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Bound To You
by Clara

Fate had a cruel sense of humor.

Something like this was _not_ supposed to happen.

Especially not to Yuffie Kisaragi, ninja extrodinaire.

"I am _not_ handcuffed to a Turk," Yuffie said, almost convincing herself. "And Cloud, that stupid, idiotic, moronic, mother fu- And Cloud didn't drop the key down a sewer." Almost convincing.. but not quite. Leave it to all the ex-Avalanche members to disappear when Yuffie found herself in a dire situation.

Tears started to run down Marlene's cheeks, her magician hat drooping over her eyes. "I-I'm sorry Miss Yuffie.. I-I t-t-thought it w-was gunna be a g-good trick." she managed through her sobs. Each sob, of course, was like a knife through Yuffie's heart.

She sighed, one of her eyes twitching. Tiredly, she looked down at the unconscious Turk, a sweatdrop trickling down the side of her head. Barret hadn't hit him _that_ hard.. "Look, kid. Don't worry about it. It was a great trick!" She flashed a weak smile at the younger girl. "But next time, if you want to do a magic trick on me.. please don't handcuff me to someone you meet on the street." She glanced down at the Turk. "Please."

Immediately, Marlene brightened. "D'ya really think it was a good trick, Yuffie? D'ya d'ya?!" She bounced around the rather irate looking ninja. "Huh huh huh?"

"It was great, wonderful.. yeah yeah, but HOW THE HECK AM I S'PPOSED TA CHANGE?!" Yuffie wailed, shaking her handcuffed hand.

"That's nuthin' ta worry about!" Marlene beamed proudly. "Watch!" She ripped off a bit of her sleeve, then dropped it on the chain connecting the cuffs. Much to Yuffie's amazed eyes, it fell through.

"What the.."

"The man who I bought it from said it was magical!" Marlene said, still beaming.

"And what was this man's name?"

"Mr. Quincy Pidde."

Barret, being lucky enough to spot the twitch in Yuffie's right eye, swooped up Marlene. "Baby, I think it's time fer me an' you ta be goin' home."

"But daaaaadddy!"


As the father and daughter disappeared, Yuffie kicked the Turk in the ribs. "Wake up, ya lazy ass."

He groaned, curling up into a ball. Yuffie sweatdropped a little. Okay, so maybe she kicked him a little too hard.. But him leaning against her legs and her being in a rather uncomfortable stooped position was more than enough to make her want to go home. "Get your ASS UP NOW YOU DAMN TURKEY!" Yuffie roared into his ear, her voice rising an octave with each word. That was enough to make the Turk lurch forward, dragging an unfortunate Yuffie with him and knocking her into his arms. He blinked a few times, wondering how this rather attractive woman wound up in his arms. An attractive, rather tense woman.

"Huh?" he asked intelligently.

"You have five seconds to let go of me, Reno," Yuffie said in a voice much too calm for the situation. The tone of her voice was enough to make him release her.

"Hey," Reno said, still looking confused. "You were the one who threw yourself in my arms.." He trailed off.

Yuffie jerked their hands up, giving him a clear view of the handcuffs. "Remember this?" she growled, doing a mighty fine imitation of a dog, while Reno did a mighty fine imitation of an albino.

Taking a deep breath, Reno flashed Yuffie a weak smile. "So, my place or yours?"


After arguing for a good half hour about which place they were going to stay in, in the middle of the streets while being handcuffed (yes, they attracted some stares), they finally decided they would stay in Reno's place for the night, at the very least.

As Reno started to punch in the passcode to his apartment, Yuffie thoughtlessly folded her arms across her chest, in order to retain body heat. Reno paused from punching in the numbers, eyes wide. He looked at her out of the corner of his eye, smirking a little when he saw her looking away with a rather ticked expression.

"Look, babe, I know I'm hot, but couldn't you wait until we're at least in the apartment?" Reno asked, laughter apparent in his voice.

Yuffie blinked uncomprehendingly, then looked down at her chest.




So there they were, sitting as far away as they could from each other on the same couch. Reno was sporting a very beautiful blue and purple bruise on his cheek, and Yuffie was brooding. Not because she foolishly slapped him when he unintentionally.. put his hand on her chest, but because his apartment was _much_ nicer than hers. About ten times nicer. She glanced around, taking in the silk white curtains, black leather couch, plush pearly carpet, large screen, surround sound TV (with a VCR), and an expensive looking, whitewashed, glass center coffee table.

Okay, so make that a hundred times nicer than her apartment.

"I'm sorry for slapping you," she said in a voice clearly stating she _wasn't_ sorry.

"You're forgiven," he replied in a voice clearly stating that she _wasn't_ forgiven.

"Wonderful," she answered in a voice sounding a mite nervous. "I.. ah.. gotta pee.

Reno smacked his forehead, then stood up, dragging her along with him. "Well, come on. It has to be done some time.."


"Close your eyes."

"Oh for heaven's sake!"

"I ain't takin' nothin' off till you close your eyes."

"Fine! Fine! Just hurry up, will ya?!"

"Thank you."

"Can I open my eyes yet?"

"Do and I'll give you another pretty bruise matching the one on your right cheek."

"Got it."


"Done yet?"

"Yeah, you can open your eyes."

"Good. Now I gotta.. hey!"

"I need to wash my hands!"

"Couldn't you wait until after I was done?!"

"Ewww! That's just gross!"

"..just wash your hands."

"Thank you."

"All right, can I.."

"Go ahead."

"Then close your eyes."

"It's not like you have anything I want to see."


"All right! All right!"

"Okay, you can open your eyes."

"Aren't you going to wash your hands?"

"Yeah, yeah. Move over, willya?"


Yuffie let out a long suffering sigh, pulling on a pair of Reno's old sweats that looked a good size too large for her. Reno was standing to the side, fully changed into a pair of old, graying sweats and a wife-beater, with his free hand over his eyes.

"Up," Yuffie ordered, and Reno lifted up his cuffed arm. She slipped one of his old T-shirts over her head, still amazed that the cloth went right through the chain. "You can open your eyes now." Reno obliged, then yawned and stretched, bring Yuffie's hand way over her head. She growled a little, standing on her tip toes, in a desperate attempt to make her hand be able to reach his. After a moment, she let out a disgusted snort and yanked his hand back down to waist level. There were times when she hated being 5"2..

"Where are we gunna sleep?" Yuffie asked, glancing around the apartment.

"Where else? In here. My bed can fit the two of us.."

Somehow, that just wasn't very comforting.

"Get used to it, Yuf. Until we can figure out how to get these damnable things off, we're stuck together."

She sighed again, then turned around to look at his bed, yanking his arm with hers. Reno glared up at the ceiling, wondering how long it would take before he killed her. He gave it another hour or so.

She yawned, not bothering to cover her mouth, and started to stumble to the bed. Reno, not knowing what else to do, followed. Without giving it much thought, they crawled onto the bed.

In really.. _really_ uncomfortable positions.

"I am _not_ going to sleep like this." Yuffie informed him. Reno sighed, then rolled over so that he was on his back.. and sending Yuffie sprawling across his chest.

Ignoring her indignant sputters, he ordered, "crawl over me.. we can see how sleeping on our backs work."

Yuffie obliged, a little too eagerly. Her knee found it's way to his stomach.


"Oops!" she cried a little too cheerfully.

After a few minutes of shifting around, they found a position that was slightly more comfortable then the last.



"I have an idea.. but you won't like it."

"Try me." Yuffie sighed. She was really.. really tired, and arguing was not going to help her sleep.

"Well, it required you lying your head on my chest and.."

"You were right the first time."

Reno shrugged as best as he could. "Well, it was just a suggestion. I guess we'll just have to be uncomfortable.."

Yuffie sighed, then closed her eyes.

"Goodnight, Reno."


-end chapter one

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