- Bubble Girl -

Written by:

hikari yuuko (adriana santomé)


Date: May 14th and 21st, 2004.

A/N: Well, actually this… -lll- I wrote this because a friend of mine was bugging me the other day, about me being a 'bubble girl' and saying that I should break my bubble a few weeks ago. (He was joking with my mom, because I don't go out too much, when he does… A LOT. I guess he was just trying to make me go to the movies again u.u). Last Friday I was kinda sad, and as I laid on my bed, I grabbed a white sheet of paper and my blue-ink pen and started scribbling down some notes. I thought how it was somehow related to Yoh and Anna, and, uh, it eventually became into what you'll read now. I know it might be OOC, but consider that I meant to write this about myself (my poor, poor bubble-self T-T).


My sweet bubble girl.

My sweet girl, why would you live in a bubble?

Why do you shield yourself from the rest of the world?

You trust no one, you depend on no one; you've been living all by yourself.

You've been hiding, trying to be safe inside your bubble.

Why? Don't you know that bubbles aren't so safe either?

That they might just pop or fly too high and take you far, far away?

I don't want you to get hurt on your fall…

Much less I want you to go away from me. No, I wouldn't like that at all.

Your bubble looks so strong and frail at the same time.

So transparent and clear, but it's just an illusion.

Everything about you is so blurry and confusing.

I really have to wonder how you manage to do that…..

Floating around, you watch everything happen in front of your eyes, but you don't say a thing.

Your bubble won't let you.

It won't let anything in, right; but it won't let anything out as well.

Even then, you won't try to come out, to break your bubble.

Because you are afraid of the outside world and what you might find.

Don't you wanna be free to run, to shout, to sing, to laugh, to cry?

Don't you wanna have friends to hang out?

Don't you wanna come and watch the stars at night?

You refuse to let go of your bubble, ever since it was made so long ago.

It was a perfect bubble, or so I thought.

But you know what?

That barrier… that bubble around you will break eventually.

And you'll fall…

And I'll be there, waiting to catch you, ready and with arms wide.


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