Truku part 01

I know this is not a continuation of Letters, or Purified Water, or any of my other ones, but I write when and what I get inspired to.

dec 31 2000-jan 26 2001

[The GW characters do not belong to me, but the language used by T'ruku and variouse other characters in this is made up by me. Characters that are not GW are my own, same as this story. Please do not steal them. This story is not based in the GW timeline, so if something is not accurate to the show, then don't bother me. It's probably not meant to be. Also, beware of OOC-ness!]


by Zuzanny

Part 1


Outer space, as always, was silent. No sound reached to any ears as a huge something drifted through the nothingness. The something that was invisible to all kinds of radar and search systems bar direct sight, drifting almost aimlessly, from places unknown to places within the Earth's conqured area. Astrologists monitoring all that they could, noticed the thing the size of a city, and calculated that while this thing would pass close to Earth and colonies, it would miss.

That did not stop them from wanting to study it.

Fortunatly, some five scientist had been watching out for this for a long time, and sent their own little group to explore...


They were being watched. Heero could feel it as they walked the long white hallways that seemed to maze on forever. There were other halls leading off this one every few steps, off in another endless direction. This one seemed like a- if not the- main hall. The roof was high, held up with pillars and support beams that a person could walk across. Heero wasn't sure, but suspected that there was just as complicated a pathway above them as the one they were currently on. Probably a better view up there too, if only there was an easy way up there...

There is was again, that feeling of being watched. The hair on the back of your neck tingling and rising. the sence that just as you turn your head to look, 'they'back out of view. He could see that the other pilots felt it too, and it was beginning to get just as frustraiting as walking in the same direction for hours and not really getting anywhere.

That was until they came upon a solid door.

"About bloody time." Duo muttered. "Now if only our observer would show him-or-her self."

"Maybe they are just watching to see if we are hostile." Quatre said.

"So then they can decide that we are weaker than them and attack us?! Inju-"

"Enough with the justice speach, Wufie." Duo interupted, uncharacteristicly quiet and gloomy. Wufie glared at him, obviously feeling cut, and they held a glaring match.

Meanwhile, Trowa, Quatre and Heero were examining the door. Heero was running his hands over the strange symbols carved about a centermetre into the surface, trying to figure out what they ment.

"What do you think is on the other side?" Quatre asked Trowa, who shrugged.

"There are a great number of posibilities. Could be weapons, treasure of some kind, graves, more corridore... anything. Even just the cold empty vacume of space."

"How wonderful." Duo roled his eyes. "So if you open that door, we all become instant juice."

"No, not instant. It takes a few seconds." Heero informed.

"Gee, wow."

"What is your problem, Maxwell?!" Wufie demmanded.

"Nothing." Duo snapped. "Not a thing!" He turned away.

Heero didn't know what he did, but suddenly the symbol under his finger tips glowed blue, spreading to the other symbols before faiding away, then with a humming sound the door began to open.


A cry of dismay from behind them caused them all to spin, pulling out weapons. Standing there in the middle of the corridoor, now moving to shove past them and to the door, hands frantically tracing over the door where the symbols used to be, was a boy maybe a few years younger than them, with long sky blue hair that almost rivaled Duo's hair in length.

"Poko-re tessu?" He breathed at them in horror. "Poko-re tessu!!"[1]

Deep voiced laughter began to echo through the air. The blue haired boy blanched, and shrank away from the door as blackness seemed to be sucked in through the opening at the bottom of the door that was slowly getting bigger. The gundam boys stared in alarm. The blue haired boy backed away further.

"Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho...." (think Jabba the Hut) "Kii ko su... T'ruku... ho ho ho ho..." [2]

The blue haired boy shot a wide eyed look at all of them. "Sho." He ran a few steps back the way they had come, pausing to yell back at them. "Sho! Yalla su nohh?! Sho!!!"[3]

"I think he want's us to run." Duo said.

Heero took one look at the swarming blackness that was taking place of the door, and agreed. They ran, following after the boy.


A long arm reached out through the swirling darkness with deliberate slowness, finishing by pointing a long slender finger in the direction they had run in. "T'ruku."


Ahead of them, the blue haired boy suddenly cried out in pain and fell. He had struggled back to his feet by the time they had caught up with him, but the patch of red growing just under his right shoulder blade did not bode well. Heero and Duo grabbed hold of his arms, and continued running like that. The blue haired boy motioned which way for them to turn when they came to variouse doorways. It seemed almost that they were getting more lost than anything. Heero did not like the sound of the boy's breathing either. If they really did get lost in this maze, and he was the only one who know his way around but DIED, they were screwed.


The hand stayed out streatched and pointing. "Muntah tu T'ruku."[4] The deep voice said. Suddenly a huge thing of long black fur and sharp teeth surged forward out of the darkness, letting out a spine chilling howl as four clawed feet pushed it along like the very wind it's self.


Six heads turned at the sound of a howl that seemed to freeze their blood. The blue haired boy whimpered, and tried to push himself faster.

"What the hell was that?!" Wufie yelled.

"Was it some kind of animal?" Quatre looked at Trowa.

"That was no animal I had ever met!" Trowa pulled Quatre along.

"Hyute." The blue haired boy gasped, looking up towards the pillars and support beams. "cara bonter ru ke ru-eh hyute pah."[5]

"Can any of you understand what this guy's trying to tell us?" Duo asked. Heads shaking indicated no. Then the blue haired boy struggled out of Duo and Heero's grasps and stopped running. Quatre bumbed him a bit before the rest realised he had stopped. The blue haired boy, panted for a few moments, gazing up towards the roof, hands held out infront of him like he was typing on an invisible keyboard, and the floor benieth them began to shake and rise upwards towards the roof. The gundam boy's each managed to keep their balance as they were elevated to the walkways above them, and each jumped across to them. The blue haired boy fell forward on hands and knees once safly on to the walk way beside them. Duo looked back to the elivated floor, and found that there was nothing there but a drop way down to hard white floor with a splattering of red blood.

The howl once again filled their ears. They all looked towards the way they had run from and saw a swirling blackness steadily moving towards them, folowing the trail of blood the blue haired boy had left behind.

To be continued...

[1] "What have you done?" etc...
[2] jabba the hut laughter... "I see you... T'ruku..." more jabba laughter.
[3] "Run." "Run! Are you stupid?! Run!!!"
[4] "Bring me T'ruku."
[5] "Up." "Can't get us if we're up there."