedly and flopped down on the walkway to his apartment...he tried a couple of times to transform back but had the same results as before. Finally he sunk in exhaustion onto his side and closed his eyes. He was stuck...stuck as a tiny fox...


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