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Wyatt entered the manor and kicked off his shoes. He'd just had a long trying day, and surprisingly for once it hadn't included some form of evil trying to kill him or even revert him. It had been his first day of work at a real job.

He walked past the sitting room where Piper and Chris were preparing for Chris's graduation that was later that night. Piper was standing beside Chris checking his red graduation gown for any wrinkles and brushing off any cotton balls she found . It was Chris's high school graduation night. The biggest day of Chris's life according to Piper and she'd made sure that everyone knew it and that they would be at the Manor that night to be there and support him.

Wyatt had had his graduation the year before and it had been like any other day to him so he didn't understand the whole uproar over Chris's. But, of course, Chris was the baby of the family so they would all spoil him.

"Mom, what's for lunch?" Wyatt asked leaning against the sitting rooms door and watching her as she ruffled down Chris's gown for the millionth time. He could see the gradual irritation that Chris was feeling at being picked and prodded at. He had to admit he enjoyed every minute of it.

"So, how do you think Chris looks?" Piper asked stepping back and giving Chris room to breath.

"Uh, good I guess. Nice gown, Chrissy." he replied, knowing that Chris's old nickname would annoy him just as much as Piper fussing over him like a child had.

"Alright you. I can see that you are not going to be encouraging. Just go to the kitchen and eat. I made sandwiches. They're on the counter." Piper told him as she went back to surveying Chris.

"Mom, come on this is embarrassing," Chris whined.

She laughed and put his red cap on his head and took a picture, "I'm your mom and this only comes around once in a lifetime so get over it. I just hope that we can all enjoy this day without any supernatural influences."

Chris stood in front of her in irritation with his arms crossed in front of him as the tassel to his cap waved crazily around in his face. "Are you done yet? Cause I still have a few hours of freedom left before everyone gets here."

"Oh, fine. Geez, you'd think that someone would be excited that they're graduating high school."

"You obviously don't remember high school," Chris replied, instantly taking off the gown and cap and went to place them on the back of the couch. He was almost home free.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, young man. No putting the graduation gown on the couch. Now, go get a hanger to put it on so it doesn't wrinkle."

Chris rolled his green eyes and sprinted up the stairs to find a hanger and to get away. Piper shook her head and then went into the kitchen for her next victim. Wyatt leaned against the counter eating a sandwich. He hadn't gotten a plate to put it on. He just ate it there with a carton of milk beside him to drink from.

"Do you need to breath?" She asked as he gulped down the rest of the sandwich and went for another one.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Stop bickering, mom."

Piper grabbed a bottled water from the fridge and came over to him. Sometimes it was hard for her to even think of him or Chris as being grown up. She still saw them as her baby boys. It would be really hard when they decided to leave the manor and go out into the real world on their own. She didn't doubt that was what Wyatt was starting to do now by getting a job.

"Alright, spill. How was your first day at work ever?" she asked.

"It sucked."

"Details please." she replied, offering him a chocolate chip cookie which he took.

"I just don't get why I can't work at P3 as a bartender. It'd be so much easier on everyone if I was there since I wouldn't have to keep making up excuses to my boss about where I was when I hunt demons with you." he tried.

"Nice try, Wyatt. But you can't. You're underage. It's against the law."

"Yeah, so. We could use some kind of spell to make sure no one ever realizes it," he tried again.

"Nope. That would be personal gain. I don't want to even hear it," Piper scolded.

"Come on, mom."

"Wyatt, we all have to deal with the real world sooner or later. You get to deal with it now by having a job that you hate. We've all been there. It's hard sometimes and sometimes it's downright aggravating, but you'll get through it," she told him softly then she gave his arm a quick squeeze and smiled. "Tomorrow will be better."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Wyatt muttered and started for the hallway.

"Oh, come on. Was it really that bad?" Piper asked following him.

"I'll handle it," Wyatt told her as they came to the staircase.

"Sweetie, you know we're all here for you, Especially me, your mom, who you tend to avoid usually with all your problems."

"Sure, whatever. Don't worry about it, mom." Knowing that she wouldn't give up so he easily he changed the subject, " Look, it's Chris's graduation. I think I am going to go torment him while I still have the chance."

"Brotherhood, I'll never get it. Go on. Do it before you lose your chance to, but no glamour. And try to keep him in one piece," Piper warned.


"You heard me, mister. No changing your brother's hair to bright green or turning him into a frog. I intend to take pictures of this event and I would like Chris to look normal in all of them," Piper said with her hands firmly placed on her hips.

"God, mom. What kind of sick, twisted, warped mind do you think I have?" Wyatt asked, innocently as he slowly started up the stairs. A fake bravado about him as he stopped smiling mischievously at her.

Piper shook her head and waved her finger at him, "You heard me, mister."

"Yeah, thanks for those great ideas mom," he yelled as he started a sprint up the rest of the stairs.

Piper shook her head and started towards the kitchen. Whatever Wyatt did he better undo before graduation, or she would make sure he was sorry. Sure she couldn't punish him by grounding him anymore. He was too old for that and he wouldn't listen to her he'd orb somewhere else, but she could give him a taste of his own medicine.

It was then that there was a loud explosion.

Piper had enough time to turn around to see the two front doors flying in at her. One knocked into the other and was set in another course into the sitting room but the other hit her head on. Wyatt having only reached the top of the stairs heard the explosion and he flew down the stairs just as fast as he'd made it up them.

"Mom?" he yelled.

He couldn't see her. All he saw was one of the front doors lying on the floor. Mom was no where in sight but he knew that wherever she was she was hurt. He needed to heal her. There was no way that one of the doors hitting her wouldn't be a lethal thing. He started forwards towards the kitchen where he felt her.

Out of no where, a bolt of electricity hit the wall beside his head stopping him from going anywhere. Instead, he had to turn and see who or even what evil had thrown the lightning bolt at his head.

He turned to face them head on. Ready for an attack to come from a pack of demons, warlocks, dark lighters even, but he never expected what he finally saw coming through the threshold in the glinting sunlight.

A girl the same age as him came slowly striding into the house. She was dressed all in white looking like an angel. An avenging angel.

"How about a taste of your own medicine? Door!" he yelled. He threw the door that had flung itself into the hallway straight at her. It flew straight at her, but within seconds of hitting her she mimicked his movement and threw the door to the side.

His attack had barely fazed her.

"Clock," he said grasping for something else to stop her path.

She was walking underneath it as it started to fling itself down on top of her, but she just waved her hand again and it righted itself against the wall and starting chiming the hour.

The girl smiled capriciously at him and shrugged her shoulders, "Is that the best you can do?"

He backed up a few steps. The whole time her slow stride hadn't even been broken. Something was definitely wrong with this picture. She should have been defeated by now, but instead she was deflecting all the things he threw at her. No one had ever been able to withstand his powers.

At that moment, Chris came barreling down the stairs towards them. He had heard the explosion and was coming down right into a war zone. Silently, Wyatt cursed his brother for being stupid enough to come running down the stairs while they were under attack. Not only was he going to be in sight, but he had barely just learned how to handle his telekinetic powers. He'd get hurt if the girl caught him.

Chris saw the girl and quickly used his telekinesis to throw her against the wall. She hit the wall with a thud. Instead of using her telekinesis to do the same back to Chris like she'd done to Wyatt she threw a blue-white bolt of electricity at him. It hit Chris before he could even deflect it and he stood in place on the stairs as the bolt took on a life of its own and starting charging all over his body.

Wyatt had had enough. He had to save his family from this girl. He had to go to his last resort. He summoned an energy ball and threw it straight at her. She hadn't expected that one. She'd been getting up to attack him again but the energy ball had stopped her. It had hit her right in the stomach. She went down instantly.

Wyatt stayed in place in the center of the hallway. He had another energy ball in his hand and he was ready for her to get back up and attack him. He was expecting her to be like someone from the night of the living dead. Someone who would never die but keep coming back from death. When she didn't get back up, he took a long held breath.

It was over.

Just as he turned to figure out a way to stop Chris's torment, Chris flew down the stairs straight at him. He hit him squarely and they both flew onto the hard wood floor. Chris moaned and slowly rolled off his brother giving Wyatt a moment to breath. He looked at his brother as he slowly got up checking to see if there was anything wrong with him. The electricity bolt was gone and Chris was fine. Her powers must have died with her he realized.

"Ow," Chris mumbled as he tried to get up.

"You okay, Chris?" Wyatt asked giving him a hand. His younger brother nodded at him as he took his offered hand. Wyatt still surveyed his brother as they stood. There didn't seem to be any visible sign of damage that the bolt could have created.

"Are you okay?" Chris asked, staring down at the girl lying crumpled on their floor a few feet away from them.

"Yeah... She didn't hurt you?"

"Uh, no. I think she was just trying to stop me in my tracks," Chris said touching his chest in surprise. "What the hell was that about?"

"I don't know. But I wouldn't mind finding out. Cause she was strong."

"You can say that again." Chris took a breath then asked, "Where's mom?"

They both rushed into the kitchen where Wyatt had last seen his mother going towards.

She laid on her side underneath one of the front doors that had caught her in the explosion. It hadn't caught her in the stomach thankfully. She was unconscious, but still breathing. A few minor cuts were over her face and arms from the stained glass that laid all over the floor around her.

They both quickly took the half of the door still lying on top of her off.

"That was one hell of an entrance," Chris said kneeling beside his mother with Wyatt.

"Yeah. At least she's alive."

"She'd better be. She's got a graduation to attend."

Wyatt ignored Chris and quickly started to heal his mother. He should've came after her to make sure she was okay before he'd started battling with the girl. It was just pure luck that the door hadn't killed her.

His mom was going to be angry.

Not only did he go up against a demon.. witch.. whatever, but half of the house had been destroyed while doing it. She was going to have a field day trying to find two new front doors and trying to explain what had happened to the old ones she needed replaced.

Piper opened her warm brown eyes and slowly sat up. Her dark brown hair was in clumps in her face from coming out of the bun she'd worn it in, "Do I even want to know why I was just hit by the damned front door?"

"No, but you'd better find out because she took a lot of power to destroy," Wyatt answered, taking his mother by one elbow as Chris took the other and they helped her to her feet.

"Mom, are you okay?" Chris asked, worriedly.

She stood a little wobbly on her feet, "Yeah, I'm fine you guys. I'm just getting too old for this kind of thing. Wait a second. Wyatt, you had trouble vanquishing one girl?"

Piper was completely surprised by this.

If it had been Chris she'd understand because he had always been reluctant to kill with his powers. He was also still coming into them on his own and his telekinesis was still bothering him a bit to learn.

Wyatt, on the other hand, got his powers and understood how to use them almost instantly. It was such a godsend that he learned so quickly because once he'd get one power down pat it almost seemed like another one was just popping up out of no where to replace it. Wyatt not being able to defeat a demon so easily was almost scary.

"Well," Wyatt said softly. She could tell he was having a hard time admitting he wasn't as powerful as he thought he was.

"Wyatt!" Piper cried.

"Yeah...I don't know how she could be so powerful. She bested me with almost everything I threw at her and she paralyzed Chris with an electricity bolt."

"Hey, you guys," Chris called from the hallway. "She's still breathing!"

Piper quickly started panicking. Her sisters weren't even home. Only Wyatt and Chris were there. She would have thought they'd be strong enough to vanquish anything that came in, but right now she guessed not.

"What? But I threw an energy ball at her. She should be dead!" Wyatt cried.

"Well, she's not dead. If you don't believe me come and see for yourself." Chris replied, defensively.

"Oh, I think I am getting a migraine. No, forget thinking I am getting a migraine." Piper said grabbing the kitchen counter in her dizziness.

"Mom, calm down. You have to worry about two now remember. You can't risk hurting our baby sister now, can you?" he asked steering her over to the kitchen table to sit down.

"I'm fine. I'm fine. I swear. This is just big," Piper said breathing in and out like she'd learned in lamas class to calm herself. "I just need a moment to wrap my head around this."

"Are you going into labor because now is not the time, Mom. Not that I don't want my baby sister here already, but because this may not be the safest place or time for her to be born in," Chris said coming into the kitchen.

"No, I'm just trying to calm down," Piper replied.

"Mom, calm down. You can't help us if you're hysterical," Wyatt said, soothingly.

"Hey, I'm the parent here. I worry about you not the other way around," she replied, annoyed.

"We need Phoebe and Paige like now," Chris told Wyatt.

"Alright, you go get them then. I'll stay here and watch over mom."

"Okay. Take care her," Chris agreed and then orbed out of the kitchen.

Wyatt handed his mom the bottled water she'd started drinking before the battle had started. Then, he slowly made his way into the hallway where the girl laid. Curiosity had got the better of him as he looked down at her.

She was beautiful. Even he, in his worried state of mind, couldn't ignore that. She looked like a sleeping angel. Her face was so pale it looked like porcelain, and her reddish brown hair fell into it softly curling to frame her face. She looked so young and innocent.

Two things he doubted that were true about her.

He knelt beside her trying not to make any noise to wake her up. A silver glint catching his attention as he pulled her necklace out from under her white tank top. It was a cross like a Christian would wear made of pure silver but in the center was the symbol that was on the Book of Shadows. Why would she have this symbol? Especially, if she was fighting the Charmed Ones.

"Mom," he called, "she's got our symbol."

"That's weird. Wyatt, do you know her?" Piper asked, making her way over to him to see the symbol lying in his tan hand. Still, she maintained her distance from the girl warily. Better safe then sorry, she thought

"No!" he cried in surprise.

"Hey, don't get so touchy. I thought maybe she might be like a vengeful ex."

"Mom, I have more common sense then to date a psychotic witch."

"Hey, you never know, we've all dated some supernatural being or other. It's not impossible."

He looked down at the symbol in his hand, "How does she have our symbol?"

"I have no idea. Now, step away from the crazed witch and come here. I'm getting a bad feeling about all of this," Piper said waving him over to her side.

Wyatt ignored her still staring at the necklace, "You sure you don't have anymore long lost sisters?"

"Hey, that was a once in a lifetime thing. Now get over here," Piper grumbled stretching out her hand to him.

"Fine," he gave up.

He let the silver necklace fall back onto her porcelain skin. Before he could stand up though the girl's violet- blue eyes opened to see him and registered her surroundings.

She instinctively reached her small hand up to his chest and laid it over his heart. An electric charge coming from it as he started gasping in pain. He didn't know how she was doing it, but he could feel her hand squeezing his heart.

"I believe we have unfinished business," she informed him standing up with him almost feeling as if he were attached to her.

"Wyatt!" Piper screamed starting across the distance to attack the girl.

"Did you miss me?" the girl asked, touching his face almost lovingly with her free hand.

He couldn't respond. He couldn't threaten her to get away from him or even try to knock her away. He could barely think it hurt so much. His breath didn't even seem to be coming to him. Now, he knew what it felt like to be dying.

"Let my son go or I'll blow your head off!" Piper threatened the girl.

"Leave us alone," the girl responded in a growl.

"Not if your life depended on it," Piper replied and lifted her hands to blow the girl up, but was instantly stopped by the girl's warning.

"Look, lady. I'm attached to your son at the moment. If you decide to blow me up then you do the world the same favor by taking him with me. I don't think that's exactly what you're going for now is it?"

Piper let her hands fall. She felt defeated, but she wouldn't let the girl get the best of her. She was evil and Piper would find a way to kill her. No matter how human it might be. She ran into the kitchen to grab the biggest knife in there that she could find to kill the girl with.

"Paige? Chris, what is taking so long?" she whispered to herself as she found the biggest knife in the kitchen.