Title: The Secret of the House Elves
Author: Whisper2AScream
Spoilers: None
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Hermione, the concept of house elves belong to J.K. Rowling, and the other ficverse belongs to their respected party. (Can't say since it would be a spoiler.)
Summary: It's a HP crossover with a ficverse that has been crossed many times, but not in this way. Ever wondered about the long history of house elves? Angsty drabble.

The witch known as, Hermione Granger, was the only to speak out on behalf of house elves' rights, and protest against their enslavement. But not even she knew the terrible truth behind their origins.

House elves were long known as being servants to witches and wizards. Often tied by loyalty to a house for generations, all but enslaved unless their owner was to reward them with clothes. No one thought it was very unusual for their kind to be rather long-lived, or more often than not, not minding doing chores for the household. They ate rather often during the day, but no more so than anyone else. Even the fact they liked the occasional bottle of butterbeer didn't seem all that strange. What was known that they seemed rather fond of being inside, that being inside an enclosed structure was reassuring, but none of them could explain why. Not a single house elf nor witch/wizard could recall any of their history, for as long any could remember it seemed so. Like the sheer fact that being called elves was a misnomer. All of the true Elves had long since departed from this world, well before the current age of Man. In fact, much of the land and its inhabitants had changed since that time, so much so that the old names and many of the denizens were long since forgotten. The scrolls and books telling otherwise rumbling into dust ages past. So much so that no one knew that house elves were not always as they currently existed, bound to their wizarding households, though hints of what their future would be was once told in the time now forgotten. For there was one then, whose shape and form suggested the future existence of house elves. One whose shape was twisted by evil, obsession, and cruelty marring its appearance that it took a great deal to discover its origins in another semblance. But that pitiful form bespoke more than just how much evil can change an individual, for it also warned of the doom for an entire race.

There is no one left who can say how exactly the change occurred for it wasn't immediate, and while the change was not caused by the deep and inherent evil within a gold ring, the effects were still unspeakable and cruel. Because once upon a time, house elves were called by a different name, and bore a different and happier nature of living peacefully, many nestled in grassy hilly settlements.

They used to be called halflings, and more specifically, Hobbits.

A/N: A cruel take on the history of the servants of the wizarding world. Obviously, the concepts of Hobbits and the One Ring belong to the late, incomparable J.R.R. Tolkien. Was watching some of the LOTR, and this sprung to mind, comparing Gollum and the look of the house elves, and disturbing similarities in appearance. As I said, I know there's a plethora of HP/LOTR crossovers, but I don't recall really any from this particular angle.