Where's that Rune Studies book, I've been searching in this dumb bag for ages…Come on, come on…

Wait. Wait a tick, this isn't mine. In fact, I don't believe I've ever seen this book before Looks like a girl named J.K Rowling. Beautiful binding, but what is it? Oh, good,  here's the title on the spine.

Oh. Oh, no. This is bad. This is REALLY bad! Harry Potter? Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?!? 

Whose is this? Is this some kind of a joke?  No…it's not. Even just flipping through some of the chapter titles—it's all here. The hearing, Harry's dreams, that night in the Department of Mysteries…everything. Has somebody been spying on us? Should I take it to Dumbledore?

Wait…wait a second, Hermione Jane Granger. There could be a perfectly reasonable explanation. Maybe this thing's Harry's—like a journal or memoir or something. I'll just open up to the first page, and whoever owns it is bound to have their name inside, right? Right?

Wrong. No name. Just a little slip of paper with some numbers on it. Let's see… 404, 460, 503, 572, 626…

Let's see…five numbers, each one bigger than the last, no multiples, and they don't seem to stand for letters of any language..

Runes? I'll check…no, not runes.

Is there a subtraction model? Hmmm, let's try it.


How odd. There's no pattern to them. But they must be in this book for a reason. There must be some connection. They MUST mean something important.

Maybe there's another paper in here somewhere. I'll just flip through the pages and look.

No. nothing.

This is ridiculous! These numbers have to mean something important, and this book is altogether way too creepy. I mean, how could anybody, let alone this J.K. Rowling woman on the cover, know all this about Harry and Voldemort and the Order?

And who would have thought that there's enough of this stuff to fill over 700 pages?

Wait. 700 pages?

That's it! These are page numbers! They go in order, none of them are more than 700…

But should I look? This is obviously something big, and I probably should give it to Professor Dumbledore. But Ron said some books are dangerous—Dumbleodre could get his eyes burned out, or never stop reading again, or something of the sort.

I should check it out for him first. They can risk losing me.

a.n  I think I'll cut off here, just to make suspense. But for the REAL Harry Potter fan, go check out the page numbers I listed. They ARE real references, and you might figure out what Hermione will find…if you're smart enough, that is.