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Ties that Bind

Another normal morning for the Teen Titans in the T-tower. Beast boy and Cyborg fought restless over the remote to gain dominance of the big screen TV in the living room. Raven quietly slipped from the dark shadows of the hall to appear in the kitchen facing the living room. She casually began to pour herself a nice steaming cup of herbal tea Starfire had prepared for her breakfast meal.

"Good morning Raven. How was your nights sleep?" Answered a bright and cheerful Starfire.

"Fine." Raven said in her monotone voice.

"That is nice. Beast boy! Cyborg! Breakfast is ready." Star said as she placed their food at their spots on the table.

"Alright! I am starved!" Beast boy exclaimed as he hoped over the couch. He settled in to eating his tofu eggs and tofu ham/bacon with a side of soy milk and a soy muffin.

"This looks great Star! Thanks! Now this is real food!" Cyborg thanked while waving his fresh real food in Beast boy's face. Cy scarfed down his real eggs, real smoked bacon, a true blueberry muffin and a nice fresh glass of 100% dairy milk.

"Has anyone seen Robin this morning? He is not hear to fuel him self for the day's excitement." Star stated looking around for the boy wonder.

"Did he even come out of his room yet? I mean he was up all night trying to figure out were the

thieves would strike next." Cy committed while taking another mouth full of eggs.

"Ya man, Robin was really stressing about that last night. The dude doesn't know how to relax." Beast boy agreed with Cyborg as he finished off his soy milk.

"Robin tries hard to stop these thieves from hurting the innocent people here on earth." Star defended Robin from BB's and Cy's Criticism.

"I thought I herd him in the gym this morning." Raven said non-silently getting up to disperse to her room to meditate.

"I will go see if he would like his daily morning nutrition." Star said heading in the direction of the gym.

As she neared the gym she could hear equipment clanging, loud thuds, grunts, heavy breathing and an occasional curse word. When she entered the gym there was Robin slamming his firsts and feet into the massive punching bag. He wore black sweets and a black muscle shirt that clung tightly to him exposing is rather toned chest and well worked abbs. His mask still covered his eyes showing no sign of slipping. He had started to break a sweet. His arms glistened and his hair was tousled beads of sweet running off the back of his neck while his bang were beginning to plaster to his forehead. He had yet to sense Starfire's presence in the room and continued his brutal attack on the bag. He had a look of concentration that appeared over his face each time he made contact with the bag. Star finally bringing herself to make her presence know cleared her throats blushing a ruby red hue. Robin startled looked up to find Star standing a few feet from were he was training.

"Oh, good morning Starfire." Came a panted breath as Robin spoke.

"Good morning Robin. I was just wondering if you were going to fuel yourself this morning with appetizing nutrients." Star smiled sweetly at him.

"Is it that time already? I really lost track of time." Said the boy wonder as he scratched his head comicly as his stomach growled profusely at the thought of food.

"So are you going to come down to the kitchen this wonderful morning?" Star giggled at Robin's unruly stomach.

"Ya, sure Star I'll be down as soon as I change." And with that he walked out and headed to his room to take a shower and change.

Star went skipping down the hall with a little smile plastered on her face as she pictured Robin in his state a few minute ago training. She has always liked Robin as a best friend but she is beginning to think she wants more than that. Star went into her room to get dressed for day. She put on her purple mini skirt and a white spaghetti strap shirt with white low cut tennis shoes. She looked at herself in the full length mirror for quick check and was out her bedroom door to meet Robin in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Robin was getting out of the shower with a little grin that smudged his face. He couldn't get the picture out of his head at how cute Starfire looked when she blushed. He slipped into some red boxers and chimed into a pair of black baggy pants lacing through a belt with a silver box in front with an "R" etched into it. He really did like Starfire more than just a best friend but didn't want to push Star incase she got scared and rejected him. For now he was content with being her best friend. It is better to be her best friend and be near her than scare her away he decided as he through on red muscle shirt and then placed a black dragon embroidered silk button up shirt over it leaving it unbuttoned. Lastly he slipped into some black vans and walked out the door a little bounce in his step as the thought of being with Star entered his mind.

Robin got to the kitchen just as Star was walking behind the counter to retrieve his breakfast. He sat down on a stool in front of the counter waiting for his meal patiently. Robin was mesmerized by the was she moved and was totally tuned out of everything else until he herd Star ask Cyborg something.

"Cyborg were are the uneaten portions? I made quite a lot of eggs and bacon." Star asked looking around confused.

"There are not leftovers because everything was eaten. I didn't know Robin was coming down to eat and I was still hungry." Cyborg whined.

"It's alright Star. I can just go out to eat." Robin cut Star off before she exploded on Cyborg.

Star stopped before she went off on Cyborg as Robin spoke to her. She felt a ping of pain in her heart when he said he would go out to eat. She had wanted to spend some time with him today but know he was going out. She was about ready to pout when he spoke again.

"Did you eat any breakfast yet Star?" Robin said almost reading her mind.

Star was about to say she had breakfast but her tummy said other wise. She blushed profusely as her tummy rumbled and Robin lifted and eye brow at her.

"I just I'll take that as a no. Would you like to go to breakfast with me?" He stated.

"I would like that very much. Thank you Robin!" Star exclaimed.

"Are you ready?"


"Alright lets go." Robin said as he led the way to the garage.

As they entered the garage Robin headed for his black and red Honda motorcycle. He handed Star a black helmet and placed a black with a red "R" in the front on.

"We can not take the automobile with four wheels?" Star asked nervously. She was a little scared of riding a motorcycle as he called it.

"No. Cy wont let me have the keys." Robin stated simply. He had only had his licence for about 6 months now and at 16 what better vehicle than a motorcycle. He knew she was scared of riding on one but she had never tried it.

"It's alright Star. You know I will never let anything hurt you." He slid on the bike and padded the seat behind him.

"I know Robin but.." She started but was cut off by him.

"You can trust me. Here climb onto the back like this." He showed her. She did as she was told and mounted the bike in back. "Ok, now place your arms around me like this." He slid her arms around his waist. A slight blush covered both their faces as well as a light smile. "Good now just hold on…Tight." He said as he started the engine.

Star squeaked and buried her face in his back as the motorcycle took off out the garage and drove through an underground tunnel to reach the main island. Robin seemed to be enjoying having Starfire this close and smirked a little to him self as he sped up. He was happy with the result. Star squeezed tighter on to Robin's waist pressing her body very close to his.

Star was beginning to enjoy the motorcycle ride. The motorcycle allowed her to feel and be very close to Robin. As he sped up she blushed and held on tighter, pressing her body closer to his. She wore a very pleasant smile as her head lay on his back.

Robin and Starfire had a nice quite breakfast down at a small shore side café. Breakfast consisted of mild conversations with quick glances and deep blushes. The sun was shining brightly with slight cloud coverage streaking the sky. The birds reported the morning news in a sonnet of delightful pitches. The breeze carried a light chill to it but the sun's rays caressed its worm light to civilians below. After breakfast was complete they sat constantly staring out into the ocean absorbing the warm morning rays.

"Uh, hey Star.." Robin started out nervously.

"What is it Robin?" Star asked wondering why he was acting so strange.

"Uh, I was ju-just wondering if you were ready to head back?" Robin continued stuttering.

"Well…" Star started not really wanting this to end but was cut off by Robin as he gave her another alternative.

"Cause, if you didn't want to head back yet..it is a nice day out and all and the park is only a few blocks away..And I was wondering if you would like to take a walk with me down there through the park and all.." Robin started rabbling off getting more and more nervous.

"I would love to see this park place were people take walks on nice days." Star exclaimed excitedly slightly blushing.

"Ok then, are you ready to go?" Robin said as he held out his hand to help her up.

Starfire nodded in response and took Robin's hand as both her and Robin blushed profusely.


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