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Chapter 6- Inquiries

Harry sighed and threw himself on the four-poster canopy bed of his new room. If he wasn't so stressed, he would've admired his new living quarters. No longer does he have to sleep in a small cot, and from now on, he had his own luxurious bathroom, all necessities included. If Harry wasn't so freaked out at the moment, he probably would've taken advantage of this and would've basked at the comfort of his tub that would have been filled with pre-warmed water. But right now, he was too tired to even pick himself up.

Lady Malfoy had him running left and right; making him learn about things he never even heard of before. And the stress of not making a fool of himself at the upcoming wedding reception was weighing down his shoulders as well. The whole Malfoy family was counting on him to be the perfect little bride. Lady Malfoy said that the reception would be the most important event before the actual wedding itself and everybody who's anybody would be there. That means dukes, friars, princesses, kings, queens and the works. And all these nobles would be scrutinizing his every move. Ugh! How STRESSFUL.

Someone knocked on his rosewood door, interrupting his musings and without permission, entered. Draco sauntered towards him and sat to the bed. Harry didn't even lift his head to acknowledge him; he already knew who it was. Nobody in the entire castle would dare interrupt the prince's mate, well nobody but the prince that is.

"Hello my dear bride." he greeted smiling pleasantly.

Harry groaned and buried his head among one of the many pillows available. "Why are you here?" he asked.

"Simply to visit you, love," Draco answered, removing the pillow from Harry's grasp.

"Of all the ladies and lords in your kingdom, why did you have to choose me?" Harry whined. "I'm not fit to do this. It's all too complicated!"

Draco smile turned into a smirk, seemingly enjoying Harry's suffering. "Get used to it, honey." His tone was so sugarcoated it was disgusting, not to mention disturbing, especially coming from a prince. "You're going to have to do a hell lot more once I take over the kingdom."

"What about Pansy?" the brunette asked peering out from under another pillow he took. "Didn't you promise her family that she would be your bride?"

"I lied." He answered simply. "She has a snowball's chance in hell to be my bride." He frowned at Harry. "Did you really think that I was going to marry a pug face bitch like that?"


Draco held up both of his hands. "Don't even say it. The mere thought could send shivers down my spine." he said dryly.

"Yes." Harry laughed. "I can just imagine how your children would look like."

And true to his word, Draco did shiver.

"But really, what are you gonna tell them?" Harry asked seriously. "Cause I doubt that they are going to take this lightly." He shrugged, "Not many do when you choose an orphan from their precious daughter."

"You know…" Draco said facing him. "You are so…"


"You are so adorable when you try to look serious."

"What!" Harry blushed. "You get all that tension to build up just to tell me I'm adorable?"

"It's true." Draco commented. "And you're even more adorable when you blush."

Harry touched his cheeks and burned even more brightly as he figured out he did. "I am not adorable," he mumbled quietly. (And adorably)

Draco laughed and decided to leave Harry the little dignity he has left intact and left to do his princely chores. "Bye, love, and work hard!"

Harry heard the door close loudly and sighed in relief. He really didn't know how much his pride could take. The blush was an initial reaction. It wasn't very often that he was called adorable. Harry's face burned at the though alone. He groaned again when he realized that the prince was able to make him forget about his question about the Parkinson.

"Stupid prince." he said. "Stupid, handsome and incredibly charming prince."

Draco grinned as he sauntered into Blaise's chambers. As his loyal personal servant and best friend, Blaise was allowed to have his own quarters within the castle. He sat on the four poster bed and contemplated on the discussion he just had with his soon to be bride.

Harry was just too adorable for words. And he was small and petite, something Draco liked in a partner. It just wouldn't fit if he was to be the bottom of the relationship. Malfoys (the males at least) just do not do bottom. It would look strange and wrong especially if you had Draco's stature.

Blaise entered the room with only a towel wrapped around his waist and wasted no time in kicking Draco (even though he's the prince) out of his room. Locking the door for some privacy, he hollered through the door, "What in heaven's name were you doing in my room, especially when I just finished my bath?"

"It wasn't intentional, believe me." the prince snickered. "I came for a talk."

"Well fine then." Blaise flung his chamber doors open and ushered the prince in. Draco sat on his bed, while he dried his auburn hair. "So, what do you want?" he asked, sitting beside the blond.

"Nothing really." Draco mused. "I just had to get my mind of Harry before I do something I regret."

"Okaaay… then how 'bout we talk about your family." Blaise suggested. "How's Mr. Malfoy fairing? It must've been a big blow on his plans when you decided to marry Harry instead of a royal."

"Honestly, I don't really know how father is. I haven't seen a hair of him since I introduced Harry to my parents. Mother's been really worried. She hasn't seen father as well, even at night." he said a little concerned, "You don't think father has Mistresses, do you?"

"No." Zabini shook his head. "Your father's too devoted to your mother. She's got him whipped."

Draco laughed. "Yeah, I suppose you're right. There's no way father's got a mistress."

"Well then. Let's talk about something else." Blaise smiled slyly. "How are the wedding preparations going?"

"Everything's going perfect." Draco replied happily. "There is nothing that's going to ruin my special day."

"That is of course, if our Harry survives the wedding reception."

"Oh, rubbish." Draco batted his hand, "Harry's a strong little mage. He'll survive."

"What kind of mage is Harry? I haven't seen him use any magic."

"I think he's a white." he mused, remembering the incident at the Parkinson's, "I saw him heal another orphan's finger during dinner at the orphanage."

"Good match then," Blaise approved. "Harry being a white and you a black… Nice chemistry."

"Yes. We do make a good match, don't we?"

"Yeah, you guys would look amazing together." Blaise agreed. "Even the Parkinson woman would look good by your side."

Draco groaned. "Not her again. I just got away from Harry's Parkinson related inquiries, just a while ago."

"Yes, well what ARE you going to do about it?" his best friend questioned. "I doubt that they would just smile and say 'that's okay.'."

"Why can't they?" he complained. "I mean, I'm the prince! I can make them do whatever I want!"

"The world doesn't revolve around you, ya know…"

"It doesn't?" Draco feigned an innocent look which was completely ruined by the smirk on his face.


And a very childish pillow fight occurred.

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