Chapter Seven: Mission Escape

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He grumbled, throwing another of those leather-bound books towards the open fire. To his disappointment the fire refused to devour those animal remains. He grunted as he tried to sit upright in his bed.

How pathetic this was. How pathetic he was. He frowned at the sight of himself.

They should've known better. They should've known it wouldn't be possible to keep me in bed.

He hoisted himself up, and as a result, the chains bound to his wrists and ankles clattered.

How pathetic. In chains, like a dog. He snarled at the sight of himself in the mirror. He despised himself.

He walked towards the mirror, and ran his hand through his hair. It was messy. Like the rest of the room. He shrugged and walked over to the golden-framed wardrobe as he searched for a somewhat decent suit.

They had taken all his important belongings from him. His computer, his discs, his memory chips, and even his business suit! But they wouldn't win, oh no, they wouldn't…

He smirked. Something must happen, and he will get out of this condemned place. Even if they had already kept him there against his will for two weeks out of three. He wasn't that kind of a man who would just happily live according to others. No, he made his own rules.

Never again… Never any doctors again. His mind checked the plan again. It was so perfect. They just had to let him interview a long-time forgotten worker. And that worker was the perfect way to bring his nemesis, Motou Yuugi, down.

He picked the blue shirt with the gray suit. It was the best he had. And the world wasn't in black or white, but that he would realize a long time later. He looked at himself in the mirror as he combed his hair. At some times, he could be as vain as a girl. Though he did not act like one, for he was the one who would bring fear and pain and hatred, a doom-bringer in his world.

And he spitted at his stepfather for doing this to him.

Then again, many thanks to old Mr. Kaiba for learning up a son just like himself. A clone, a clone that would continue this damned work until the end of time.

They had taken all the sharp things out of his room. Everything there was practically soft and nothing was good enough to cut himself on. But a cut wouldn't do it. Death would do it better.

Of course, all the windows made it resemble like a prison, so it was not like he could throw himself out. Oh no.

He knew they hadn't won. But he knew another winner.

Insanity was the victor. Slowly, it would consume him in its steel grip. But right now, he still had some of his mind available to sane use.

He smirked as he picked up the telephone. Then he looked in the catalogue under M, Masaki Anzu.


Yes, you may, was the reply.

Having been confined to his room, Kaiba now had a somewhat limited freedom to move in Domino. At least tomorrow, he thought bitterly.

He prepared the paperwork as he put some reserve pens into the leather bag. His cobalt eyes never lifted from the papers as he continued to look outside the window.

The telephone dangled.

Their fault, of course. They'd have to pay the bill. And they would pay… In other ways.

He shuffled through some papers on his desk. He looked at the documents. Perfect.

Dr. Takeshi would never treat another patient after this.

Then, only after it was all done, allowed Kaiba Seto himself to take care of the real reason for them letting him out.

To re-hire Masaki Anzu.


The light drizzle covered the streets in small pools of water as a pair of gray, elegant shoes stepped over them. Kaiba was annoyed. He really wanted to throw that ridiculous baby blue umbrella into a garbage can. But that was something that went against all of him. He furrowed his brows in a mighty act of concentration.

His eyes darted around, searching for men in black or small security cameras. A shiny thing! No, it was only a lady's swatch. Kaiba quickly stuffed the envelope into the mailbox as his eyes looked for hidden observers to his little charade. There were none.

Then it was done.

He smirked. Dr. Takeshi would be fired… soon. That brat had caused him to fall behind on two weeks' work! How did he dare!

But oh so badly, he did. Kaiba muttered a curse under his breath as he continued his long strides over to the park, where he would meet his employee-to-be. It wouldn't be easy.

As Kaiba reached the park, he saw the girl. The brown-haired girl with the sour face expression was standing there, waiting for him. She wore a modern girl's attire, and her pink umbrella reflected in the light.

Kaiba groaned mentally. Why did it have to be her?

He went forward in that arrogant way that only the greatest Kaiba Seto could as he peered over his shoulder to make sure no one was following him. No one was, but all eyes were glued to him as he walked forward to the girl.

Yeah. Sure. Let them think whatever they want, but this wasn't his girlfriend. A small flame of curiosity inside him made him wonder if Masaki Anzu would be anyone's girlfriend. He quickly shot the thoughts away as he stopped in front of her.

Masaki looked quite irritated. Her fine bag had gotten wet in the rain as the petite umbrella couldn't keep all the water out. She was also giving killer stares to all the guys who tried to come close, he noticed. She brushed her perfect brown hair with the hand as the bracelets clattered to make a noise, the sign of nervousness. He was satisfied; he had not lost his special touch after these two darned weeks in the home, playing games with his little brother.

He straightened himself as he looked down at her. She glared angrily at him.

"You've come here to…" he began, but she interrupted him in mid-sentence.

"Yes, I know. I have to work for you, isn't that right?" she quickly shot in before he had a chance to continue. He glared at her with a passion. This loud-mouthed girl…

"Now that you understand, you'll find yourself in my mansion five days from today in order to receive further instructions," he snarled as he smirked.

"I am not going to work for you, Kaiba" she said.

"You will be begging to, after I'm done," he replied as his nose twitched in irritation. How did this stuck-up girl dare to talk this way to him!

"No. I am NOT going to do it."

"You will."

The bickering continued for a while, as Kaiba's eyes squinted together and his nose twitched worse and worse while Anzu had set her hands on her hips and was looking at the businessman with pure hate in her eyes.

"Four o'clock in the afternoon," Kaiba replied as an ending.

Anzu practically screamed of rage as he turned away. He started to walk back, and felt the sweet taste of victory. He enjoyed it thoroughly, as insanity would soon get the better of him.

He heard the girl's enraged scream behind him as he nonchalantly walked away. The rain fell heavier as he cursed over his shoes being completely wet.

But he didn't expect what happened next.

That foolish girl had run behind him, spraying water everywhere. Her look of despise burned in his back. He turned around in aggravation.

"Now what do you want?" he arrogantly sneered at her before he saw the dangerous flames in her eyes.

Her mouth opened, but no sound came out of her lips. Instead, she raised her hand.

He should've known better.

A burning feeling of being struck by white-hot iron burned in his face as he glared at her. Then her hand fell down.

"Oh my god! What have I done?" She cried before she fled. The heavy rainfall turned into a downpour that stopped him from following her.

Curse that girl, he thought as he walked home. The victory he had gained wasn't complete anymore.

Then again, he smirked at the thought; she would have to arrive at the designated place and time.

At least that was something worth the slap.


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