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Black Mage-

These are magicians with black magic abilities such as elemental and cosmic magic. The means of black magic doesn't count on how much magic used in casting the spell but how powerful the magic in the spell. Black mages are able to heal themselves by casting elemental spells on themselves according to which element his/her blood line runs. The blood line of a black mage comes from one of the four elements; it determines what element the mage will be stronger and more compatible with.Br>
Black Magic-

Elemental- Elemental magic are divided into three levels, the primary level being the weakest, the intermediate as the second rank and the ultimate level, as the strongest level. There are four elements known to mage kind, the Fire, Water, Lightning and Ice. Elemental magic are also used for rejuvenating life force. So casting Fire or Fira on a black mage whom blood line's runs through the Fire line will be of no use since the caster is only making the victim stronger.

Cosmic- Cosmic magic is a powerful kind of black magic; it is as strong as the ultimate level of elements. Only black mages that has master the ultimate level of magic are able to cast cosmic magic. The only recorded mage family that can easily cast cosmic are of royal blood.

Aliment- Aliments are spells that are able poison, petrify etc. others, it can easily be cured by potions, but White mages are able to use counter spells to rid the effects.


White Mage-

Also known as the Healers, these mages are able to use white magic and protection charms. Like black magic, healing magic also has levels, although they have four. White mages are able to enhance speed, strength and defense; they are also capable on using the NUL..

White Magic-

Healing- Healing magic are spells that can cure life force, so the person healed will be able to stand longer. Cure as the weakest, Cura as the second, Curaga the next and Full Heal, that will be able to restore his/her life force.

NUL- NULs are spells that will be able to block elemental spells for a short amount of time, there are four NUL spells.
Enhancing Spells- These are spells that can enhance the abilities of the person. Like elemental it has three levels.
Espoir- Espoir is the spell that can cure aliments; only high ranking white mages are able to cast this.

Red Mage-

A red mage is one of the rarest types of mage; they are sought for their magic abilities. Red mages are able to cast both Black and White magic and posses extremely fast speed. Though they are more in touch with their healing abilities than combat magic, they are also impeccably beautiful.

Lily Potter closed the book and faced her three year old child, her red hair framing her young face. She has just finished telling little Harry about their species and was about to tuck her son to bed, when the door came crashing open.

"Lady Lily! The Dark mages are in the house, you and master Harry must go, lord James is fending them off!" a very scared servant informed her.

Lily's eyes widen quickly she grabbed her child and rushed out a secret passage hidden behind the wardrobe. She ran out the castle Harry clutched protectively against her. She didn't reach very far since she was shot from behind with a poisonous arrow. Lily dropped to her knees still cradling her son. Harry sensing his mother's pain began to cry, tears streaming down pale cheeks. Lily flashed a sad smile at him and placed a finger on his lips.

"Harry, promise me, what ever you do, you'll always wear this." she said bringing out a gold pendant with a ruby at the middle. "Promise me, Harry." she told the distraughted child. Harry, not trusting himself to speak merely nodded at his dying mother. His mother clasped the jewel around his neck and used the remaining of her energy to send him to a safe haven.
The Dark mages never caught the Red mage prince.

In the middle of the city of Orona a young child of three fell out of nowhere in the middle of the town square. People gathered around the mysterious child, one red-headed mother picked up the child and hurried him to the orphanage. The people made way for the mother and the fainted, some following and the others wondering who the child is. After all, it wasn't very often a person appeared out of nowhere.

Somewhere deep in the woods a shadowed figure was trembling at the rage of his master. "Mi' lord! It is not my fault! We searched the whole castle, there was no sign of the Red mage prince!" the figure gushed. "Avery, you have failed me, I will not take excuses for your mistakes. Crucio!" and the killing curse was cast. Screams of pain came from the top most room of the Riddle castle. The rest of the Dark Mages or Death Eaters as some called them were outside said room and were cowering in fright.

Unbeknownst to them the very child they were attempting to kidnap was sleeping on a small cot provided to him by the family who were going to make his life a living hell for the rest of his childhood.

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