Men Don't Change

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Tyson: Why can't I be with Hilary?

Kohari: le ferme!

Tyson: Why?

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Alternate Ending


Hilary had spoken the truth. She skipped out on almost two weeks' worth of practices. Coincidentally, Kai "forgot" about them as well.

Hilary's parents came home at the end of that first week. They approved of Hilary staying with Kai once they had seen all that he had accomplished and what his grandfather had been forced to leave him.

A few days after their arrival, Hilary and Tyson took a walk down the beach. His smile was enough to replace the sun. It was already late, and the moon was high in the sky. But they talked as though the sun would never boot the lunar sphere out of its place.

Eventually, they had to part ways, and Tyson walked by the school, hoping to collect some memories. It was no longer so intimidating, since he was old enough to quit. It no longer had supreme power over him and his life. He was surprised to see a girl sitting on the steps, crying.

"Are you okay?" he asked, slipping beside her and rubbing her back gently to comfort her. She nodded sadly, tears still falling like they would never end. Her raven hair cloaked her face, shoulders, and most of her back.

"I will be," she answered, taking out a blade (as in knife blade). Tyson gasped. He knew what she was planning to do, and he couldn't let her do it. This girl was too beautiful, too young. She had to live. She had to. She was only a teenager. Now he knew how Hilary had felt when he had wanted to jump off the bridge. He took the object from her hand.

"I won't let you do this," he explained, placing it behind him and out of her reach. She glared at him, at the same time surprised. Her sapphire eyes pierced into his amber ones (right color?). What was this guy doing? Who did he think he was? It was none of his concern what she did. But as she saw the hat, she knew who he was. He was Tyson of the BladeBreakers.

"Tyson...impossible..." she whispered, astonished. Why would someone like him be here, helping her?

"Yeah. That's me," he said, scratching the back of his head nervously.

"Why?" She was so shocked that her voice was barely audible.

"I've been there, too," he told her in reference to the desire to commit suicide. "And it took a special girl to convince me that it wasn't the right way out." She looked disappointed.

"You're girlfriend?" she asked, not wanting to hear the answer she thought she'd hear.

"No. My friend's girlfriend. But seeing someone in the same pathetic postition I was in makes me feel closer to you." She smiled. Romance bloomed on those steps that night.

Kai leaned against the mansion gates, waiting for Hilary. He smirked as he saw her making her way to the glorious house. "Did it go well?" he asked, talking about the walk.

"Yeah. Perfect," she responded, taking off her shoes, and they went inside.

A similar scene took place two years later. She had lost her keys and hadn't been able to find them. She hadn't known that Kai had stolen and hidden them, but she had thought his behavior suspicious when he hadn't bothered to help her look for them, like it wasn't important.

He awaited her once again at the gates. It was a chilly night, and they both had their coats on. He dug into one of his pockets as she approached, and held out a velvety box. "You forgot something," he said as she took it.

She thought that he had found her keys and put them in it. You know how eccentric rich boys can be. But as she opened the box, she knew it was much more. A diamond ring, set with rose-colored sapphires (yes, they come in a variety of colors now), sat inside. She was speechless for a few seconds, and they sat in awed silence.

"Will you?" Kai asked, breaking her stammered speech of "I's" and "you's",

"Yes!" she squealed, hugging him to the point that it was borderline choking to death.

A Few Years Later...

"Hiya, Chief? Who's this?" Tyson asked the brains behind the team, refering to the blond beside him. It was the BladeBreakers' reunion that Mr. Dickenson had scheduled for them. Most of them hadn't seen each other for what felt like ages.

"This is Claudia, my wife, and our daughter, Taylor," introduced Kenny. "We're expecting another in June."

"I'm a model for "Fashion Victim" magazine." She shook hands with the world champ, shifting her child's position in her arms.

"I'm Tyson, and this is my fiancee, Star." He motioned the girl he had met on the school steps to come over, and they all shook hands once again.

"And how old this little angel?" Star asked the little girl.

"Trois," Taylor answered in French, holding up three fingers.

"She speaks French?" Tyson asked her father.

"She also speaks Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish," Kenny corrected, rubbing his neck nervously. "French is by far her favorite, as you can tell." (she speaks English, too!)

"We're teaching her Hebrew," Claudia put in.

"So young?" Star wondered aloud, astonished.

"It looks like we have another genius," Tyson joked.

"Actually, the school wants her to skip Kindergarten and first and go straight into the second grade," Kenny bragged.

"Hey, guys!" greeted Max, Emily joining them. She had grown into quite a gorgeous lady. She had ditched the glasses long ago, contacts quickly replacing the out-dated lenses. (Sorry, Mariam/Kai fans) They had gotten married only recently, right after Emily had come home from college.

"Hey, Max. Oh, and I'll have those papers on your mother's desk on Monday, okay?" Kenny informed him.

"No problem."

"You two work together?" Tyson asked, amazed.

"Actually, I'm an assistant to Mrs. Tate (remarried Max's dad). I'm also a technical engineer."

"Wow. I'm impressed."

"You should be," Max told him, kidding around. The ladies were having their own discussion.

"I hope it's okay to have our match Wednesday. The tennis courts are booked for every other day," Emily checked with Claudia.


"You play tennis?" Star inquired.

"Yes. Emily's quite a pro at it."

"Look who's talking."

Getting away from that conversation, we see Kai and Hilary, now married, standing beside the refreshments table, their daughter, Madison, 2, in tow. Ray and Mariah joined them.

"Finally decided to marry Mariah, eh, Ray?" Kai questioned as the two women started playing with Madison, asking each other questions and talking.

"Yeah. After Salima moved and wouldn't answer my phone calls, I decided to take Mariah up on her offer." They stood there for a few moments watching the two women be women.

"We're expecting a child in September," Ray commented randomly.


"Uh-huh. Tell me, is it worth it?"

"Well, it's pretty funny seeing her mood swings. And getting all flustered preparing for it. But it was sweet. She was so happy."

"I never thought you had it in you."

Kai shrugged at this statement. He couldn't help but love Hilary. Tyson had gotten over her, and everyone was happy. Pretty soon, the other ladies joined up with them, and Max, Kenny, and Tyson stood beside Ray, watching lovingly the girls discuss tips and stories.

"I love that girl," they all sighed at the same time, causing them to burst into laughter. Their girls hadn't heard that phrase, but they noticed the laughter, and they stared at their husbands (in Star's case, fiancee) like they were insane.

"Don't ask me why I love him," they all commented at the same time, and they, too, burst out into giggles.

After a while, Mr. Dickenson himself showed up, and dinner began. A feast had been prepared, and everyone dug in, swapping "where ya beens" and such. Some events were pretty interesting to listen too, and it was a very fun night. Mr. Dickenson had booked some performers, and the works, and they all danced, sang along, ate, and...well, had fun. Every single one of them wished the night could last forever.

But all good things must come to an end. And this party was great. Their cheeks were pink with excitement as they took off to their respective hotels. They gave out phone, pager, and cell numbers, e-mail addresses, and promises to call and stay in contact.

It was very fun, and they planned to do it again real soon.


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