Epilogue: Living for the moment

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Now on with the chapter...

Tara, Ireland

Trouble emerged from the Shuttle Terminal and into the night air. He stood still, letting it enter his lungs. Then, with a touch on the throttle of his wing rigs, he was soaring above the mighty oak, with a bird's eye view for miles around. He buzzed up his shield and flew.

He'd explained to Holly that he needed to fly, to be alone, to organise his thoughts. He needed to remember, one last time.

Trouble's Memories

There had been the good times:

"Grub! Let me in!" I thudded on his apartment door with my fist. "Grub! I've got some news for you! Let me in!" More banging from me.

"Coming Trubs, keep your ears on! I was trying to sleep." Grub's voice seemed tinged with annoyance, but what's new? He wouldn't be annoyed when I'd told him my news. I was so delighted; I didn't even correct his (deliberate) error with my name.

The door was opened, and the face of my brother peered round it. I could see intrigue reflected in his features, but he tried to extinguish it.

"This better be important, I was trying to..." I interrupted my brother.

"You were trying to sleep, yes, you told me. But I had to tell you..." It was Grub's turn to interrupt.

"I'm sure it could've waited. I was trying to sleep..."

That was typical of him; surely he wasn't stupid? (Well, then again...)

"Grub! It's..."

"Look, come in, you're letting the cold out. Do you know how much I have to pay to keep this place cool?" He ushered me in, pushing the door closed behind me.

I couldn't stand it anymore. "Grub! Holly's pregnant!" That shut him up. I could feel the grin cracking my face.

"Really?" Grub managed to think of something else other than himself. He smiled. "Congratulations!" He slapped me on the back; all traces of fatigue had vanished. Then a frown crinkled his brow, "That makes me an uncle, another expense..."

And the bad:

"Trouble, I've got some bad news..." I had just answered the phone; the new receptionist was calling me in the middle of the night, with bad news. Worries flashed through my head, it couldn't be Holly, she was asleep, and anyway she was fine when he'd woken up a minute ago. Amber was awake, she was crying, but she sounded OK too. So who was it?

"It's Grub." She had answered my question before I'd had the chance to ask it. "He's been diagnosed with cancer of the brain..."

End Memories

Trouble shook his head to empty the thoughts from it. This didn't have much effect; it just interfered with his flight pattern.

"Pull yourself together." He told himself, sharply. "You've got to move on, you've got Holly and Amber. You love them; you should be with them, not here, alone. It's Christmas Eve, you should be with your family." He changed his flight course and headed back to Tara. His last words echoing in the air.

"Live for the moment. Life's too short to dwell in the past."

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