Chapter 1: Desperate

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The phone rang for the fifth time. The brown-haired woman looked at it with certain distaste, then turned her head around and started to scribble on a small piece of paper.

"I hate you, Kaiba," she muttered with passion as she placed the post-it note in her office. That was the 500th this week. The desk was filled with blue ones, the ceiling with yellow, the walls with green, and the windows with pink. She placed the purple note on the floor and thrust her sharp heel with disgust.

"Humph… Behaving like a mere child," a voice rang sharply behind her. The woman froze in the middle of her action and slowly turned around.

This was the worst timing ever.

"You're fired! Get out of here! You will never show your face in the town of Domino ever again!" Kaiba's former secretary grabbed her leather bag and practically ran out of there of pure joy. Then she stopped.

"If you ever get fired or quit yourself, you must find a substitute to take your position in a week. If not possible, you will still remain in service to Kaiba Corp. for two months until you may try it again."

It wasn't that she wouldn't have any money or so… No, the fact was that she had more than enough. However, she had to abide by the laws of the contract, and what it said was beyond impossible.

The position had seemed so wonderful when she'd first heard about it. In two days she found it was all just a pretty framed picture, and the truth behind it… Well, it was quite revolting. No one should have to be a secretary. Especially Kaiba's.

The bad thing was that if she did not find a replacement for herself in a week, she would be back into that torturous cycle of paperwork and phone calls for yet another two months. And that was something she didn't want to experience again.

Why had she signed on that contract? She wasn't just any desperate fan who wanted to just touch the great Kaiba Seto's magnificence and then die, happy with having been in contact with one's idol. No, she was not that shallow. Yet she allowed herself to be tricked into this hateful job with the thought that she could be able to maybe… maybe…

No, it was impossible. Now that she had seen it, it was completely impossible.

The only thing she had left to do was to try to get out of this brutal cycle, at the cost of someone else's admiration for the multi-millionaire. She didn't want to, but this was the only way for her. The brunette promised herself to get clean after she had performed this task.


At least fifty girls stood in front of the office desk. The old woman sighed, and then started to write down their telephone numbers in a little black book. The girls squealed with delight as they daydreamed about the possibility of working with him.

Him. The most known person in all of Domino. Kaiba Seto.

The old woman looked sadly out of the window, and suddenly wished these girls would just go and chase someone else. In her opinion, Kaiba Seto wasn't really worth chasing.

Oh, if they only knew his true face. Forgotten memories were brought to her. If they had seen how he bought a company and sold it tenfold, how he carelessly scorned all the most prestigious businessmen at the Grand Party, how he never helped his little brother with his homework… Oh, then they'd know.

At the same time she was feeling quite sorry for that brunette who got fired. Of course, all the secretaries of Mr. Kaiba were a little bit… odd.

The first one of them ran out of his office, crying like a baby and had never shown her face again. The second one threw herself out of the window on a wonderful sunny day. Fortunately she was rescued and now lived a happy life as a daycare teacher. Each one was more than happy to leave, once they saw the backstage of this company. The last one ran out of there, with a thousand post-it notes trailing after her and a smile like the sunshine. That was, before she realized she had to find a replacement.

Replacements for Kaiba Corp. were never hard to find. Almost everyone wanted to be in the important company, serving the most impressive man of all. However, the true problem was to make these people last.

At the same time, the old woman felt a little bit of remorse both for her superior and the poor girls. Those girls always seemed to have a thousand schemes in making Mr. Kaiba fall in love with them. The fluffiness was unbearable, and the picky woman refused to let any such shallow girl to have this important job.

All the same, an odd feeling came over her. Even if those love notions were so ridiculous, she still wished that Mr. Kaiba would fall in love with a girl. Not those screaming insane girls, she thought and wrinkled her petite French nose in distaste.

Or just something that would take his mind off the work.

Little did she know, that she was about to get the wish fulfilled soon.


"I heard that Kaiba Corp. is looking for a secretary!" One of the girls whispered with the gleam of excitement in her eyes.

"Yeah, and I went there and applied, but that old hag didn't let me in!" Another girl snorted, "Me! The Vice President of Kaiba Seto Fan Club!"

The members of the popular girls' group were chatting with each other, all of them admiring the great Kaiba Seto. They were those girls who scoffed at others of their kind, the ones wearing thick coke-bottle glasses, the quiet ones and practically everyone who was not pretty or wearing the latest fashion.

"A job? Gotta check this out…" Shizuka thought to herself as she inched closer to the girls' table, fully aware of the risks.

"A part-time secretary job, isn't that exciting?"

"I heard you get to go out with the great Kaiba Seto himself!"

"The pay isn't bad either, and what a dream it would be… Being his secretary!"

"Yeah, the most important person in the company!" Shizuka chuckled mentally as she thought, "Isn't it the greatness himself then?"

"I'm so going to sign up!" Another girl grinned as she took two rice balls from the leader's lunch box.

"I've got the telephone number!" The leader held up a piece of paper with a few numbers on it and triumphantly waved it in the air. The soft breeze blew it out of her hands and it fell on the floor.

"You dropped it, you klutz!" The rice ball stealer snarled at the leader.

"That's okay. You just go to the office, that big high building in town and tell them about the secretary job…" A brunette consoled the disappointed group.

"Well, they say the office is open from 10 AM to 5 PM, maybe you'll get a normal workday!"

"And even if it is overwork, it is with him. Right?" The chatting resumed as Shizuka inched nearer unconsciously.

"Look! A freak! It's a little freak who's been eavesdropping on us the whole time!" The brunette who consoled didn't seem so sweet anymore.

Now she was getting it. These were dangerous vultures, just waiting to bite her just when she had the chance to get invisible. Shizuka cursed herself for being so foolish and tried to silently sneak away.

"We're gonna get you." The leader's icy eyes met Shizuka's dimly hazel ones just before she turned around and fled.


"Hey, what happened to you, sis?" Jou was helping the almost unconscious Shizuka to stand up.

"Nothing," she mumbled as her mind tried to focus on what had happened.

A fight… Yes, it was a catfight. A punishment for eavesdropping, it was. She had listened to them chiming about something… A secretary job, she thought. A simple job just for her, she supposed. It was well worth the trouble to be beaten up.

"Eh… Sis? You okay?" Jou's voice snapped Shizuka out of her reverie.

Shizuka nodded as she contemplated the possibilities of getting a job. Yes, she was now sure of it. It was the perfect job, in a closed room with no people contact, no one who could recognize her and give her away. And then there was the pay. If it was a good company, it had to be a good pay.

But inside her, she knew why those girls wanted the job. To be close to him.

She didn't care much about that; she just wanted a job so she could support her family, namely herself and Jou. Then again, all those dangerous yet pretty girls were so much more superior, so why should she have a chance?

"Just tell me who beat you up, and I'll beat them up." Jou's grave voice reached her ears, snapping her out of her train of thoughts a second time.

"No," Shizuka shook her head firmly and sighed mentally. Jou wouldn't really understand. She had violated those girls' rules, and the beat-up was the price for it. To not make Jou worry, Shizuka did her best to put a happy face before she slipped into a dreamlike state.

The job… The glamour… There had to be a catch. But what was the catch? One of the girls had admitted being rejected. She knew the girl. Rich, snobby and like so many others of her kind. Being rich? Maybe, but did that truly matter? Maybe it was the attitude? No, the secretary job required solitary work. It had to be something else.

"Don't worry, Jou," the innocent girl smiled at her admirable big brother and started walking towards the big tower in the center of the city.

"Sis, where are you going? Be home latest by 6 PM, okay?" Jou seemed still worried, so Shizuka nodded to him and continued her walk.

A truck passed by, and then Shizuka and her shadow were gone.


"Yes, I got all your information. Now just tell me why you want this job." The gray-haired woman asked. Shizuka was the last applicant for the secretary position. This was the last day, and there didn't seem to be any hope left. The old woman shook her head, for she expected the same answer, and the same desire to be near Mr. Kaiba behind it.

"Eh… Because I…" Shizuka thought quickly in her mind. She couldn't just tell about the dire situation that her family was in, and the gang leader's satisfied face appeared in her mind again. She was determined to get this job, and nothing would stand in the way.

"Yes, dear?" The woman asked, and Shizuka noticed the woman was moving closer, against her own will.

"Because my family really needs the money," Shizuka blurted out. Oh no, she had told the truth! Now she regretted it. Oh well, done is done. She closed her eyes and awaited the doom.

"That's great! You get the job." The woman's youth seemed to be back. The old and experienced lady had seen that Shizuka was a sweet, kind and patient girl, perfect for the job. Her prejudice had won awhile, and she had thought if this girl was like all the others. Now she knew the truth, the driving force behind this young girl.

Shizuka was shocked at the woman's reaction. Just like that? She wiped away the sweat drops with her handkerchief and tried to smile at the old lady.

"Thank you."

Kawai Shizuka had just gotten a job. Not any job, but a job involving things unthinkable right now, that would show themselves to be possible in the future.


"It seems like Mrs. Picky has made her choice, Mr. Kaiba," the butler reported his news to the grand master.

"And?" Kaiba Seto was tapping his fingers impatiently on the coffee table.

"She will be starting the day after tomorrow, with tomorrow being spent on contracts, negotiations etc." The butler replied, bowed respectfully and left the room.

"So, Naoko, you've found a substitute in the nick of time. You got lucky. Let's see if she's better than you…" The young man laughed a harsh laugh, and then turned his attention on something else.


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