A picture of deep space and the many stars that twinkle in the distance.

"They came to us from a distant world..." The booming narrator's voice says. "Seeking to end a never ending war and to re-energize their planet."

The empty void now pans over slowly to a small blue world and a yellow sun shining behind it in the background.

"A war that was awakened one hundred million years later on ours and thrust mankind into the very heart of their destructive conflict."

The sounds of Autobot and Decepticon laser fire fills the air as the Earth comes closer, in the background a few familiar voices faintly sound out as we fly into the Earth's atmosphere.

"Who are you?" Spike's voice asks.

"My name is Optimus Prime...and I come in peace."

"Weakling Humans!! I am Megatron, leader of the Decepticons.... you will do as I command or be destroyed!!"

"Who ever wins...and whom ever loses.", Archeville chuckles, "Either will be ours."

"This is Jerry McLane reporting for Action News...We're bringing you live footage of a major conflict just happening at Sherman Dam with what appears to be massive robots!"

"Finish him off Prime! Do it now!!" Ironhide's voice screams out.

"Victory to those who deserve it!" Megatron's voice now booms out as Ironhide's fades.

"PRIIIIIME!!!" Jazz screams out.

"Wonderful! Hahahaha! Wonderful!!!" Archeville's voice soon chuckles.

And now as the clouds part away, we see the land below, North America fully exposed in the sunlight and quickly rushing by as the fly in becomes more intense.

"Be careful you guys." Carly's soft voice now whispers out.

"This is madness Prime! What do you hope to accomplish by this? You seriously think you'll survive this slaughter?"

"No Megatron...I don't. But I know, neither will you...I'm make sure of it...personally!"

The sound of a massive explosion now roars through the air and as the land disappears and the rush towards the vast Pacific Ocean now comes closer and closer.

"With the Decepticons finally defeated...the long war for the Autobots is over." The narrator says as he returns.

Delving into the ocean, the view becomes blue and murky, some fish swim past as we go deeper and deeper. And then when the water becomes totally black...a pair of robotic red slit eyes opens in the darkness.

"Or has it only just begun?"

The eyes disappear in the dark again and Optimus Prime's voice is heard once again as the Autobot's face now overlaps the glowing red eyes.

"You're mister Connors was rather insistent that we not get involved, he told us that they had some sort of 'resource' at their disposal.... what that means I have no idea..."

Carly's voice now follows Prime's as his head fades into the darkness, all other sounds become silent as she speaks.

"You mean Project N?"

Now in a flashy array of special effects and the transforming sound of the letters to the new story appears; the music beefs up as it shows.


The letters transform again and re-spell the text again.


"The Secret is revealed..." The narrator finally says.