Ron. You see these page numbers on here? They're page numbers.

Yes, Ron, pages for this book .

Yes, Ron, there is a meaning to all this madness. Turn to the pages and you'll get it…I guess.

Here goes…I'm about to bare my soul to Ron, that sounded dumb. I mean, it's RON, no biggie, we talk all the time.

This is going to be difficult.

…you found that page yet? Good. Now you have to remember this, it's that Quidditch match where you were complete rubbish.

No, it's not that. You're a much better player now.

NO, I'm not insulting you. I don't care, remember? Just read it.

Yes, that is what this is about. Somebody's been watching us through this book.

No, I don't know how that is possible,  and I know that's insane, Ron, but shut up for a minute. It's not the only page on this list, so just read them, ok? I'll be doing my Potions essay, let me know when you finish.

…There. I'm settled in my favorite chair—away from him. Now, the ingredients for Veritaserum are as follows…


Oh, blast it all, who can concentrate with Ron Weasley over there discovering the secret about me that even I didn't know?

Ok, he's flipping pages. He looks all upset—his brows are all creased so that you can't see those eyes. He definitely didn't like what he just read. He's concentrating really hard now, he looks so…intense…sigh—now if only he's put the same effort into his school work…

Well, he's not angry anymore. In fact, he looks pretty happy; at least I think so. His eyes are all glazed over like he smells something (Is it me? Did I put on too much of that perfume he gave me? Do I stink? I dunno, he doesn't look disgusted…), and his lips are curving up like he's remembering something nice.

I wonder what his lips taste like…did I just think that?  NOW!?

He's snapped out of it—I think it's a new page. He looks a bit surprised or worried or someth—Good Lord hide me, he's looking over here!!! Where's that parchment?!? Ok, bend down, pretend you're writing your essay, maybe he won't notice that you were staring at his mouth.

Why's he still looking? What'd I do?

Is it safe?...think so, he's looking back at the book now. You can get back up now, girl.

Ok, this is new. He's just…staring at the pages now, like a piece of stone carved to look like Ron.

…it's so still.

Finally, some motion. Not much. Just a bit of a hard smile at the corners of his mouth. Like he's angry at someone, but proud of something too.

… I think he's done.

Book slams shut… he's standing…prepare yourself for the worst, Hermione Jane Granger. He's going to blow…

Done already, Ron? Wow, that was fast.

…What are you looking at?

...What's so funny?

Ron, you're getting awfully close…

Too close…

Is he…!

…oh, my.

I had no clue Ron could be such a good kisser.


Somewhere else, a few hours later…

A strange woman, dressed in Muggle clothes, was prowling the Hogwarts Halls.

Silently, she crept up to a shadowy corner, near the Fat Lady Portrait, and spoke.


A young wizard stepped out of the shadows, holding the book.

"Here it is. Good thing Ron left it on the table in his hurry to snog her, or I never would have gotten it back."

She took the volume and held it close to her chest, eyes closed, cherishing the moment.

"Well, it's a good thing you did, or I never would have turned it into the publishing company on time. Then they would have been the ONLY ones to read that one."

" And we don't want  that. Well, anyway, thanks. I know I must have put you through a lot of worry."

JK Rowling smiled at the boy. He grinned back at her, almost cheekily considering that she had made him.

"No problem, Harry. Anything for my own creation."

a.n. please don't kill me for inserting the author into the story. It's the way this story was conceived, and I think it's the best way to explain how something so impossible could EVER happen. Plus I said it would happen this way, so there!

If you are confused, just read again. Using knowledge of Ron's personality (I hope), and the previous chapters, you can guess what he's looking at.

Hope you enjoyed this story. There's a heck of a lot more proof, in every book, to cement the sure fact that is the Good Ship, but you will have to look into it for yourself.

Happy Hunting!