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Chapter 20

Beginning of the End?

Morning had come too fast for Starfire as she sat at her place next to Robin in the council hall. Everyone's eyes where lock on to her as she stood getting ready to address the other members in the room. She had come to a decision regarding Prince Bluefire's fait. She had spoken with Robin earlier that morning as to what she felt would be a right and just punishment for him. Robin had agreed her decision was fair even if not a little too light for what Robin would bestowed upon him.

"I Princes Starfire next heir to the throne of Tameran have come to a decision in regards to Prince Bluefire's treachery." Star formally addresses the members in the room taking a breath before she continued.

"For his crimes to Tameran and my self Prince Bluefire will be stripped of his title, wealth and his powers to be sealed! He will be exiled to earth to live as a mere mortal human." She proclaimed.

She nervously looked around at the councils reactions to her decision. The room remained silent for some time until her father; King Solaris stood and addresses his daughter's proclamation.

"You do understand that the many laws Prince Bluefire has broken can be punishable by death?" Solaris was trying to confirm with his daughter.

"Yes, I understand but death would be too simple of an escape for him and would only cause more suffering to others. I feel with this punishment he will suffer having to live as a mere human on a planet that he can not stand. And for that matter I have trust worthy allies who are protectors of the planet that would observe him constantly." Starfire said while looking at King Scorpius.

"Well, if that is your final decision it shale be made into effect." Her father smiled at her as pride swelled in him looking at the daughter who once was but a small innocent child but now stood before him as an independent, strong and commanding woman.

"When will my son be exiled?" Scorpius asked.

"I would like him to be exiled as soon as possible." Solaris said hastily.

"No." Starfire interjected taking back control over the situation at hand.

"I would like for him to remain in his cell for the time being kept from access to the outside world until Robin and I have our wedding; as I would like nothing to cause interference in our plans." She said.

The rest of the council in the room agreed as well. At least he was confined to a high security cell and could not cause any trouble or be able to say anything disturbing on the upcoming days of a happy and joyous occasion.

"So you and Robin are going to have the wedding here?" Her mother asked.

"Yes, we talked a little about it this morning and agreed to have the wedding here." Star beamed grinning ear to hear as she glanced at her soon to be husband.

"However, we do not want to wait until the chapel has been restored we would like to have it outside in your lovely flower garden." Robin said to his soon to be mother in law as he eased his way over to Star draping his arm around her shoulder.

"Oh, that would be just perfect!" Stars mother squealed as images of what the wedding would look like in the garden where she poured all her hard work and energy.

Once the council was dismissed King Scorpius made his way over to here Princess Star fire and intermediate family stand chatting away idly. He respectfully bowed and extended his gratitude to her for sparing his son's life on his account. Star respectfully placed a hand on his shoulder causing him to look into her eyes as she told him it was never his fault and that anyone can be led astray just as anyone can prove to redeem themselves if they try hard enough. Everyone always deserves a second change to prove them selves. He smiled up at her and then turned his gaze to Robin.

"I haven't congratulated you two on your coming union." He said extending his hand as it was the earthly custom towards the Prince Robin.

"No, no you haven't." Robin chucked grasping the man's hand firmly as he gave a light squeeze on Star's shoulder.

"Ha. Well, congratulations! My nation and I bestow our happiest wishes and blessings." The King smiled brightly at the couple.

"Thank you King Scorpius." Robin said to the man as he released his hand.

"I hope you will be able to attend the wedding coming up soon." Star Fire said looking at the man smiling.

"But of course Princess. One would not miss the wedding of a century! The wedding of the fair Princess Star Fire to the long lost Prince of Earth. I think the whole solar system wouldn't miss it." He chuckled as he bowed and left.

"The whole solar system?" Robin gulped nervously.

"But of course my boy this is a historical event! No know has seen or heard from Earth royalty in a very long time. Most presumed they where gone." King Solaris smiled brightly as he gave him a good whack on the back for measure.

Star cast her glance sideways upward into his terrified face. She reassuringly leaned in giving him her warmth to comfort and sooth him. She new he was never a huge social person and didn't like the lime light being bombarded by people. He turned his gaze from her father and looked down at her smiling softly thanking her for the support. He figured as long as she was by his side he could concur anything. With that last thought Stars mother giggled and pulled her daughter from Robin's embrace and said something about lots of planning to do in such a short amount of time before they where gone out the door. Robin just stood there blank void of all expression as a jumble of words came to his mind none forming a complete thought. 'How, what, when, holly shit!' where just a few of the simple minded words.

"She would always move fast. You should have seen how fast she was when we reached our honey moon location. Poor bell boy didn't even get a chance to ask us what room to take the bags too." Solaris howled remembering being dragged up to the hotel room.

"Well, they will be gone most of the day now. How about we do some father son bonding as I show you how the kingdom around here works. As I am sure this is different from back on earth." Solaris asked placing his arm around his soon to be son in law's shoulder shaking him lightly.

Robin just nodded to the man as he shook his head clearing his jumbled thoughts. The day went on pleasantly better than he has expected. King Solaris or should I say Daddy in Law showed him the different halls in the palace. He introduced him to the main staff of the palace and also showed him to the Tameran military training grounds. Robin was most enthusiastic being in a place he was the most comfortable. Solaris had introduced him to the captain of the division. Both the Captain and Robin butted heads up to the point of an explosive scrimmage. The match ended at a stalemate with Robin's hand at a lethal position of the neck and the Captain's glowing hand meters from his heart. A good large crowed had gathered around the two at the training ground after so many explosions and earth shattering tremors shook the area. Both men soon fell to the ground panting laughing in between painful gulps of air. Once their breathing returned to normal they each extended hand of future friend ship.

The weeks had gone by so fast and Robin's patience with this whole wedding planning was getting to his wits end. He hadn't seen Star but a few glances in those past weeks as her mother and even Raven (I know who would have thought) dragged her off to different planets getting things for the wedding and handing out the invitations personally. Her mother said it would be good for her daughter to get some face time in with the other nobles since some of them hadn't seen her since she was but a small child. Robin has spent his days with her father and even was now doing some of the old mans paper work. He knew that the king just pawned them off on him now since he got them done so quickly. It wasn't brain surgery as Robin picked up on Tameran's ethic and economic dealings. The rest of the Titans headed back to earth since they had been gone so long. Robin had almost whined like a small child at being left completely alone but he new that being a protector means putting the others before yourself. So he graciously said his good byes to Beast Boy and Cyborg saying he would see them in an other few weeks for the wedding if the girls ever finished the planning he said smirking. The boy laughed just like old times as all where slightly sadden about being separated again.

Another week past and he hadn't even seen hide nor hair of his princess. He now lay curled up on their bed just loathing plotting his revenge. Slowly the door creaked open and a soft voice whispered his name. He smiled sinisterly as he heard her creeping into the dark room to his side of the bed. As she neared his smile grew wider as he would get his just desert. As she placed a hand lightly on his shoulder lightly shaking him incase he had been asleep as the darken room kept her from seeing his facial expressions. Robin snorted angrily and rolled him self away from her touch pouting.

"Ah, come on Robin what is wrong?" Star asked as she reached to touch him again gently.

"…." Robin responded by scooting way further from her touch as his hidden grin grew even more. 'Let's see how she likes to be ignored' he thought sarcastically.

"What are you doing? Why are you mad at me? Don't you love me anymore?" Starfire choked as sobs raked her body as she stared at her distant lover.

Robin's eyes grew wide at hearing her sob asking ridiculous questions. He sat up quickly and peered at his beautiful princess who held his heart seeing her body silently convulse as she cried. Robin's scooped her up softly holding her tight against his chest as he stoked her hair soothingly whispering nothing but loving words in the junction of her neck in between feather light kisses. Slowly her silent tears faded and her body calmed in his warm supporting embrace. They stayed like that until Robin felt everything settle and slowly brought his head from the crook of her neck lovingly brushing a stray piece of hair from her eyes kissing her on the lips soft and slowly at first but soon lost all control as Star deepened the kiss running her tongue along his lips asking for entrance. He couldn't deny her to his poor neglected mouth. Their tongues danced in the most ancient battle known to man as all their pent up frustrations and with held desires came forth. They broke and started into each others dimmed eyes. A smile graced both their lips but only for a few seconds until Stars eyes flashed a dangerous green. Star cocked her arm back and sent a fast hard blow to Robin's shoulder sending him sprawling off the bed as she got off the other side in a huff.

"Jerk!" Star snarled angrily as she stormed off to the bather room slamming the door behind her.

"What the hell….." Robin said just laying sprawled out on the floor she had sent him flying too.

He slowly got up nursing his sore shoulder wondering what exactly he did wrong. He thought long and hard as he picked up self up off the floor making his way over to light the room tripping over a few bags on his way. Once the lights came one it struck him like a ton of bricks as he eyed all the bags filled with stuff for their wedding. He felt guilty for acting like a spoiled brat. Here she had been running all over to get thing to prepare for "Their" wedding and he was acting like an ass. This was for them he reminded him self. She wasn't trying to ignore him she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him and all those things in the bags suggested the same thing. He decided that when she came out he would apologies to her and tell her how much he appreciated her doing his for them. He looked in the direction of the door as it slowly creaked open revealing his beautiful princess in her pajamas smiling lovingly at him.

"I am so sorry for acting so selfish. I love you and know you are working so hard for this." He apologized sincerely scooping her up bridal style swinging her around gently kissing her on the lips walking over to the bed.

"I know silly. I love you too!" She squealed giggling happily as he picked her up and swung her around. She moaned deeply as he kissed her deeply as he deposited both of them on the bed leaning into her.

Soon no words where spoken as they began to get to know one another's body again. The kiss deepened even more as their tongues battled as Robin supported his weight on his elbows on either side of her head. As the kiss continued on she startled him as she took her legs pushing her lover onto his back as she now sat upon him never breaking the kiss. Her hands travel up and down his shirt. Robin moaned into the kiss at the filling of his lovers gentle yet strong hands slither up and down his clothed body. Star growled in frustration as she wanted his flesh underneath. The shirt came off quickly from her male companion as she broke the kiss to remove that pesky piece of cloth. She gazed hungrily upon his bare toned chest as she descended her ravaging mouth to his hot neglected flesh. Robin moaned loudly as her searing lips and skilled tongue tortured his willing body. His hands shot up to her red locks gently messaging slowly slipping his hands lower as his back arched into her hot touches. His hands soon found the fold of her shirt pulling and tugging to remove the garment. Star growled at having to remove her mouth from such a tasty treat. Reluctantly she allowed him to remove her top flinging it off into the distance. He hands instantly attached to her breast molding them back to his liking. Starts head rolled back and she had to put her ands on his legs for support as her body arched backwards thrusting her chest harder into his masterful hands. Things continued like that the rest of the night as they got to know each other better in every place possible they could reach.

A few hours later both lay exhausted partially under the covers cuddled next to each other. Both let out content signs smiling lightly in their after glow. Robin gently stoked her dampened hair as she cooed lightly enjoying the feeling. They just lay there enjoying the moment until Star started to stir and look up at him her eyes full of warmth, love and joy she seemed to be glowing almost. He smiled down at her and kissed her softly on the head arching and eyebrow at her questioningly.

"I have something rather important to tell you but I'm not sure how you will take it." Star sighed as she looked away sadly.

"What is it baby?" Robin asked slightly concerned a million thoughts racing threw his head of possibilities.

"Well that is just it. Its part of you and me we sort of created this possible problem depending on how you look at it." She said blushing shyly a little as her hand went to her belly and rubbed it a little.

"What happen? What did we cause? If another planet said anything to you about us wedding I swear I'll.."He replied his anger rising.

"No, No nothing like that." Star exclaimed 'boy men can be so dense sometimes' she thought shaking her head.

"Well what is it?" He asked impatiently looking at her curiously as she fidgeted with her stomach.

"Well, you remember why I didn't get pregnant the first time we made love back on earth?" She slowly waited for him to remember and he nodded his head slowly up and down waiting for her to continue.

"Well, you see when we had our heated encounter back a month or so ago well…. There wasn't any protection that time….I'm pregnant." She finished softly closing her eyes to avoid his reaction as she felt his body stiffen as the realization hit him.

"Pregnant….Pregnant…..Baby…..Baby….Babies…Father…..Father….I'm….Gonna….Be…..a….Father……I'm gonna…..Be a Father…..I'm gonna be a FATHER!" He started slowly repeating the shocking words as they slowly sunk into his rigid body until a smile formed over his face as he practically yelled in happiness that he was going to be a father!

He brought Star's hidden face to his willing her to open her eyes. As she did she was met with the most overwhelming cerulean eyes she had ever seen. It made her catch her breath as he lips soon wiped any concern and doubt from her mind in regards to the matter. Everything melted away except for them and their little family they would soon be starting. Robin placed his hand over her lightly protruding belly as her hands covered his smiling knowingly at each other.

Needless to say the wedding came and gone so quickly it was all almost a blur to the young couple. It was one of the grandest weddings the universe had ever seen in over millennia. All nations and planets attended the couple's weddings extending their blessings and best wishes to the new husband and wife as well as the new alliance this wedding would bring. All the Titans had come. Raven being Star's maid of honor and both beast boy and cyborg as Robin's best man. They had honeymooned on a far off moon in the third sector and they hadn't left their hotel room for days. It seemed Star was just like her mother the poor bell hop boy didn't stand a chance. Bluefire had been escorted back to Earth by the Titans on the way home. Screaming and yelling the whole way as he was dragged in shackles to the Titan's plane.

Seven and a half months later Starfire gave birth to her and Robin's creation. Robin couldn't be happier especially now that the mood swings where over he said earning him a light punch from Star as she gently held what had given her so much pain just minutes ago. As she held the bundle of warmth the doctor presented Robin with another warm package. He smiled lovingly at his tinny son he held I his strong arms gently. He slowly leaned down and softly placed a feather light kiss on his son's temple causing the small infant to scrunch up and slowly open his eyes to the world around him. The father's bright blue orbs met small sea green orbs looking astoundingly at the giant before him before curling his lips into a small smile cooing slightly. The proud father's smile widened as he turned back to his loving wife as he brought their son to her so she could hold him. He gently laid him in her other arm kissing her forehead gently before eyeing the other wide eyed bundle as her hazel eyes peered at her rather large father. He reached out to touch her little hand and fingers gently until she grasped his finger rather strongly cooing as she squeezed harder.

"She has her mother's strength." He said lovingly looking at his daughter then to her mother earning a loving kiss.

"Yes and they will have their fathers determination and one day exceed both of us." She said breaking their loving kiss to stare down at their little miracles they created.

"Isn't that want any parent wants? We will teach and guide them to succeed us in every way possible. They will shine as the sun having the power to bring life everywhere they go. We will teach them the responsibility that comes with the power they will hold. And one day they will accomplish great things." Robin stated as he watch both his children close their eyes to sleep.

Starfire and Robin decided to stay reluctantly on Tameran until the twins turned 5 much to do with Starfire's mother insisting they stay for a while 'long while' so she can see her grand kids. Robin almost didn't walk away in one piece from her mother after arguing how long they where going to stay with the twins. However, Robin conceded to that allotted time frame to never have to see her mother that angry again. He wasn't stupid by any means. From there the little family would move back to earth until King Solaris and his wife decided to step down and give Star the throne. They would finally settle in Tameran as the new rulers of her home planet.

"Come on Dad!!!!!!!!" two small children whined. One was a small boy almost identical to his exhausted father except that he had sea green eyes and messy short black hair with blindingly red ruby natural steaks. The second was a little girl with a petite body with long jet black hair and beautiful hazel eyes but don't let her physical look fool you. She has a feisty attitude and the strength of a 100 men.

"I'm coming." Robin their father moaned as he slid from the warmth of his wife.

"I guess this is where it ends." He signed as he couldn't believe how much energy these two children posses. They had just got don't running around and he was hoping for a quick nap with their mother.

"hehe. No this is just where it begins." She smile up at her loving husbands tired eyes giving him a loving kiss before he disappeared down the hall after their kids.


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