T'Ruku part 2

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march 2001


part 2

by Zuzanny


T'ruku ground his teeth together as the Moakoros spat out another spine tingling howl, and tried to gather strength despite the pain in his upper back. He drew in a shaky breath, trying not to be concerned with the taste of blood or the congested, gurgling sensation deep within his lung, that reverberated each time he breathed in or out.

The light-haired stranger was quivering with what he assumed was fear, and he couldn't blame him. All of the strangers fell into defensive stances as the sound echoed through the halls and gangways. They were conversing amongst themselves, looking off in the direction the Moakoros was approaching from. Deep booming getting steadily louder the closer it came.

T'ruku could hardly believe that Bassa was arrogant enough to summon the Moakoros in the first place. He just hoped that Bassa could contain it now that it was released, and that he was not so mad as to just let it run wild. For the moment they were safe up here, but that was only until the Moakoros found another way up.

T'ruku looked up at the strangers again. The one with the braid was kneeling beside him, pressing something to his wound. The others were still watching defensively. He turned his head to the one patching his back and smiled slightly. The braided one returned his smile, gripping his shoulder slightly. He said something in their strange language.

"I can't understand a single word you are saying." He rasped to the braid. The braid replied to his words, probably saying the exact same thing.

The Moakoros was far too close for comfort, getting closer and closer, it's giant foot steps drumming out deep poundings on the floor. The strangers were holding strange things in their hands, pointing them in the direction that the Moakoros was coming from. He started coughing, hard. Blood covered his hands as he wiped his mouth, his heart pounded in his ears.

"We need to get out of here." He coughed up some more blood, and fought for breath. He could feel the blackness starting. If the Moakoros caught him when he was unable to defend himself, then the whole thing would have been for nothing. "Bassa must not have me." He said to himself. It was risky. Easy access for the Moakoros if it found the place, but he could hope any barriers he set up would hold. He knew that if he didn't get there soon, then they WOULD fall, and none of them would be safe. He summoned a control board and set about opening and closing gateways. He would have to hurry.


Heero, Trowa, Quatre and Wufei opened fire on the huge black beast as it leapt up and missed sinking it's huge curved claws into the walkway where they were standing by mere inches. The animal howled and took a run up to try again, it's rank breath pouring over them, causing them to gag.

"Burning!" Duo choked out. "It's like burning blood!"

"Rotting meat!" Trowa gasped.

Quatre covered his nose and mouth with his hands trying not to vomit.

"Open sewerage!" Wufei retched.

"It's worse than anything I have ever smelt before." Heero grimaced, and continued to shoot at the thing. Their bullets bounced off it's head and body like nothing at all.

"Talk to it!" Quatre pleaded with Trowa, panic seeping into his voice. "make it stop, or it's going to get us!"

"That is not an animal I can talk to." Trowa took aim and fired again. "I don't think that is an animal at all!"

The black body of the beast swirled in patterns of darkness. Like there was something alive under the skin. The thing kept jumping for a few more tries, the vibrations of it's landings causing the walkways to tremble. Then it stopped, and sat back on it's haunches simply watching them. A nasty sort of intelligence shone from it's two completely black eyes.

"It's waiting." Wufei whispered. "It's going to wait us out."

"It's like..." Duo swallowed a lump in his throat, watching the crawling of the dark beast's body, eyes going distant. "like it's got maggots. Under there."


T'ruku ran his fingers in the pattern that would help him. As soon as it was done, the gate opened beneath him and the braid, and they began to sink through it. He felt consciousness leaving him...


Duo let out a startled cry, and clutched the slumping blue haired boy closer, watching in horrified fascination as their legs disappeared through the floor. "Holy SHIT! Heero!" Duo yelped, snapping his friend's attention from the black beast. Heero turned in time to see the tip of Duo's braid and fingertips disappear through the walkway floor. He ran over, skidding to his knees on the spot. "Duo! Duo!" He ran his hands over the solid shiny white surface, searching for any sign of his partner. There was none. Heero sat back on his heals, staring down at his reflection in the empty space in shock.

The beast, turned it's head, gave a roar, and ran off in another direction. Great scratch marks gored the floor where it's claws had been, then slowly faded like they had never even been there.


Duo suddenly found himself immersed in warm, yellowish sort of thickened liquid, and frantic struggling showed him that both he and the blue haired boy (or green haired now) were trapped inside a rounded tube-shaped object. The blue haired boy floated next to him, his hair wisping about his body and face, and Duo knew that he had to be either already dead or soon to be dead, because he was not thrashing about trying to escape.

/Oh God, please no. Please don't kill me like this!/ He braced his back against one side of the 'tube' they were in, and kicked out with his feet. /Let me out! Let me OUT!!!/ It was too strong for him. It would not break. Nothing on the top of the bottom of the container to help him get out or give him air. his lungs screamed for in and pain was growing in his head with the mad pumping of his heart. He was so hot.

The blue haired boy touched his arm, and their eyes locked together. The blue haired boy smiled at him in a way that would have been reassuring in normal circumstances, but right now was just plain freaky. Duo continued to panic. The blue haired boy moved so they were facing each other, making sure he had the pilot's attention. Then he opened his mouth.

Duo's eyes widened when he saw the bubbles being expelled from the other boy's mouth and nose. Duo shook his head franticly, his cheeks puffing out now, as the boy continued to smile and release his air.

Finally, Duo could hold it no more, he could see red fading to gray. He breathed out gas, then in liquid...

to be continued....