Victoria was smiling up at Andrew as if she really did love him.

It had made Chris sick. He hated Andrew then for that. He hated Andrew for having to use trickery and a curse to keep Victoria with him. That wasn't love he had towards her that was lust.

He didn't know what it was really that would break the curse. She had said love. So he guessed a kiss maybe or even the most popular three words in the world would break the spell.

So, when he had heard Andrew order her to kiss him and she had been willing to he had known he had to stop her. He knew that if he didn't she would actually have broken the curse possibly with the kiss. But he also had a feeling that it wouldn't just be a kiss.

He had a feeling that if she kissed Andrew he had a lot more riding on the moment then breaking the damned curse. Possibly, he was going to cast a spell on her that would keep her love for him inside of her making her possessed by him to only do his biding. Chris didn't want to sit around for the time being and find out. So instead of just going in there, finding them, and calling for the ring to be orbed to him he had done the only thing he could to break them apart.

He had flung himself straight at them as their lips touched.

He pushed Victoria as far away from Andrew as possible. Incidentally, throwing her right through the ghostly version of herself and her mother as he did so. She fell onto the ground hitting the bureau hard. The ghost version of her mother and herself instantly disappeared.

Chris knew he couldn't pay attention to her anymore. He had to keep all his attention on Andrew. He had a feeling Andrew would do anything to get rid of him.

Andrew, he saw, he had pushed straight into her vanity table. Andrew and the table fell to the floor where the glass from the mirror crashing like the oceans tide on the beach as it broke all around him on the floor. Andrew instead of looking hurt looked up at Chris with an annoyed look and smiled bitterly as his suspicions were confirmed of who had broken the two of them apart.

"What part of do not disturb don't you get, brother?" he asked, as he got up.

Andrew didn't even bother to notice the fact that his hands were bleeding from the jagged slivers of glass he'd had to lean on while he got to his feet. He just got up and mad himself ready to kill his little brother for the last time.

"The part where you kidnapped my girl." Chris replied.

"Your girl? She was always my girl. You just tried to take her from me very chance you got. Every lifetime you could," Andrew told him as they started to circle each other like wolves.

"Maybe she was yours once, but she changed her mind when she figured out who you really were. You're just jealous she could never love you like she does me," Chris said.

"Jealous? I had her first, brother. You were the jealous one so you stole her from me."

"She came to me. She wanted me more then she wanted you. She loved me and all she did was like you. Why else would you have to bring her to Limbo, huh? You had to screw with her mind just to get her to be willing enough to be with you." Chris told him disgusted.

It was then that Andrew flew at him and Chris knew that it wouldn't be an easy fight.

Andrew hit Chris hard in the face, and while he was doubled over in pain Andrew went to hit him again, but Chris deflected his next hit. Then, Andrew chose another form of action to get rid of Chris. He used his telekinesis to throw the canopy bed lying against the wall straight at Chris.

"Shit!" Chris cried as he saw the bed coming straight at him.

He instinctively backed up a few feet as the canopy bed rambled on towards him. He then used his telekinesis to stop it. It stopped in its tracks for a second, but it slowly started to move again against his powers.

He quickly glanced over at Andrew who was waiting on the other side of the room. His arms crossed over his body while he waited for his power to take over the bed, corrupt Chris's powers, and trample Chris's body into a bloody pulp.

Chris looked away towards the bed which was gradually coming towards him faster as it went through his powers.

Great. I'm in trouble now, he thought.

Then, he looked for Victoria. She was there on beside the bay window in the room watching him as he tried to keep the bed from killing him. There, she was watching barely even caring.

Her face was blank. It was like she didn't even care he was going to die. It was like she didn't even know him. It was also like she was bored with the whole incident.

He felt his powers fail as did his hope to get her on his side and he jumped out of the way of the bed as it flew into the wall behind him hard. He had made it out of the beds way with only the slightest of clippings of his ankle from the backboard and then he fell to the floor hard.

Andrew quickly made his way over to him where he lay and started to choke him with his telekinesis.

Nothing was going as Chris had planned. He'd thought it would be easier then this. He'd thought that he would just sneak in and get to Andrew when he had his attention turned towards Victoria.

Of course, she hadn't acted at all like he'd expected her to act. He had expected her to struggle at least and try to get away, but from what he had seen she was beyond willing to be there.

No, this wasn't going to be easy to get out of. Of course, he was to blame for that one. If he had just orbed the ring to him and then used his telekinesis to throw apart Andrew and Victoria then things may have been looking up around now. Of course, he hadn't been expecting to find them in each others arms about to make out. That had really played on his feelings and his anger had got into his way by making him go and do things without thinking about the aftermath.

Now, he had to deal with this.

Instantly, Chris threw a nearby lamp at Andrew's head to get his attention off of him for a moment so he could get to his feet. It hit Andrew square in the back of the head. Andrew stopped for a moment and was taken aback for a second then he seemed to recover quickly from the impact.

I always knew he had a thick head, Chris thought.

Chris, in that second that he had while Andrew was recovering, used his telekinesis to throw Andrew back towards the wall. Andrew hit it but got up just as quickly. As he did, the room shook like Limbo was experiencing an earthquake. Everything around them faded for a moment to look like they were in a black void or a black hole in the middle of space.

Instantly, it was replaced though by Victoria's room around them again.

It didn't take a genius to realize that with all three of them still being alive and using a lot of their powers there in Limbo it was causing it to start to act up. Plus, the power that Andrew was using so easily to try to kill Chris was being taken away from the magic he was using to glamour the whole place into being Victoria's last place of residence.

If Andrew kept it up for much longer she would soon see that he had nothing real to really offer her. Andrew stopped in his tracks and looked at the room as it appeared again around them.

"Looks like your little paradise island is going faster the you expected." Chris told him with a smile of victory.

Chris then took the opportunity to silently call for Andrew's ring.

It instantly orbed into his hand as he did. He then orbed a replacement ring straight onto Andrew's finger so that he wouldn't notice he was defenseless and so Wyatt would be coming back into his own body soon to kick Andrew's sorry ass back into the past where his death awaited him. Chris quickly stuck the ring inside of the pocket of his pants as he saw Andrew barreling at him again.

"Let's settle this already, brother!" Andrew yelled.

"Let's," Chris agreed.

They both grabbed stuff telekinetically to hurl at each other again.

As they did, Wyatt was angry, tired, and pissed off that he was stuck in the past. He had finally found refuge though in an old church.

He quickly went into the church where he hoped that P. Bowen and P. Baxter weren't going to follow. He doubted that they were far behind since they knew the area well and knew the possible places he could hide.

For now, he was willing to overlook that fact so he could try to hide away there while he tried to keep himself alive and in one piece while he waited for his family to find a way to bring him back to them. That is, if they hadn't been hurt or killed by evil past life Wyatt. His breath caught in his throat at the last thought.

He took a moment to survey the inside of the church as he did. Shadows were everywhere being fed by the little light that a million candles flames were displaying. White candles that had been placed going up and down the aisles as well as in the front of the church that were giving off the rare effect of peace inside of the silent church. The dark wooded aisles were barren and it was still in the church. In the very front of the pastors stand where the bible rested was a large stained glass picture of Jesus praying at a rock.

Wyatt looked at it quietly. Right now he probably needed as many prayers and as much hope as possible to get through this night. He collapsed down on a nearby pew and rubbed his blue eyes gingerly.

He was so tired. It had been a long day and now it was getting even more long the more he ran from the cousins. He just wanted to be home already with his own family. He never really thought he would he'd ever want to be with his family as much as he did now.

Wyatt took a deep breath, and looked up to heaven. There he quietly begged the Elders to get their act together and get his butt back where it belonged. Of course, he knew better.

They never did anything productive. All they ever did was look down their noses on people and do things for the greater good. He never had understood how they could decide the greater good when they themselves had never been human and had never had a family or cared for any living person.

He hated them for being hypocrites.

Wyatt got to his feet, the whole time he wanted to just lay on the pew and sleep, but he knew better. They were after him and they weren't going to just let him go so easily.

He started to turn towards the door when a noise alerted him to someone else being in the church with him. Before he could do anything to defend himself he felt a spray of ice fly over him.

Seconds later, he realized that P. Bowen had just frozen his legs in place so he couldn't run from them anymore. He also realized that they were going to torture him for information and that was the only reason why he was alive right now.

While, back in the present time, Andrew deflected a desk flying at him and threw it straight back at Chris. Before it could even make any contact with him Chris orbed out of the room. Then, he instantly orbed right back in as Andrew angrily searched for him.

He orbed right back in to get hit with a large glass mirror that had once been the bathroom door. He flew onto his back crying out as he did and protecting his face as the glass shards shivered out of their containment and over his body.

Chris shook underneath the remnants of the mirror as he realized he had been cut up pretty badly. Andrew sure did know how to inflict pain.

Andrew didn't wait a second to see if Chris was getting up to fight him again. He went straight over to him and placed his large, heavy foot on top of a glass shard that was slightly sticking out of Chris's stomach. Chris cried out in pain as blackness and red spots filled his vision.

He had a feeling he was going to die in Limbo and what better of a place to be when he was to die, but he tried to stay in his body as the pain filtered through it. He hung onto his life fiercely.

Andrew, seeing that Chris would always be too stubborn to admit defeat, pressed his foot down harder on the glass shard and let all of his body weight go down on it.

Chris cried out again as red filled his whole vision. No longer did he see red spots. They now had totally corrupted the color of his sight of the room and Andrew as he tried to inflict as much pain as well as wounds to his body.

With the last of his sanity sparking through the pain, Chris flipped Andrew off of his feet with his telekinesis and watched as Andrew flew onto the floor. There he laughed a blood spattered laugh as he saw Andrew groan in the pain he had inflicted on him.

Five points for defense, Chris thought wildly through the pain. He then used his hands to pull at the shard of glass in his stomach. He knew that if he took it out he would die from blood loss, but then he also knew that if he didn't Andrew would get back up and push it all the way through his body and that would kill him too.

"Looks like I win again, doesn't it, brother?" Andrew asked, as he got up and brushed himself off.

Chris cried out as the shard of glass in his stomach was joined with another that slammed into his weakened body by Andrew's telekinesis.

Andrew laughed at Chris's pain and turned to Victoria, "Victoria, my nymphet, come here and see what we do to traitors."

Victoria came slowly over to him. She stepped over Chris's body to get to him and there she looked over Chris warily.

"Now where were we?" he asked her placing an arm around her shoulders and pulling her to him.

"No, Victoria! Don't let him near you." Chris cried out from the floor. He reached out a hand towards her, but she only regarded it in confusion. Damn this place, he cursed. Damn it for destroying her memory and replacing it with Andrew's corrupt version of her life.

"Victoria, kiss me," Andrew said wrapping his arms around her body.

He wanted his brother to witness the birth of a new era. He wanted his brother to choke on his last breath knowing that Victoria had made her choice and it was Andrew. It was to be evil and not be good.

"No, Victoria. Please," Chris cried, trying to save her the best way he could by getting her to remember what she had forgotten. "He's tricking you, don't you see it? He isn't the one you were going to marry it was Mark. Remember, Mark? You met him on an airplane because of a typo? He isn't going to give you what he promised. He's evil. All he wants is to keep you for himself no matter how much he destroys you in the process!"

She looked at him with no recognition in her beautiful violet-blue eyes. "Andrew, who is he? What is he talking about?" she asked. Then, drawing her arm in his she asked, "Should we kill him?"

Andrew gave Chris an angry look for even going into his business trying to get Victoria to remember what she had forgotten. Then, he smiled sneakily down at her when she had proposed that they kill Chris off.

Chris couldn't believe she had said it. He had a feeling a lot more had happened while he was gone trying to save her then he knew about. A lot more must have happened since she seemed to be willing to just kill him off with a flick of her hand.

Andrew laughed down at her as she looked up at him like a child waiting to please their parent. He liked the way her mind worked. He liked her mind even more because she had just said the last thing that his brother would have ever expected form her.

He had changed her. Now, his brother had to deal with knowing that for the last moments of his existence.

Then, Andrew used his index finger and his thumb to bring her face back to his. "He's no one. Don't worry about him he'll be dead soon enough."

She nodded barely caring as a smile passed over her rose colored lips.

"Kiss me." he whispered to her again. He knew her time was coming to a close and he wanted more then anything to save her from the curse. He also wanted more then saving her from the curse to feel her lips on his again and to hear the three words he'd been waiting a few lifetimes for.

She leaned forward towards him, but he changed his mind on what he wanted from her and pressed his fingertips to her lips.

"No, wait. Tell me first."

"What do you want to hear?" she asked, pouting at him.

"You know I've been waiting centuries for you to say these words to me." he told her.

For the moment, it almost seemed as if they were the only ones in the world. Besides of course the coughing rasps that were coming from his brother's mouth. Instantly, Andrew shut his brother up by closing his mouth from making the awful dying noises he was making by using his telekinesis on Chris. In the silence his grin grew. Now, that was better.

"Yes?" she asked, coyly.

"Agree to be like me. Be evil with me, you have to agree." he told her quickly.

He wanted to hear it from her very lips. He wanted to know victory was in store for him.

"Is that necessary Andrew?"

"Yes, it is to me."

"I..." she said slowly.

"Say you love me," he whispered his forehead to hers.

She took a breath and frowned. "Andrew, why?"

"Say you love me. Now!" he ordered.

Somewhere in the distance an unseen clock was chiming. One chime past between them as she searched her eyes with his. What he didn't know was that she had never said 'I love you' to anyone before. So saying it now under his orders was a hard thing to do.

Especially, when she didn't carry the words lightly. She looked at him as he watched her fiercely waiting in his expectations of her announcement.

Two chimes past.

"Andrew." she started

Three chimes and then four chimes past in the silence.

She vaguely remembered something big was going to happen at midnight, but she couldn't remember what exactly that it was.

He quickly pressed her shoulders hard with his fingers digging into her skin making her cry out. "You can't go back now, Victoria."

Five, six, seven chimes drilled through the air around them.

"You can't go back now, Victoria. You will never be like them. Can't you see that? Stop trying to be good like them and be evil. Lose your inhibitions and be with me. It's so much easier to be evil, Victoria."

Eight chimes flew through the air around them.

"It takes too much away from you to be good." he kept on telling her trying to make her agree with him.

"I know." she said finally.

"I knew you'd come around."

Nine chimes came from the invisible clock.

"It's hard not to. You drive a hard bargain. Offering me my life back and all." she told him intertwining their fingers as she smiled up at him shyly.

"I know."

"I've never seen my 19th b-day before." she realized as she agreed to life with him.

Ten chimes corrupted the air around them.

"Prove to me you love me." he said, quickly as he realized how quickly time was passing.

She quickly kissed Andrew passionately letting the kiss let through all the feelings of hope and happiness infiltrate it. She wanted to make him feel exactly what she was feeling. This was the only way she knew how.

As Victoria kissed Andrew fiercely, the Charmed Ones gave each other one last look and then recited the spell to get Piper's son and their nephew home safely.

They hoped that Chris had had enough time in Limbo and that Chris was okay wherever he was, but they didn't know for sure. They could only hope as they said the words over and over again three times to make sure it would work.

"Hear my words, hear my cry, Open now times great divide, Switch back the soul who's in the time he does not reside, Bring back the soul whose time is not now to die."

In the past life, Wyatt stood stonily. He had almost been all the way frozen by the cousins since he didn't answer the questions that he was asked.

One minute he was there and feeling death over his shoulder laughing at him for getting himself in this problem and the next he didn't know what was happening. He felt the ice slowly descend over his head in order to kill him and then it stopped.

Instead of feeling like the ground was coming up to hit him he felt as if he were being torn away from his body. At first, he thought he had died already and hadn't realized it. Then, he'd felt like he was flying in a roller coaster as time ripped past him.

He saw time and memories he hadn't remembered in years replay themselves through his life like it were only yesterday. He saw his first birthday, his first day of school, and Chris and him playing at the park with their parents, and other memories of his life sparked through his brain quickly.

As instantly as it had all begun he felt like he was being ripped down from the sky he'd been flying in and forced back into his body. As he entered his body he felt Andrew screaming as he was being ripped out of it. He knew where Andrew was going and he knew it wouldn't be pretty, but he didn't care.

He was alive and he was in his own time and that was all that mattered. Of course that was when he realized he was doing something he had never expected to be doing.

He was kissing Victoria. She was kissing him back. She was a very good kisser.

He quickly pulled away from her not knowing what had happened between them and not really wanting to know because usually the answer in witchcraft was even more screwed up. As he pulled away from her kiss he saw her violet- blue eyes open to see him. It was then that he saw something inside of her that scared him.

He pulled farther away from her as he gasped for breath. It was deadly whatever was inside of her eyes. He'd seen that very look in demons eyes when they killed people. It was a cold and inhumane look that had never been there before.

What had happened while he was away? Because right then he had a feeling he was looking into the eyes of a bloodthirsty murderer. He took a step away from her as confusion went over her ethereal face.

What had happened here?

Eleven chimes past through the room from the clock.

Wyatt looked around at the room around him to see a beautiful bedroom that looked like a princesses. The only thing that was wrong with it was the fact that it looked like a war had gone on inside of it.

It looked deadly with broken furniture and glass shards all over the place around them. In the middle of it was Victoria barely even noticing the chaos the room was in, but instead looking at him questioningly.

Twleve chimes went through the room as fate caught up with them. Victoria, who had been looking at him in worry a moment ago, at the end of the last chime, started coughing.

She was coughing so hard that it didn't even look as if she were breathing. She looked at him and reached out an arm to him, but before he could take it she fell. Wyatt quickly ran the few feet to her and caught her before she could hit the floor.

She kept coughing harder and harder in his arms as tears filled her violet- blue eyes. She looked up at him with all the fear of a dying woman and he realized then that a day had went by without him in it and she was dying in his arms because of the curse.

She's dying he realized as he held onto her.

Her coughing stopped ragging through her body, but now was replaced with her gasping for air that didn't seem to be coming. Invisible hands seemed to be choking her as he watched her dying in his arms.

He had been through too much that day to lose this fight. He had been thrown into his past life where he had literally ran for his life, and he sure as hell wasn't going to lose her now because death wanted her.

He surveyed the room looking for something.

Looking for the ring he'd had that would save her from the godforsaken curse, but he didn't see it anywhere. There was no time to switch the curse onto someone else's shoulders either. If he didn't find the ring she was dead. He looked around again trying to find it. Then he saw a bloody Chris lying on the floor staring at them.

His brother looked deep into his eyes sending him the message that he was looking for.

Chris had the ring. Wyatt looked down into Chris's bloody hand and saw the ring lying there in it. Chris, knowing that there wasn't any time to spare, threw the quartz crystal ring straight at Wyatt with his last ounce of strength so that he could put the ring on her finger as quickly as possible.

"Hurry." Chris told him in a voice barely above a whisper.

Wyatt quickly put the ring onto her wedding ring finger and then watched to see what would happen. Hoping that this was the right thing to give her and that it wouldn't hurt her anymore then she was already hurting.

An instant glow of red light surrounded her body.

Wyatt couldn't help it, but he couldn't hold onto her as the red light vibrated through her dying body. She slowly fell to the ground as if in slow motion and when she hit it the red light broke out of her body and slammed up towards the sky.

Wyatt backed up a few feet and collapsed beside his little brother as they watched the red light glow around her. A moment later, the red light disappeared and the room was turned into the black void it actually was. Wyatt looked on in silence along with Chris as they watched her.

Victoria laid on the floor of the room not moving with her body sprawled straight out in the way she had fallen. At first, Wyatt thought she was dead and they had lost the fight, but then he saw the sudden rise and fall of her chest as she took in her first breath of air.

When he realized she was okay he turned to his brother and instantly used his telekinesis to take out the shards of glass inside of him. Then, after Chris had cried out in pain he started healing him.

His brother, he had to admit, had taken it pretty hard. As he healed Chris he also had to admit as he saw all the cuts and bruises and felt his own pain vibrating through his body he hadn't been the only one. Obviously, Chris had given Andrew quite a beating too.

Good for you, Chris, he congratulated his little brother silently. Realizing that his brother could be just as powerful as he could in that moment of time.

"What? You think you could take on the whole evil community while I was away?" Wyatt asked, lightly as he finished healing his little brother.

"No, just you," Chris replied. "Thanks, Wyatt. Right?"

"Right. I'm back and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon." he told his brother.

"Nice to finally see you again." Chris told him as Wyatt helped Chris up onto his feet.

"Is she.." Chris asked a minute later as they both stood over Victoria.

"She's fine. Just asleep somehow. I'm thinking this is where sleeping beauty comes into play." Wyatt told his brother referring to the end of Sleeping Beauty when her prince comes and wakes her with a kiss.

"Yeah, well I hope I'm prince charming then." Chris replied, in a ragged voice.

Chris then kneeled down beside her. There he looked over her peaceful face as he brushed her soft reddish-brown hair away form her pale face. He didn't want to wake her. She was so peaceful wherever she was with whatever she was dreaming about.

He didn't want to wake her to the reality around her. For a moment, he wanted to stay that way forever. He wanted to be watching over her as she slept peacefully unaware of the real world around her. He wanted to stay the prince in the fairy tale that woke up the beautiful princess in the castle and they lived happily ever after.

He doubted that would ever happen since he was the son of a Charmed One and life was never easy or nice to him or the people he loved. I'll protect you, he vowed quietly to her. Then he bent down beside her and kissed her softly on her rose colored lips.

He didn't know what to expect when she woke up. He didn't know if she would remember anything or if she would try to kill him. He didn't want to think about it now. He just kissed her softly hoping she would wake up the one that he loved not the evil girl that Andrew had tried to convert her to.

As he kissed her softly she opened her violet eyes to see the world around her.

She was alive. Somehow she was still alive and the curse had been defeated! She was here on earth still and now... she looked up to see Chris kissing her and she kissed him back. She was with Chris and they were okay and they were alive together. Everything was okay. Somehow everything was okay. She looked up at him as the kiss ended and realized she was getting a second chance to live.

She had never seen the day she was waking up to before and she didn't know how to react to it.

"Hey." he whispered down at her as she looked into his blazing green eyes.

"Hey." she replied, smiling. She wanted to laugh, scream, cry, run around, and jump. All she could do was look up at him as she laid on the cold floor and see his beautiful green eyes gazing down on hers. Somehow that was the best thing for her to do at that moment.

"You okay?" he asked, as he sat back.

"Yeah, what.. What happened?"

"Long, long, long story." he said slowly to emphasize the fact he didn't really know how to handle telling it to her at the moment.

"Where are we?" she asked, as she sat up slowly in the dizziness

"You're in Limbo." he told her

"Nice one. Now really where?"

"Limbo," he told her again and she realized he wasn't lying.

"Wow, you really went to hell and back for me," she whispered in surprise.

"Believe me, I know."

"Okay, I believe you," she said as she shakily made it to her feet and saw Wyatt standing to their side.

"Oh, shit." She quickly pushed Chris behind her in order for her to protect him from whatever was going to happen. Chris laughed as he realized what she was doing and was happy to see she remembered what had happened as well as the fact that even now she was willing to protect him.

"No, it's okay. It's Wyatt now." he told her coming around her and throwing an arm around her tense shoulders.

"You sure?" she asked.

"Hell yeah, I'm sure," he responded.

She looked at Wyatt for a moment. Whatever she saw as she looked at him had verified what Chris said was true. "Welcome back." she said to him.

Wyatt stood in place a bit shocked. He realized then that that was the closest thing to her being okay with him that she was going to give him for the moment.

"Guess what?" Chris asked her to interrupt the silence around them.

"What?" she responded holding onto the hand that was wrapped around her shoulders.

"It's 12:05." he told her showing her the watch he was wearing, "You survived February 17th to see another day. So, how does it feel?"

She gaped at him for a moment and then quickly hugged him in excitement. Holding onto him as hard as he held onto her, she laughed into his shoulder.

She had survived. It was nice to know that something had gone right for once in her life. She knew now that it would be okay somehow. Sure she didn't have her family to fall back on or even the life she had used to know, but she had her life. She was able to live the way she was supposed.

She had never lived a day past February 17th, but here she was.

She was still breathing. She had a chance at a life she had never had before. It was scary as hell, but she'd deal with it. Chris held onto Victoria as she laughed into his shoulder. He couldn't even guess how it felt to know that you were alive and that for the first time in your life you were going to live longer then you ever had before. He knew one thing though. He wanted to get out of Limbo as fast as he could before anything else happened and he wanted to be alone with Victoria.

Chris gave Wyatt a look that asked what Wyatt was going to do. Wyatt merely shrugged his shoulders and smiled at his little brother. He could tell a thing or two that was going through his little brother's mind. Then, Wyatt made a move with his hand that told Chris to go already.

Chris nodded at his older brother and smiled.

"I'm glad your back, Wyatt." Chris told him.

Then, they orbed away from Limbo in a trail of blue and white lights. As soon as the blue and white orbs disappeared Wyatt took a sigh of relief. He looked around the black hole around him and worried silently.

This was where it had all went down. This had almost been the last moments of Victoria's life. Instead of feeling the feelings he'd had before of loving Victoria his feelings now were corrupted. He knew one thing his little brother didn't.

He had seen something inside of Victoria's eyes that Chris would never see or else never acknowledge.

He had seen the eyes of a killer.

He knew that in the time that she had been stuck in Limbo with Andrew something had happened to her. Something very bad and it was still dominating her. He knew one thing he wished he didn't know about her now.

He knew one thing that scared the hell out of him. It scared him for his little brother and for his family and for whoever Victoria came into contact with because she was so powerful.

He knew that in the last minutes she'd had alive with Andrew she had turned evil.


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