Title: Saa, me o tojite
Author: Gloomy Bumblebee
Genre: Shounen-ai
Subgenre: Angst/Romance
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: DaisukexDark
Summary: Daisuke thinks of Dark in a very particular way. But what happens when Dark feels the same way about him?
Note: /.../ «-- Daisuke's thoughts Dark's thoughts --» italics
A/N: Here goes the first chapter of my first DNAngel fic. The title means "so, close your eyes" (though nothing is sure) and I took it off Gackt's "Dybbuk". Gackt, to those who don't know, it's a very popular artist from Japan. Now, this fic is rather weird... mainly because of the pairing; let's face it, there's not enough DaixDark fics on the net... I just had to go and write my own. Anyway, here it goes.


Saa, me o tojite.
Chapter 1: On a dark, dark night.

Daisuke woke up with a start. He was sweating and panting heavily; his heart seemed to be racing at the speed of light. Something had troubled him in his sleep and he couldn't quite remember what it was. He thought it had to have something to do with Krad, who usually taunted him at night, but he was sure that wasn't the case. In fact, he could now recall, after having relaxed a bit, black feathers blurring his vision.

/Then it had to be Dark.../ he thought, without realising someone might overhear him.

What did I do? asked a sleepy Dark, to a coy Daisuke.

/Nothing, it was just... a dream I had... Krad was in it too,/ he lied, aware that he was absolutely sure there was no Krad in that dream; otherwise it would have been a nightmare. But anyway, he didn't want Dark to know exactly what the dream was, or even to suspect; that could be disastrous.

Okay... I should go back sleep, then.

/Yes, go ahead... I'm going to have a glass of water or something and then I'll go to sleep as well,/ Daisuke assured him. So, Dark hid himself in the depths of Daisuke's mind, while the boy rose from the bed.

Daisuke's feet didn't led him to the kitchen, though. He walked in a straight line to the far end of his room where the window was. He stared at the stars glowing brightly in the sky as he sat on the windowsill. He pondered on what little he remembered from the dream and remained quiet and calm, something that was unusual of him in this kind of situation. But, what was the situation?

A kiss...
Black wings...

He didn't remember in detail what he'd dreamt, but he remembered enough to make a conclusion: Dark had kissed him in his dream. There was no other possible explanation. Dark had kissed him, and even if it was just a dream, it had seemed so real... and yet, it didn't bother him as much as it should. Daisuke then wondered if, maybe, he wasn't just accustomed to Dark's presence so that something like a kiss -in a dream- wouldn't seem important. But then again, Riku's kisses in his dreams had always been a cause of panic and nervousness. And he wasn't dreaming of her to begin with; in fact, he wasn't even dreaming with a girl and that is what made him wonder why he was so calm.

/Could it be...?/

But he never finished the sentence. Instead he shook his head and sighed. /Maybe I should stop thinking about him.../

But he couldn't.

/I can't seem to get him out of my head. He's become such an important part of myself that I can't even image my life without him./

And then it struck him, as it had happened a few times before. Only now, the question seemed to hurt a lot more than it had before.

/What will I do when he's not here anymore?/

And he had no answers to that question; only more and more inquiries, more doubt, more pain. More emptiness, settling deeper in his heart. There is one thing he knew for sure, though.

/I don't want him to go./

He never did and he never would. But he knew that, inevitably, someday Dark would have to go. It had happened before for generations and generations of Niwas, why would that change now? Which were the possibilities? There were very little -if any at all-, that much he could guess, but it only made him feel worse.

But why /why?/ did he feel so bad? It had never bothered him so badly before, why was that changing? Why did he suddenly want to cry? Why did he feel so helpless? Why...?

Why was he thinking so much about Dark?


...why can't you feel me?


Emiko waltzed into Daisuke's room. He nudged her son lightly on his shoulder, but got no response. 'Good,' she thought. "I need to speak to you, Dark."

She witnessed as Daisuke's body got larger and bigger, his hair and eyes changing colour... until Dark Mousy was in front of her eyes. He couldn't stop a smile from making its way to her lips, making Dark roll his eyes. "What is it?"

"How rude," she said half-heartedly. "It is very important that you don't let Daisuke hear this conversation, Dark, it could affect him dearly."

Dark was slightly worried, but he nodded and pushed the sleeping Daisuke into the darkest end of his being. He then jumped off the bed and rested himself on the wardrobe's door. "Speak."

"Seriously, Dark, you need to be a little more polite..." at Dark's glare, she snickered nervously, before changing her expression. It took only a second for her eyes to darken and her face to become serious and when it did, it made Dark uneasy, almost fearing what would be said any minute.

"Today's Wednesday." Dark nodded, repressing the urge to say something sarcastic. "Well, next Friday, I mean, this Friday..."

"Emiko, please, what happens this Friday?" asked Dark to Daisuke's mother, trying not to sound too worried.

"The last work of art of the Hikari family, the Curse of the Twilight... you have to steal it."

Once the words left her mouth, Dark felt the need to burst out laughing. Surely it couldn't be that bad, could it? He would only have to do his job, as usual. But it is always better to ask just in case and so he did.

"So? What is the problem?"

"That," Emiko pointed out, "is exactly the problem. Nor I or anyone knows what will happen to you once the pendant is stolen. It is said to have a curse to it -a real one, Dark, like the one that cursed you- but we don't know what it does or how it works. We know nothing and yet we cannot stop you from getting it. We don't know either what will happen to that boy, Satoshi, the last Hikari, once you get the pendant. What if Krad appears? What if he knows how to use the curse of the Twilight in his benefit? What if...?"

"Enough of 'what ifs', Emiko. What is your point with all of this. What do you want me to do?"

"Well," Emiko lowered her gaze to the floor. "I don't want you to be in danger, but it is your job to steal the pendant and we can't stop you from doing what you must. But still... I don't know what will happen to Daisuke either and I'm worried about him. And... I want you to explain this yourself, that's why I didn't want him to hear anything."

"Why?" The question might seem incoherent, but it made sense to Emiko, who answered truthfully.

"Because... I know he cares for you. He always has... and I don't know what he will do if he lost you."

Dark went speechless. Emiko left the room without another word and he went back to bed. He let Daisuke's body take his place once again and he locked himself inside his own to think.

"... he cares for you..."

Could it be...?


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