She didn't know why she felt like this she just did. She knows it wasn't working, but it could work. Right? Eventually?

When I'm alone I

Feel so much better

And when I'm around you

I don't feel



It doesn't feel right at all


Together we built a wall


Holding hands we'll fall

Hands we'll fall

She always felt a step behind, a little rejected. She felt like a china doll, on display but not to touch. If you touch that doll she might break. Her eyes might break. She might lose her innocence. And we can't have that...oh no...not even if it was never there...we just can't have that. But over the years the dust grows, covering the once beautiful doll but what does it matter .The doll cant cry, cant feel, cos she's not real...she not real.

Anymore. She needs to get away, get off the shelf because she's not that fragile.

she always felt better when no one else was there. she didn't feel appreicated when she was with him. how could she? she couldn't be there anymore. scenery...she wouldn't be his china doll anymore.

She needs to be alone. It works best when your alone...all alone.