Hello Everyone. Been a while, ne? I know. Much too long. I really do need to explain, but please, forgive me. I hate using excuses, and that's what this is going to sound like.

At the very beginning when I was trying to recover from losing my account and all my reviews, I was dealt another devastating blow that came in the form of my brother's computer flipping out and everything on his hard drive being deleted. So, not only was I unmotivated to keep doing due to lack of reviews, but also I had lost what I had started of the next installment. All in all, I was dragged down by all this, and though I felt really bad about not just picking up the scraps just for my faithful readers (still do) I couldn't get it in gear, thus, this fic just kind of… sat. Another thing that didn't help was the severe case of writer's block that I fell into. I really did try! Honestly! But I couldn't find the right words and whatnot… so still… nothing…

After a while, and a lot of thought, I realized that this fic didn't really have a lot of direction to it. I knew where it was going, but getting there was another thing. It was kind of like going on vacation and knowing the name of the place you're headed to, but not having a map or the knowledge that would get you there. I decided to try and get back on track by going back and reading what I had, but this only brought me to another very painful realization. I mean, I knew I sucked, but I had no idea I sucked THAT BAD.

In short, and I know this is terribly unfair to those of you who actually care about seeing the end of this (I feel sooo bad for you. My sincerest apologies for forcing you to put up with my crappy writing), but… I feel as though I've grown out of this fic. I did start this when I was about twelve, and BAM! Check it out! I'm not twelve anymore and you'd be amazed what 3 years does to someone. I hope and pray that one day I'll come back to this and re-do it, but I wouldn't hold your breath. I'm SO SORRY. You have no idea. I hate it when authors do this (but that just makes me a hypocrite v.v), but I really feel I need to move on (do some soul-searching and whatnot lol Hey! At least my poor sense of humor is still in tact!). I'm going to keep writing for this site. No doubts about that one. But I really think I need to avoid beating a dead horse and just let this dormant fic lye.

I'm really sorry to any of you out there who are actually disappointed by this announcement (can't imagine there are many of you lol). Thank you so much to those of you who have stuck by me. Keep your eyes out for my new fiction, k? I promise, it will be MUCH better. And hopefully something new will be posted soon.

Special Note to lordfolken (if you're still out there), Kurmoi, TigerEyes2, Kaze Ookami, and Da 1 an only David: You guys have been faithful readers from the beginning (or at least almost the beginning). You have no idea how much your praise meant to me. Thanks for being such an inspiration! And David: I'm working on that fic I promised you soooo long ago. I'll try to have it up soon

Special note to Erica, The King of Flames, Tory, Jo, Just a passing visitor, sakura, Hikaru Lee 666, Simon, G Ronin, Lily, Edward, Me (lol), shadows of fire, and PrueHalliwell023, thank you guys SO MUCH for checking this story out in the first place! Getting new reviewers is always a thrill to me, and getting yours was like relighting that little glow in my heart towards this fic. I'm sorry I didn't complete it, like you all asked me to, but there's still hope for it, so please don't give up on me!

Special note to Everyone: Please keep your eyes out for my new fics. They should be coming shortly (though who knows what horrors the upcoming highschool year holds). I love you all so much for spending your time and energy on this fic, and this one can only hope that one day she will be able to repay you as much as you deserve. Thank you SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart!