Inuyasha's Kin and the Son of Darkness

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The group sat around a fire back at the refugee camp, tending to their wounds and talking about good times. Of course Sesshoumaru and Rin weren't there, but they knew those two were still a part of their family and their thoughts went out to them.

Inuyasha was still upset that Kouga acted all perverted around his daughter, but after Kagome had explained to him that the wolf demon was only doing it to upset Inuyasha, he quickly stopped and swore the next chance he got, he'd tell Ayame. Knowing her temper, Kouga's suffering by her hand was as good as given.

"It's been so long, I still can't believe the family's all together again." Shiori smiled happily.

Sango had Kohaku sleeping in her lap as she stroked his hair, but nodded to her adopted niece. "Now we can finally start a real village with everyone here and protect them as our own family grows."

"This has been an eye-opening experience though." Miroku said quietly. "If Mikaboshi was indeed the god of evil and there is still Amaterasu out there…how many other gods exist to cause trouble other than the demons we find ourselves dealing with usually?"

Kurai whined sadly. Though Kouga and his siblings had returned to their pack, he would remain by his counterpart's side, in order to protect him at all times.

Inuyasha scoffed. "Whoever tries anything, we'll just kick their ass like we did Yamatsu's. What's the big deal?"

"Well, you heard Sesshoumaru, right?" Kagome spoke up. "He knew your powers would be useless, so he targeted our children. If he knew, other demons and gods will know as well. And they will come."

Shaoran held the same expression as his father and crossed his arms. "So what? Who can beat Dad's Bakuryuuha and my powerful attacks combined?" He asked cockily.

Inuyasha smirked and raised a fist. "Damn right!"

Kagome sighed and bowed her head in submission, when an odd feeling crept into her senses. Looking up quickly, she could see the stars hanging in the night sky and was reminded of that time way back when she looked up and wondered if she'd truly be with Inuyasha or if he would choose Kikyou. A lot's changed since then… She admitted. Inside her, the Shikon no Tama was trying to tell her something.

Frowning, Inuyasha looked over as Kagome stood up looked curiously around. "What's up?" His inquiry got everyone else looking at the priestess.

Identifying the feeling that up until now hadn't been felt in over two decades, Kagome smiled and looked down at her hanyou. "The well." She said simply.

The comment got everyone to gasp, but Inuyasha was shocked most especially. "W-what do you mean!?" He got up.

Kagome, annoyed, raised a fist and shouted back. "What do you think I mean!? Why do you always have to be like this!? Are you really that stupid, cause it's a miracle you've survived THIS long! Yes, the well! It's been activated!" She replied hotly.

"What's going on?" Shiori stood up, worried, along with her twin brother.

"You're not…leaving us, are you?" Shaoran asked.

Her anger leaving her as she turned to her son, Kagome smiled and placed a hand on each of her children's shoulders. "We don't belong here. We've missed out on the two of you growing up and Kohaku coming into this world." She explained kindly. "Yamatsu's magic took away those years, but we've been given a chance to regain our lost time."

"Regain…our lost time…?" Inuyasha echoed softly to himself. It was something he once longed for when Kikyou had pinned him to Goshinboku. Now he actually had the chance?

Miroku nodded, but stayed seated. "We understand." His wife gave an encouraging nod. "It's not like this is forever."

"You've changed history by destroying Yamatsu here. Perhaps he will not exist in your time." Sango mentioned.

Kagome shook her head. "No, he will still exist, but we know now what will happen…if he is allowed to survive."

Inuyasha punched his palm with a determined expression. "Say no more."

"Dad…but you just got back here." Shaoran said sadly.

Inuyasha came up and crossed his arms, refusing to show love in front of so many people. "I'm not sure what will happen to this time when we return, but if we don't come back you have to be the one to protect Sango and Miroku, your sister and Kohaku. They will need your strength."

Shaoran knew crying was for humans, so he nodded and accepted his assignment. "I understand."

"Yosh!" Inuyasha smirked.

Kagome came over and Inuyasha routinely place her on his back. "Be strong and here's to the future." She waved and said goodbye to the family she'd just regained but now had to give up for another, different family.

But that's okay, because they will always live on inside my heart.

Back at his castle, Sesshoumaru sat in silence and contemplated the fall of his enemy. He'd long sensed the well's activation, being so close to it, and knew his brother would soon be returning to his rightful time. He had found true happiness with his human, a happiness Sesshoumaru understood his father felt deeply for Inuyasha's mother. Now the dog demon prince felt something for the human who'd come into his life quite mysteriously, but remained loyally and would forever be by his side.

Raising his head, he saw Rin enter his chambers, as previously summoned, and watched as she walked to the single window in his room. "I wonder how everyone's doing right now." She commented. "Kohaku-kun was wounded pretty badly."

Sesshoumaru stood and walked up behind her, towering over her at least a foot if not more. "I'm sure they're fine." He said. "They have each other and my brother is watching over them."

Rin nodded. "Yes, you're right. Maybe when the village gets started, we can go and I can visit Shiori and Shaoran." She replied, cheering up more by the minute.


"Hai?" Rin turned around and immediately regretted it because Sesshoumaru knelt down before her and looked up with piercing golden eyes. Her voice caught in her throat and she felt her cheeks brighten up in embarrassment.

Sesshoumaru sighed and broke his gaze, not wanting to scare her more than assure her. "Rin, you…I…" He stopped. This was not something he was used to and he cursed himself for loosing his composure.

Rin smiled and knew what her master was trying to say. "Me too, Sesshoumaru-sama."

"Eh?" He looked up shocked and saw Rin smiling down at him lovingly.

"I…love you too." She giggled and blushed more.

Sesshoumaru's mouth dropped open in shock, but as soon as it caught up with him that she understood his feelings, he enveloped her in his arms and pulled her close. "I will always protect you, Rin. I swear I'll always be there."

"I know." She smiled as tears of joy fell onto his fluffy family heirloom. "I've always known…"

Inuyasha set down outside the well and sure enough it glowed with the blue radiance it did long ago. "So…this is it."

Kagome nodded and raised a fist over her chest. "Wonder what'll happen when we go back."

"Not sure, but we won't know under we try." Inuyasha raised a hand and smiled, Kagome happily placing her hand in his as the two jumped into the portal together.

When the blue glow died down, the Sun Goddess Amaterasu materialized where they were once standing and smiled in hope. "Good luck, Guardians." It was a title they would never hear, but was theirs all the same.

Inuyasha felt himself being pulled in all directions and held Kagome close against his body, refusing to let go. Gritting his teeth, it almost felt like the void was intentionally trying to separate hanyou from human. Kagome cried out trying just as hard to hold onto Inuyasha, but slowly felt her grip loosening. "Kagome! Don't let go!"

"Inuyasha!" Kagome flew backwards, her hand still reaching forward as she parted from him faster and faster.

"Kagome!" Though the hanyou had lost sight of her, he still struggled to controlled his spinning and keep track of where he was in the void of time and space. As the winds died down and he felt his feet land on hardened floor once again, the hanyou looked up and saw daylight shining through the top of the well. "Am I…back?" He wondered.

Jumping straight up, he emerged from the well and his sensitive hearing picked up the sounds of battle far off in the distance. "What's going on?" Sniffing the air, he mysteriously could smell Kagome, but she was no where to be found. "Maybe the void just separated us but we both made it to this time." He said aloud.

Jumping into the trees towards the sound of the fighting, Inuyasha's golden gaze befell a frightening familiar sight. All around were hundreds of demons and in the mix were Sango and Miroku fighting them off with little Shippo by their side. Also present were a very young Shiori and Shaoran staying close to their aunt and uncle.

A crash was heard and the hanyou looked over from his perch in a nearby tree and saw Sesshoumaru shatter the Mirror of Uzume still in Yamatsu's possession. "I'm back in the present." He caught on.

Looking across the bodies that lay strewn everywhere, Inuyasha saw himself speaking with Sesshoumaru as his older brother returned from being human to his prideful full demon self. "Do not go to her Inuyasha." His brother warned him.

In his tree, Inuyasha's ears drooped. "He knew. He foresaw what would happen to Kagome and I wouldn't listen." Now the hanyou felt guiltier than ever. Had he listened to Sesshoumaru, maybe Yamatsu wouldn't have gotten away. Gasping, his eyes flashed over to the spoken demon lord as he made his way into his cave as soon as Sesshoumaru confronted him.

When Inuyasha saw his other self run across the battlefield towards Kagome as her horiki grew in magnitude, he jumped from his perch and ran around the field so as not to be seen. If he could destroy Yamatsu now, he'd save the future. He just knew it.

As the half demon reached the edge of the cave and beginning darkness, he heard his shadow exclaim, "KAGOME!" and an explosion of Kagome's priestess powers flew over the battlefield. Clenching his eyes shut, Inuyasha tried to block out his urges to rush to her rescue. If that was indeed his Kagome, he had to believe in her to come through this alive and if not… If not you can be damn sure I'll find you Amaterasu and I'll save her in the past all over again if I have to. And this time there won't be any trace of Yamatsu to interfere. I swear!

Rushing inside, he sniffed the air and instantly picked up the weakening Demon Lord. He probably hasn't combined with Mikaboshi yet which means I can be rid of him in one shot. "Yamatsu!" Inuyasha shouted.

His voice echoed off the walls, but soon a deep laughter rebounded back at him and Yamatsu emerged from one of the tunnels. They were in the main column of the fortress and below them were several rocky stories of platforms and bridges connecting other tunnels. "Inuyasha. I would've thought you'd jump at the chance to save your human mate."

Inuyasha instantly unsheathed Tetsusaiga and it grew into the powerful demon fang in his grasp. "Kagome can handle her own." He ground. "You I deal with now." He swore.

"Oh? Where did this sudden burst of confidence come from?" Naraku's son questioned.

"I know what you're planning to do and I won't let you go through with it." Inuyasha replied. "If I defeat you here, I'll save everyone I care about. I won't let you summon Mikaboshi here!"

Eyes widening, Yamatsu was openly shocked that the hanyou would know of his plans. Attempting to cover it up, the demon lord unsheathed his own massive sword and held it out in front of him. In truth without the power of the insignia he was at less than half the strength he'd acquired and in no condition to fight the determined half breed. But if he could get away from this, Mikaboshi's power would make him invisible. "So much you know young one. But that alone will not save you!" He leapt up across the crevice and came at the hanyou head on. A small battle he could survive and even weakened, he would make his father proud. "Die Inuyasha!"

Shaking his head, Inuyasha leapt up confidently and raised his sword. "You first! Kazu no Kizu!" Ramming the attack down, the yellow blade of energy flew at Yamatsu just as he was in the middle of the ravine.

Raising his sword to block the attack, Yamatsu was slammed downward into the darkened abyss. From another of the tunnels, Tensaiga came spinning down and landed in the very base of the shaft, embedding itself in the rocky foundation. Inuyasha gasped and landed on one of the bridges and watched as Yamatsu landed on the base right next to the healing sword, but instead of rebounding back towards the hanyou, he found his feet planted to the spot. "What's going on!?" Inuyasha gasped at the same time as his opponent.

A blue aura emanated from the sword and expanded outward across the base and Yamatsu's planted feet. "What the…!?" Soon instead of solid ground, he began to sink into the floor, through the doorway into the realm of the dead that had been opened. "N-No! This cannot be! I was to rule this world! I cannot be contained!"

Inuyasha watched in disbelief as Yamatsu's entire form was lowered into the portal and even as the demon lord gave a last ditch effort to get out, pale hands came out and pulled him down into their world. Moaning and screaming could be heard, but the hanyou wasn't sure if it was all Yamatsu's.

As soon as the portal closed, Tensaiga pulled from of the ground and flew back up, past Inuyasha into the cavern above. Inuyasha followed it and leapt up a level, coming face to face with his older brother as he caught his sword and placed it back in its sheath. "S-Sesshoumaru?"

The older dog demon said nothing, but walked to the edge of the roped walkway to confirm Yamatsu's destruction. "So…you came." He said after a moment. Behind him Rin looked down in amazement, but for once said nothing.

Inuyasha was taken aback. "You…knew?"

"I didn't have a choice. But, now that everything has been taken care of, I will return to the castle." Sesshoumaru replied and turned to leave.

"Sesshoumaru!" Inuyasha called out, slowly placing Tetsusaiga back in his sheath. "Thank you."

The older dog demon neither commented, nor acknowledged the praise, but his step did falter a moment, before he disappeared completely into one of the darkened hallways, his human counterpart behind him.

Looking back up, Inuyasha leapt back and forth until he saw the entrance of the cave finally visible. Looking back towards the battlefield, he saw both his children crying at the base of a perfectly crystallized statue of Kagome. Miroku was holding a sobbing Sango and all the while, all Inuyasha could do was smile.

As he approached from the cave, the monk was the first to see him and gasped in surprise. "Inuyasha!" His exclamation brought everyone else's heads shooting up as he finally stopped next to them.

"D-daddy! But didn't you just…" Shiori hiccupped and continued to cry.

Shaoran wiped away his own tears, not wanting his father to see him feel such weakness. "But we just saw you go towards the mountain."

Sango pulled away from Miroku, her eyes already puffy from crying, and looked up at her best friend. "Kagome-chan's still…" Her voice cracked and she closed his eyes in anguish.

Inuyasha walked up to the statue and stared into the expression of his beloved. "Come on." He said softly. "I'm here now." Was all he had to convey. Just like before, a noticeable glow grew from Kagome's neck and cracks appeared in the crystal encasing the priestess. "That's it. I know you can do it."

"M-mommy…" Shiori sniffled and clutched onto her older brother in suspense.

In a flash of light, the pendant bestowed by an old friend broke the spell trapping Kagome and the priestess was set free. Standing before her family, Kagome smiled and looked over at Inuyasha, her knowledge of everything still in her mind. "It's good to be back."

Shiori gasped and rushed forward. "Mommy!"

"Kagome-chan!" Sango exclaimed, her and Shaoran being the next to run forward.

Inuyasha simply stood still and crossed his arms. Shippo rushed up next with his little friend and her older brother. Everything was perfect, just the way it should be.

Kagome parted away from her relieved family and came up to Inuyasha, a smile still on her face. "I could hear you. You trusted me to return to you."

Inuyasha scoffed and looked away in mock discontent. "I just knew you couldn't last long without me. You had to come back. And if you hadn't, I would've made you!"

Giggling, Kagome leaned in and gave Inuyasha a peck on the cheek.

The hanyou blushed unintentionally and shook his head to try and relieve himself of it.

Miroku saw this and smirked. "A shade darker and you would've been the same color as your haori."

Raising a fist, Inuyasha got mad. "You wanna say that again monk!?"

Laughing, Miroku ignored the hanyou's embarrassment and said. "I'd hate to see what color you turn if she kissed you on the lips."

Just the idea made poor Inuyasha blush more, as well as Kagome a bit seeing as the two kept their romance pretty much a secret, and half demon was on monk before anyone could stop the two.

Bending down, Kagome pulled her children into her arms and lifted both up, refusing to let them go. So much had happened to everyone she knew and she still feared for the future. It was a habit she doubted would die anytime soon. But as Inuyasha held Miroku in a chokehold and Kagome mouthed a loud "Osuwari!" she knew they'd handle anything that came their way…together forever.

Author's Notes: Okay that WAS the ending and if I do another Inuyasha story, it will NOT be a trilogy. I think I've sucked this story dry of all it's ideas. Thank you everyone for supporting me and feel free to read my other works (Though the earlier you go, the crappier it gets) . Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!