Normally, a chapter of a new story would start out in the morning, if ending when the main characters went to sleep. However, unlike most author's, the author of this story would like to continue her story in the middle of the night, when her main characters (that she only wishes she owns) are asleep.. or in their cases.. wishing they were..

Bound to You
Chapter 2
by Clara


It is not a well-known fact that Yuffie is a wild sleeper. Unlike most children, she was the daughter of the lord of Wutai. When children obtained this information, they immediately did not want to befriend the "princess", for they saw her as a spoiled brat. Therefore, unlike most children, she did not have any sleepovers in her childhood years.

Reno, in fact, was the first to ever know how crazily Yuffie slept.


Not for the first time that night, Yuffie's elbow found it's way to her temple...


...and not for the first time that night, Reno shoved the insane sleeper away from him.


The defeated Turk whimpered, pulling his pillow over his head.

~She's doing this to me on purpose, isn't she?~ Reno asked himself, wincing as the younger girl's elbow lodged itself into his stomach.

Abruptly, there was no movement.

Cautiously, Reno pulled the pillow from his head and glanced at Yuffie with one eye. She was sleeping peacefully, in the exact same position she was in when she first lay her head against his pillow. Reno let out a relieved sigh and completely pulled off the pillow, flipping it back underneath his head.


Reno whimpered. "..I hate my life."


"Man Reno, you look like hell."

The fore mentioned shot an evil glare at Yuffie, then spit out a mouthful of toothpaste. He pointed his toothbrush like a weapon, eyes glittering dangerously.

"You. Snore."

Offended, Yuffie batted the toothbrush away from her. "I soooo do not!"

"And. You kick," he continued, ignoring her exclamation.

This time, Yuffie blushed. She had always figured she was a wild sleeper, and Reno just confirmed her suspicions.

"AND." He pointed to a rather nasty looking bruise on his temple with his toothbrush, right over the one on his cheek. She winced guiltily. He was rather resembling a rainbow.. "You elbow."

He stared accusingly at her, and she smiled guiltily.

"Ah.. sorry?"


People do need to shower.

Yuffie and Reno found themselves staring at his shower, both wearing forlorn expressions. The male of the duo was looking slightly better than he did earlier, him having used a cure materia on the various bruises littering his body. That didn't change the fact that he was still rather ticked at the young ninja.

"How're we gunna do this?" Yuffie asked, staring at the shower with displeasure. All in all, she looked rather cute.. her hair being slightly messed from the way she slept, clothes slightly rumpled and nose wrinkled with distaste. If Reno hadn't been so annoyed at her, he would have considered hitting on her..

But Turks don't like being kept up half the night from being kicked and the other half being deafened by one's snoring.

"Have you ever considered taking medicine for that snoring of yours?" he asked, completely ignoring her question. That earned him an elbow to the ribs.

"I only snore when I have a stuffy nose," she said, looking a little put off.

"Yeah whatever."

"Look. Bitch at me about that later. _How_ are we supposed to shower?"

"The curtain's cloth, isn't it? Use your head."

Yuffie shot him a nasty glare.

"Fine. I get the shower first."

"Hell no! It's my shower, I get it first!"

"I'm guest!"

"Whoever said I _wanted_ you here?!"

The two stared at each other for a moment, then made a break for the shower.


As it was, Yuffie had somehow managed to get into the shower first, and even when Reno threatened to break every bone in her body, refused to give up her place in the shower. Grudgingly, Reno agreed to let her shower first (mainly because he was afraid of her fists), just as long as he promised not to use all the water up.

Nothing really interesting happened.. except, of course, when Yuffie tried to reach for the conditioner..

"Damnit, Reno! You're conditioner's too high!"

"Well, you see.. since I happen to be much taller than you.. that never really bothered me.."

"Asshole," Yuffie muttered under her breath, and stood on her tiptoes, reaching for the conditioner.

And doing something that _really_ livened things up, so to say.

"OW!" Reno cried. As Yuffie reached for the conditioner, the handcuff tightened to a point where it hurt. He jerked his hand closer to him, and immediately the pain deminished.

Yuffie scowled, having been pulled farther away from the conditioner. She yanked her hand back into it's original place, opening her mouth to ask Reno just what the hell he was doing. This knocked the Turk off balance and sent him tumbling against the curtain.. and.. much to Yuffie's demise.. into the shower. She let out a shrill scream when he fell against her and shoved him away while managing to pull the curtain around her to hide certain body parts.

They stared at each other for a few moments in silence.

"Oh God.. Yuffie, I didn't mean to--"



They weren't speaking to each other.

After Reno finished showering and they both finished getting ready, they agreed to perhaps ask Nanaki about the handcuff. Then they had stopped communicating with each other all together. Both of them blamed the other for the.. incident they had in the shower.

So there they were, walking down the slightly crowded streets toward the entrance of the town, when Reno stopped.

Not saying anything, he yanked her around and started to walk in a different direction.

Scowling, Yuffie planted both her feet into the ground, successfully stopping them. Reno spun around and gave her a dark look. She retaliated by glaring back. Reno growled a little, and much to Yuffie's surprise, started to drag her. She effectively stopped him by sitting herself on the cement.

"Damnit, Yuffie!" Reno cursed, then bent down and swept her up into his arms, ignoring the stares he was getting. Hauling her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, he resumed walked in the opposite direction of the entrance.

"What the _hell_ do you think you're doing, Turk?" Yuffie screeched into his ear. He winced.

"We wanna go to Cosmo Canyon, right?" Taking her silence as an affirmative, he continued. "There's an easier way out of here then through the entrance that's in the direction of Cosmo Canyon." His voice donned a threatening tone. "Now shut up before I _make_ you."

That shut her up.

"And don't you _dare_ fall asleep!"

"I'm sick! Sick I tell you!"

-end chapter two