Saa, me o tojite.
Epilogue: Details...

The boys were lying on the queen-size bed of their suite. They were still at the Azumano Hotel and that wouldn't be a bad thing if it weren't already three o'clock in the early morning (or late night, who knows). They didn't worry much, though; they were too comfortable to spoil their precious moment with unimportant details.

Daisuke had his hair tousled in every direction imaginable, which looked really cute, in Dark's opinion. He was snuggled so close to the latter that it was hard to tell their bodies apart. The boy had never imagined this situation possible and even when he'd dreamed with this, he couldn't quite believe he was sharing a bed (and a few other things, like body heat) with Dark, the love of his life, as lame as it may sound. He couldn't believe they now were... they were...



"What are we?"

The older boy was silent for a while. He was either pondering on the right answer, or wondering what on Earth his companion was talking about. It was probably the second option.

"Last time I checked, we were both human beings of the male sex."

"Funny, ha-ha," Daisuke drawled lazily. "Seriously, what are we?"

"I don't know," Dark sighed. "But we can be whatever you want us to be."



"If... I tell you that I want to be your boyfriend?"

"Then that's what you'll be."




"Yes, Dai-chan?"

"I want us to be boyfriends."

"But that's what we are, Dai-chan."

Daisuke grinned happily; Dark smiled as well, when the boy pecked him on the cheek. A sweet, little gesture that meant the most beautiful things in the world to someone like him. Someone who had kissed on countless occasions but had never felt anything. Someone who had always been either feared or venerated, but had never been loved. To him, a mere peck on the cheek from the one he loved, meant everything.

Daisuke had fallen asleep. His bangs were covering his eyes, messily; Dark could lose himself in the highlights of each strand. Softly brushing the fringe away from Daisuke's eyes, he whispered to the sleeping form; "I love you, Daisuke..."

"...but you're the only who had ever loved me back."

"I'm not asleep yet, you know?" Daisuke's sleepy voice startled him slightly. Snickering to himself, he told him, in a mockingly commanding tone:

"Saa, me o tojite."


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