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Summary: Due to a freakish accident while spying on Sasuke, Naruto is now sporting a fluffy orange tail with matching ears!

Warnings: OOC syndrome…although we were going for that so…yeah… This story should be tame compared to our other ones…but we're not making any promises! Also it is Yaoi! You have been warned!

Pairings: SasuNaru

Rating: PG13…for now…

Chapter 9: Everything is True!

Sasuke's eyes widened at the realization, Naruto had given him a kiss. Although it was a bit wet Sasuke didn't criticize the blonde too much about it...come on how was he supposed to get those animal lips to work up a good pucker? Sill red-faced Sasuke stared down at the fox in his hands. "N-Naruto...Di-... was that a kiss...?" Sasuke had to ask feeling really stupid right then. Naruto sighed and very slowly and exaggeratedly nodded his head.

Sasuke didn't think he could blush anymore but he did. "Wha...did..." He stuttered, then swallowed nervously, trying to pull his thoughts into some kind of order...Naruto had kissed him...sure he was a fox but he was still himself and that could only mean... "D-does that mean that...that..." he paused as the fox stared at him, eyes growing wide with anticipation of what he would say next.

Sasuke sighed at last "I-I would rather you be human when you do that..." he muttered turning his head away. It was so hard to talk to someone who was in a different body and try and read their body language. In his arms Naruto snorted and nodded his head in agreement, he wished he was in his own body when he had kissed Sasuke...he wanted to use his lips for once. But then again he might not have had the courage to kiss him if he had been human.

Sasuke blinked when he saw Naruto nod his head at this...that probably meant that he wanted to kiss him as a human...right? Damn it he was so confused...and he was having a romantic conversation with a fox...that was so disturbing he didn't even want to think about it.

"Naruto..." Sasuke said and turned to look at him again. Naruto's ears perked up to show he was listening.

"W-we need to talk..." Sasuke told him, "b-but I would prefer it if you could talk back..." the dark haired ninja couldn't help but smirk at the irony, most of the time people were demanding Naruto to shut up and now he was sitting there telling Naruto he wanted to hear his two cents worth.

Naruto blinked but nodded his head in agreement...he wanted to actually talk to Sasuke would make it so much easier to get his point across that, and maybe he could kiss him for real...butterflies invaded his tiny stomach and flew around at the mere thought of it...and he had a feeling Sasuke might not be too opposed to it...

"We should get to sleep...if you change back we can talk in the morning, ok?" Sasuke asked him, and he nodded again.

Pulling the blankets around his shoulders Sasuke lay down with Naruto in his arms. He didn't give an explanation why he did this and Naruto didn't bother to wonder. It just seemed natural to be lying light that together...even if one of them was a fuzzy little animal. Sasuke sighed as he closed his eyes...although he was really stuffed up...damn cold, dame hand...but that was the last of his cursing because Naruto had snuggled up to him and nuzzled his cheek again.

He smiled a little and reached up to scratch Naruto behind the ears. Naruto purred happily and snuggled closer. Sasuke suddenly felt more relaxed than he had in a long while...even if it was probably sickness induced...He sighed as he allowed himself to drift off into dream land...

Sakura cursed Kakashi, she cursed Naruto...she didn't exactly curse Sasuke but she wasn't too happy with him at this point in time either. Kakashi had ordered her off in this direction to look for any sign of Naruto or Sasuke. Not only had she gotten soaked to the skin wandering through the rain all night, but she had fallen down a gully as well! So now she was covered from head to toe in mud. Naruto, that baka had to run off ahead of them and only god knew were he was. When she found him Sakura swore she was going to put a leash on him.

She stumbled through a thick patch of grass and shook herself off for fear that a bug or something had landed on least it wasn't raining anymore, and the morning sun was beating down on her...which dried her clothing but also meant that the mud was caking to her skin...which could not be good for her complexion. She looked up from dusting herself off and blinked. There was a little shack directly in front of her...the grass must have been hiding it from view.

Sighing with relief, Sakura hoped there was something in there that resembled clean water...or maybe some food at lest, she was starving and her pack of supplies had been lost some time ago when she took that lovely trip down the gully. She didn't exactly run up to the shack but she did quicken her pace, maybe one of the two missing ninjas had found this place as well.

Eagerly she pushed the door open...and immediately wished she hadn't. Her skin turned a green complexion and she thought she might throw up...or run away screaming...or just crack right then and there and spend the rest of her life in an insane asylum.

Both Naruto and Sasuke were in the shack...and they were both apparently naked, their clothing hanging nearby, underwear and all...but that wasn't the worst part...oh no it wasn't even close...The worst part was that Naruto was sleeping on top of Sasuke, and the dark haired boy slept away, seeming to not care one speck that he had another boy on top of him...

Naruto blinked as he heard something hit the floor rather heavily. He was really warm, sunlight hit his back and Sasuke's warm front heated his stomach... Blinking his eyes to clear the crud that stuck to them Naruto looked down and his eyes widened he was sleeping on top of Sasuke! And he was HUMAN! Naruto was about to leap off the other boy but then he remembered last night and his desire to kiss Sasuke. little kiss wouldn't hurt...and the guy was sleeping after all...

He blushed and reached over to brush the long black hair from Sasuke's face...his skin was a little clammy to the touch and his face was red from the fever but his breathing was even. Naruto swallowed his courage and bent forward, pressing his lips to the other boys and closed his eyes...Sasuke's lips were soft...

Sakura groaned and opened her eyes, sitting up...what was she doing on the floor...? She thought, then glanced over and her blood ran cold.

She was dreaming! That was it she was dreaming, just a dream! But then why did her head hurt so much? Why was she cold and covered in mud looking at her two teammates kissing each other in the morning sun light? IT WASNT A DREAM! Sitting up like she had been struck by lightning Sakura emitted a blood-curdling shriek, which could wake the dead before she passed out again.

Both Sasuke and Naruto's eyes flew open at the sound...Naruto's lips were still on Sasuke's and he turned very red and pulled away, crawling off of Sasuke at rapid speeds. He sat there staring at the ground, the redness spreading across his face and his ears and his neck and...well, everything practically.

Sasuke blinked sleepily, he wasn't sure banshees existed but he was sure one had just woken him up…right when Naruto's lips were pressed against his. Sasuke looked over at the blushing boy who tried not to look at him. Sasuke's face was flushed as well but not just from embracement. He found that out when he tried to say Naruto's name and it came out as nothing more then a rasping squeak.

Naruto blinked and looked up. "Sasuke?" He asked, worry creeping into his voice. "What's wrong?" He inched closer.

Sasuke tried to talk again but just made a croaking noise and started to cough. The blush faded immediately from Naruto's face to be replaced by ash white, it sounded like Sasuke was dying or something. He had to get him out of here and to a hospital...He jumped to his feet and grabbed Sasuke's clothes.

It was a good thing they were dry otherwise Sasuke would have gotten worse because of lack of clothing or wet clothing against his skin. Tossing Sasuke his shirt and shorts Naruto began to hastily pull on his pants as well. As the blonde was hopping around with one leg in the pants and the other trying to get in, he spotted something mud coloured with a bit of pink showing though lying sprawled in the doorway.

"What the hell is that?" He asked, blinking and pointing. Sasuke looked behind him, pausing in putting on his shirt to see what Naruto was talking about. He pulled the shirt over his head he crawled over to the muddy blob, now pretty much clothed save for his headband and shoes. He reached out and shook it, and some of the mud fell off to reveal that it was, in fact, Sakura.

Sasuke blinked as the mud clad Sakura opened her eyes and stared at Sasuke, bewildered. Sasuke didn't say anything but merely raised an eyebrow at her. The pink haired girl blinked again before the blurry figure before her came into focus to reveal Sasuke.

"Sasuke-kun!" She cried and glomped onto him, effectively suffocating him.

Sasuke tried to pry her off and tell her that he couldn't breath, but he felt weak and was unable to speak.

"Hey, hey..." Naruto complained, coming up from behind Sasuke. "He's already half dead don't finish the job..." He stopped when Sakura dislodged herself from Sasuke and shot him a look of pure hatred.

Naruto's blood ran cold as he meekly backed away from Sakura...she was scary...but at least he had saved Sasuke from dying. Trying not to notice Sakura's ice freezing glare Naruto picked up Sasuke's shoes and head band, handing them to him he felt his cheeks go read when the other boy actually looked relived about something...probably thankful he could breath again.

Naruto pulled on the rest of his clothes while Sasuke put on his shoes and tied the headband to his head. Naruto shook out his blonde hair before he put his own headband was full of dirt and other nasty things...first thing he was doing when he got home was having a shower...

Sasuke got to his feet, and wobbled, and Sakura was right there to hold him up. Sasuke was slightly disappointed...he'd kind of hoped that he could lean on Naruto instead…

But his disappointment didn't last long because Naruto was there on his other side throwing one of the blankets over his shoulders to ward of the chill in the morning air. Sasuke blushed a little when Naruto's hand brushed his cheek...but the blush could hardly be seen over his fever. "Are you okay to walk Sasuke-kun?" Sakura's voice was like an annoying mosquito in his ear.

He nodded his head weakly and Naruto opened the little shack's door to reveal that the woods were now bright with early morning sunshine. It was quite different than at night...kinda pretty actually, but Naruto didn't have time to mull it all over. He looked right, then left and blinked. "Which way is home?" He asked intelligently.

Sakura slapped her forehead, "Don't you remember anything, Naruto?" she asked annoyed, Naruto just blinked at her and scratched the back of his head.

"Yeah well I guess not!" he laughed and Sasuke sighed and pulled on Naruto's sleeve to bring him closer. Sasuke was barely able to talk above a whisper but his message got through, "Dumb...sss...ah...carried you..."

"Oh yeah..." Naruto's arm fell from behind his head. Sasuke had carried him here...after they'd beaten the living crap out of each fact he couldn't remember anything after Sasuke had tackled him that last time...he had absolutely no idea where he was.

Sakura made a clicking sound with her tongue. "Fine! I'll lead us home, since you were too stupid to pay attention..." Naruto resisted the urge to tell her he was unconscious. "You will have to help Sasuke-kun walk..." Her eyes narrowed slightly as if daring him to try something.

Naruto just grinned at her which only increased her worry, but Sasuke didn't complain...nor could he talk but either way he didn't show that he was annoyed with Naruto when he took ahold of his arm and swung it around his shoulder...Sakura didn't see his other hand but she wasn't shear she wanted to find it either.

Sasuke shivered a little as Naruto's missing hand rested against the skin of his waist...not that he was complaining at all.

The three of them moved forward, Sakura leading the way and clearing a path for the rather cumbersome mess that was Sasuke and Naruto right now. It was difficult for Naruto to keep Sasuke up, considering the other boy was taller than he was, but he kept going, refusing to listen to the aches in his body...they had lessened quite a bit since the night before...the Kyuubi must have healed him again.

Sasuke, on the other hand...well he was sick and injured, Naruto tried not to wince as he saw the bruise underneath Sasuke's flustered cheek. And Sasuke's hand...that was going to need looking after really soon, too.

Naruto and Sasuke slowly walked on behind Sakura, where did that girl get her energy? She was practically sprinting ahead of them as the two boys ambled on as if on a death march or something.

They reached a steep hill and Naruto had to practically carry Sasuke up, his feet slipping on the muddy soil. He managed to make it up, however, and continued walking, taking as much strain off of Sasuke's body as he was the least he could do for hurting him so badly...

"Sasuke...?" He whispered as they continued their slow march through the trees. Sasuke turned his head to look at him, trying not to wince at the pain in his neck. Naruto hung his head. "I-I'm sorry..." He muttered.

Sasuke stared at him wide eyed and opened his mouth to say something but all that came out was a choking sound. Shaking his head in frustration, Sasuke looked at Sakura who was ahead of them...hoping she wasn't going to look back at just that moment Sasuke leaned over and lightly brushed his lips against Naruto's cheek.

The blonde felt himself blush at the contact...he'd barely felt it but it had been there, those lips so gentle on his skin...He turned his head and Sasuke actually smiled at him. Naruto's blush deepened and he squeezed Sasuke's waist just a little...he knew he should be trying to stop his heart from racing but right now he didn't particularly care...

"HEY! Naruto, quit dragging your ass! We're almost at the Village!" Sakura's shrill voice brought them both back to reality. Bushing like mad both of them tried to act as if nothing had happened in the passed few seconds as Naruto quickened his pace a little. As they reached the gates to the village all three students stared in shock to see their teacher sanding there reading his perverted book as if he hadn't a care in the world.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura screeched and both boys winced. That girl's voice could be almost like nails on a chalkboard at times.

"Ah I see you've found them, good work." Kakashi said, sounding bored and not taking his eyes off his book.

"Kakashi-sensei, you just left me out there to kill myself in the wilderness, didn't you?" Sakura demanded as the other two hobbled up.

"You aren't dead, are you?" Kakashi asked, and actually took his eyes off the book to stare at the other two. "Well aren't you two a sight." He said.

Eyeing the two younger ninja before him Kakashi's casual gaze picked up everything... the bruising just under Sasuke's skin, his bandaged hand the fiver on his face...along with a blush...Naruto was blushing too. But in Kakashi's opinion it was a good sign. "Well we might as well get Sasuke to the hospital...don't want him dying of pneumonia now do we?"

The three of them just nodded, really they were too exhausted to complain.

Naruto stood outside the plain blue door with the number 206 stamped on it and took a deep breath...this was it, Sasuke was behind this door, and word had it that he could talk again and was aloud to see visitors...

Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves, Naruto pulled open the door and stepped in. Sasuke was sitting up in bed looking rather annoyed to be there, his injured hand was now bandaged in something proper and Sasuke's face was now back to its normal pale shade. It had only been two days since they had gotten back and Naruto had only just worked up the courage to come and see the dark haired ninja.

"Um...hi..." Naruto greeted nervously, afraid that Sasuke would throw him out for waiting two days to come and see him. He'd wanted to bring flowers or something but wasn't sure if that was a proper gift for a guy so he was also empty handed...well save for the little orange book tucked into his pocket...

Sasuke looked up and his expression brightened a little when he saw who it was.

But again this was Sasuke who had a great difficulty showing his feelings to other people, he had wanted to ask where the blonde had been all this time and what not but it only came out, "Where were you?" in almost an annoyed tone of voice. Sasuke bit his lip, even he had heard the edge to his voice, he really was going to have to stop doing that to Naruto. Sighing a little Sasuke muttered, 'sorry,' before looking away, blushing.

Naruto blushed and shuffled into the room to stand by the bed. He looked around for a minute as if trying to think of something to say. "Ne...Ne how do you feel...?" He asked at last.

Sasuke closed his eyes...he would talk to Naruto like a normal person this time...after all he was nervous and concerned for his well being...

"I'm fine." He answered quickly. 'DAMN IT, what is wrong with you?' his mind screamed in frustration.

Mentally smacking himself Sasuke swallowed a lump in his throat, "I-I'm sorry, Naruto..." he said again, wishing he had better people skills.

Naruto just shrugged off the apology and stared at his feet before looking up, his face bright red, "Sasuke...Umm well...y-you know I read your diary right..." Naruto stated more then asked, "...and well... I-I wasn't sure how I could...make it up to you ..." Naruto swallowed his words and held out his bright orange journal for Sasuke to take.

Sasuke blinked at the little orange was Naruto's diary, and he was handing it over to him of his own free will? He reached out a hand and took it, not wanting to be rude, and opened a page...sure enough, it was all chicken scratch.

"Um...thank you Naruto but...but..." He swallowed trying to say this without sounding rude. "I-I can't read your writing..."

Naruto sighed. "I-I know it's messy but...but if you try you can make it out...I want you to read this one entry..." He mumbled and reached over to flip the pages back a ways.

Naruto blushed again as he stepped back, "I-If you can't read it...ask Iruka...he's pretty good at reading my writing." Naruto advised and turned to flee the room but Sasuke's voice stopped him with his hand on the doorknob.

"N-Naruto...Thank-you..." he said as the blonde turned back and looked at him. Naruto smiled a little...not his normal bight grin but just a sweet tender smile before he left Sasuke to decrypt his words.

Sasuke was let out later that day and he went home, taking Naruto's diary with him. Naruto seemed to be avoiding him...he apparently didn't want to talk to him until he read the entry in the diary...which gave Sasuke the incentive he needed to decipher the letters on his own...if Iruka could read them then so could he...

Of course it was easier said than done. He spent almost a whole night and day trying unsuccessfully to read the scribbled writings, but their secrets remained locked off to him.

Sasuke groaned as he leaned back in his chair...he had been trying to read the damn thing for too long...his eyes were blurry and he had a, judging from the darkness in his room it had to be long past bedtime. Singing, Sasuke decided he wasn't going to get it done that night. Crawling into bed...or more like flopping into it, Sasuke tried to fall asleep...maybe if he refreshed his mind he could decrypt the words better in the morning.

But sleep never came...Sasuke just stared up at the ceiling like it was the most interesting thing in the world...

Finally after counting the spots on his ceiling for what had to be the tenth time, he growled and sat up. "Fine, I'll try again..." He muttered to the diary, and pulled it off the desk beside his bed. He blinked sleepily at the words as they swirled in the dim light of his lamp...this was ridiculous he'd never be able to...

Wait...he blinked and looked closer at the letters. Yes...yes there was a word, right there, plain as the paper it was written on...he looked elsewhere, and found that the words were suddenly jumping at him like puzzle pieces falling into place.

Maybe he was just hallucinating or dreaming but as Sasuke recognized the words he was able to write them down on a scrap of paper...he really did not know how he understood them but some times lack of sleep can do wonders.

Sasuke finally put his pencil down and looked at his...neater copy and began to read.

The date first...this was the diary entry directly after their return from the country of Waves...why did Naruto want him to read that? He blinked and moved along.

'Something strange happened the other day...' it began. 'Well...stranger than being attacked by that Zabuza guy and his weird little girly apprentice, Haku...actually it happened while we were fighting the girly apprentice guy...' Sasuke couldn't help but smile, Naruto's writings were as disjointed as his thought processes were. 'Anyway, Sasuke...died, well kind of, he wasn't really dead but...the weirdest feeling came over was like something had been torn out of my heart I felt empty...'

Sasuke blinked at he stared at the words... 'Naruto felt empty when I was put into that fake death?' he asked himself in disbelief but moved on to read the rest.

'I don't remember much after Sasuke died in my arms but I know I never want to go through that hurt to see Sasuke dead in my that right? I think I...MIGHT have feeling for the bastard...its scary, I don't know what to do. Sasuke would probably hate me if he finds out...he doesn't seem to like me that much to begin with... but why would he sacrifice himself for me if he hated me? Again I'm confused...'

Sasuke stopped reading and stared blankly at the words. Naruto...had feelings for him back then? He'd been hurt by his death? He'd never even guessed it to look at the guy afterwards...he forced himself back into reality to read the last little bit, his heart by now pounding In his chest.

'...The scariest part was when I found out he'd made it out alive...I thought I was going to die of happiness...I wanted to run over there and hug him but he just kind of waved at me so I stayed where he's all so confusing...'

Sasuke felt his own heart hammering in his chest as he read Naruto's words, he had been confused as well when he had started feeling things for the blonde...but instead of pretending everything was normal he had ...well he had turned a bit cold to the other guy. Sasuke sighed and leaned back in his chair, it was so confusing...but he had to read the rest...

'I don't know what I'm supposed to do...' Naruto's words continued. 'I can't let him know...I can't let anyone know...I tried to look at Sakura this morning like I used to but I can't...I guess I'll just keep pretending that I like her, and maybe someday everything will go back to normal. But I doubt it...' And that was it...the equivalent of a confession, no matter how old it was...

Sasuke sat back again pondering what he had read... he wanted to go out right then and see Naruto but he was probably asleep at this time of night...but if he didn't go now when would he? In the morning he might lose his nerve to even find the blonde. Sasuke stood up finally coming to a decision, he was going to see Naruto now before he lose his nerve and the butterflies took over his stomach. Changing as quickly as he could, Sasuke was out the door in a flash and at a dead run towards Naruto's home.

It didn't take him long to get there but it felt like an eternity to the dark haired ninja. He took a deep breath as he stood outside the door and tried to catch his breath, diary still clutched in his hand. Finally he worked up the nerve to reach out and pound on the door. He waited a while but heard no movement inside, so he tried again.

"Alright, alright already, I'm coming!" Naruto's voice could be heard through the door, muffled, but it was definitely him. The door was wrenched open, revealing a scowling Naruto. The scowl, however, soon melted away when Naruto saw who it was that had woken him up this late at night.

Naruto blinked sleepily at Sasuke who stood panting in his doorway, bright orange diary clutched in his un-injured hand. "Sasuke...y-you read it?" Naruto asked almost afraid of what answer he might receive from the question.

Sasuke nodded his head finally able to get his labored breathing under control, "I read it..." he told Naruto then stood there in silence as the other worked up the nerve to say something.

" did you think...?" Naruto stuttered after a long pause, blushing and looking at the ground. He was still afraid...afraid Sasuke was angry at him, would be angry at him for keeping this from him for so long...

"I think..." Sasuke paused. "I think I should have read this ages ago..."

Naruto blinked as he looked up into Sasuke's eyes, they weren't hateful or anything that Naruto had become accustomed to from the other villagers. The blonde boy had never really seen that look in Sasuke's eyes before...well maybe once on that bridge when he told Naruto to live. Naruto couldn't think of what to say as he looked into Sasuke's tender eyes there was one big difference between his eyes back then and his eyes were filled with something that could only be akin to joy or happiness.

"Sasuke..." He started to say but the other boy suddenly moved forward and took Naruto's hand in his, pulling him forward. Naruto gasped a little as Sasuke leaned forward and suddenly pressed his lips against his in a soft, tender kiss. His eyes widened in shock at first but then his eyes closed and he just let himself enjoy it.

After a moment Sasuke pulled back form Naruto and wrapped his arms around the smaller boy's waist and held him close, "Naruto..." he whispered into the blonde's shoulder but Naruto could hear him quite clearly. "I-I love you..." Sasuke blushed as he said the words but was gratified to feel Naruto return his embrace.

"I love you, too..." Naruto whispered back, burying his face in Sasuke's shirt happily.

Sasuke sighed and held onto Naruto...there were tears in his eyes but they weren't tears of sorrow anymore...he had what he wanted...Naruto loved him back...his hair smelled like sunflowers, and he breathed in deep. He wouldn't have mattered if Naruto was a girl...or anything else for that matter he still would have loved him…

Naruto grinned up at Sasuke with his fox grin as he pulled the darker haired boy into his home and shut the door behind him. Sasuke blinked when he realized Naruto was still in his pj's and wearing that ridiculous hat on his head. But Sasuke didn't care, he had Naruto and the boy could dress in drag for all he cared.

Sasuke smiled as the boy grabbed his hand and pulled him farther into the apartment, still grinning like a fox. "Ne, ne, do you want something to eat...Sasuke-chan?" He asked eagerly.

Sasuke's smile broadened a little at the chan Naruto had put at the end of his name. He could think of a lot of other things he'd rather be doing than eating...but those would have to wait until later. "Sure." He answered.

Naruto held tightly to his hand and swung around laughing happily, even though he was acting like a little kid Sasuke couldn't help but let himself be pulled and spun around the apartment and it was almost like some clumsy kind of dance with no music. Although Naruto really should have keeps his eyes open as he pulled Sasuke along with him, because his foot caught on a cord and both of them went sprawling to the floor.

"Oww..." Naruto whined and rubbed his head, looking up. He froze and turned very red when he realized that Sasuke was directly on top of him, their noses almost touching. He didn't try to retreat however, even though his heart was pounding wildly in his chest at the incredible closeness of the other boy and the rather...err...compromising position they were in...

He could see Sasuke's face clearly in the soft moonlight that shone on them through the window.

'Moon light?' Naruto gasped and looked over at the window in horror, yes they were sitting directly in the pale light. Naruto squeezed his eyes shut and prepared himself for the pain that was to come. After a moment though...nothing happened, Naruto peeked an eye open and looked up at Sasuke who had raised an eyebrow at him. He blinked and held up his hands and saw that they were sill pink and fleshy not orange and furry.

"...Huh?" He asked, very confused. He whirled his head around and looked at his tail...

"Naruto, are you ok?" Sasuke asked, raising his eyebrow a little higher at Naruto's strange behavior.

"I...the moonlight...I'm still me!" Naruto stuttered incoherently, looking for all the world like a lost puppy or something.

Sasuke sat back and still looked confused, "You turn into a fox when you're in moonlight?" he asked the blonde.

Naruto nodded his head vigorously , "Yeah, YEAH! It happened after I changed back the first time, but now I'm still me!" Naruto clung to Sasuke's arm, "Sasuke-chan what's happening? Nothing makes sense anymore."

Sasuke blinked but reached out to hold the confused blonde boy. "I don't know..." He admitted. He didn't understand it either...if Naruto turned into a fox in the moonlight...he'd only had to just touch it with his foot that night in the shack...then why was he still himself as he lay there with him, completely immersed in moonlight? "D-don't worry about it, Naruto..." He said at last. "We'll go see the Hokage or someone in the morning and maybe they can explain it..."

"Oh there's no need to wait till morning to ask." The voice of their instructor nearly gave both boys a heart attack when he blocked out the white light of the moon.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto cried, clutching at his heart. "Don't DO that!" he yelled angrily at his teacher and Kakashi just chuckled.

"Now, now Naruto, I'm just here to answer some questions you might have."

Naruto looked even more confused than before. "Huh?" He asked intelligently.

Sasuke, however, had an inkling of what might be going on and his eyes narrowed suspiciously in Kakashi's direction.

"Kakashi-sensei did you have anything to do with this?" He asked.

"Hmmm." Kakashi thought about it for a moment. "Yeah I guess I kinda did!" He answered with a grin.

"WHAT!" Naruto demanded outraged, and Kakashi just laughed and rubbed the back of his head.

"Oh well it was nothing, I didn't change you the first time around if that's what you're asking."

Naruto stared at him in shock, "...Not...the first time?" he muttered then pointed at Kakashi again. "BUT WHAT ABOUT ALL THE OTHERS!"

"Oh those...well I might have put a wee bit of a curse on you..." Kakashi admitted, and continued to rub the back of his head.

Naruto turned pale, then red, then an angry purple in the span of five seconds. "WHAT!" He screamed at last. "Damn it, Kakashi don't you know how much it hurt to transform, what the hell is wrong with you?"

Kakashi rubbed the back of his head, "Oh Naruto you didn't die from it did you?" he asked then held up a finger. "Besides, no pain no gain as they say."

Naruto blinked, "Gain!" He asked in disbelief, "What the hell did I gain form turning into a fox?"

Kakashi coughed and pointed to Sasuke who was sitting beside the blonde looking just as annoyed and confused.

Naruto blinked at Sasuke then turned back to Kakashi and blinked some more, and his eyes grew wide in sudden realization. "Oh..." He muttered. It was true...if he hadn't been the fox he never would have found out how Sasuke felt about him and he would still be denying everything and chasing after Sakura who he didn't even care about. "Yeah well..." He blushed and looked away.

Sasuke cleared his throat, catching Kakashi and Naruto's attention. "Okay, but why didn't Naruto change into a fox just now?" The dark haired ninja had to ask.

Kakashi just laughed and tisked at them, "Don't you know anything about curses, Uchiha Sasuke? The curse is only broken when the one who is cursed receives a kiss form their true love." Both Sasuke and Naruto did not look convinced.

"Oh yeah, well how come I didn't change back when I kissed Sasuke when I was a fox?" Naruto demanded.

"You kissed him as a fox?" Kakashi blinked. "Well that wasn't a real kiss now was it?" he asked as if it were all just a very amusing game. Naruto and Sasuke twitched.

"So..." Sasuke spoke up after a pause. "I kissed Naruto...and he's not a that means..."

"Yup!" Kakashi grinned like an idiot through the mask. "Your his true love! Ain't it sweet?"

Kakashi ducked as what appeared to be a lamp flew through the air aiming for his head. The lamp shattered against the wall behind him and Kakashi tisked at Sasuke, "Now, now there's no reason to be embarrassed, Sasuke-chan." he said knowing it would just get under Sasuke's skin. "After all, you two are so cute together!" Something else flew through the air again, this time compliments of Naruto.

"Alright, alright I know when I'm not wanted." Kakashi grinned after dodging this last projectile. "I understand, you two want some quality time...alone I'll get out of your hair!" He hopped into the window, and waved goodbye. "Have fun, you two!" He called in an all-too-happy tone of voice and disappeared.

Naruto and Sasuke sat in the silence, straining their ears for any sound of their perverted sensei to return and annoy them some more. After about five minutes they finally thought it safe to move and speak.

Naruto sighed, "Man he's such a pervert..." He muttered under his breath moving closer to Sasuke. As he did so though Kakashi's head popped up from behind them. "Oh! and use protection!"

Naruto jumped and fell on his face, then got up and proceeded to throw things at Kakashi until he had chased him back out the window. He angrily slammed the window shut and leaned against it, breathing heavily, trying to get his heart back down to normal levels. It hadn't been so much the fact that Kakashi had appeared out of nowhere that had caused his heart rate to speed up, it was what he had said.

Sasuke suppressed a smirk as Naruto chased away their teacher and stood there painting, muttering something about perverts under his breath. Although Sasuke couldn't blame Naruto for that reaction, he couldn't help but think of the irony of it all. Dropping what appeared to be a rolled up newspaper, Naruto stopped and looked at Sasuke. "What are you smirking at?"

Sasuke's smirk widened as he stood up and walked slowly towards Naruto without saying a word. Naruto blushed. "Wha...what are you doing...?" He asked somewhat nervously as Sasuke continued to advance.

When he finally reached Naruto, Sasuke stared down at him for a moment before reaching out and pulling him into a long and passionate kiss, holding him close about the waist.

At last Sasuke pulled away. "Oh..." Naruto said with a dazed smile on his face.

Naruto reached up and placed a hand on Sasuke's cheek before pushing the dark hair out of his eyes. This time though it was Naruto who stood up on his tip toes and placed a tender kiss on Sasuke's lips. "Arigato... Sasuke-chan..." Naruto whispered, watching the dark eyes that shone in the moonlight.

"Arigato, Naruto..." Sasuke whispered back and caught ahold of the others lips again kissing him deeply.

The end

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