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He had hated this. Hh had hated all this with a passion that he found hard to ignore. He had hated the fights, had hated the anger, had hated the passion that he thought that only he felt.

He'd hated it!

Was fate laughing at him?

He was in love with a Death Eater's child, a Spy for the Light, a Slytherin, a male, a beautiful man who would never, ever know.

He was in love with someone who he had thought despised him to the point of death.

He was in love with someone who he had thought would never return that love.

He was in love with Draco.

He remember how he had felt that day he had run away from his home, Hogwarts. He remembered the anger and the fear and the sadness as if it was yesterday.

As he watched the man he loved sit sleeping in a chair beside his hospital bed, the remembered pain began to lessen.

The gift of the Unicorn Blood was a life changing one. One he would always remember as the gift that gave him his life, his love. And the things he had thought-weren't.

Harry Potter was in love with Draco Malfoy and he was no longer angry about that fact. As the goofiest smile that he knew he had ever smiled graced his face, Harry knew he was damn pleased about it.


Draco woke with a groan. His neck was so stiff! As soon as that thought hit his sleep filled mind, he remembered why his neck would be stiff. Harry was still in the infirmary. Madam Pomfrey said he could leave today and Draco had been so excited that he had spent the night in the chair next to his bed. The burns had finally healed and any chance of secondary infection was past. Harry would still be sore but Draco was going to get to take him back to his rooms today. Snape had generously had the house elves enlarge his rooms and Harry's stuff had been moved into their rooms yesterday. It was a surprise for Harry.

As he rolled his neck to get the kinks out of it, Draco watched Harry sleeping. He had spent a few hours yesterday getting their rooms together and he couldn't wait to get Harry into their room. He had plans for Harry. Plans that couldn't start until they were alone and in their rooms. Harry's arse was going to be his tonight.

Draco couldn't stop the giddy smile from gracing his face. Oh, yes, he had plans for Harry.


Harry had been awake for a while just staring at Draco. When Draco moaned as he began to wake, Harry quickly closed his eyes. He was drooling by the time Draco was fully awake. Draco stretched like a cat and it actually sounded like he was purring!

Pom was letting him out today and Harry had plans to make this the day that the bond was completed in all its forms. Making love to Draco would kick in the secondary aspect of their bond. This aspect would only kick in when they had sex and since Harry had thought that they would never have that chance he didn't think much about it. Adding to the feelings that they felt from each other down the bond, them giving themselves to each other would heighten those feelings. They could possibly be able to talk telepathically, know where the other was at all times, or they could share power. From what he already knew about the way he had healed Draco, Harry was betting on the power sharing.

Harry was already the most powerful wizard on the face of the planet and he'd had to deal with power surges all his life. Power sharing would actually help him deal with all his power. What he couldn't control, Draco could siphon off. Harry had already tried doing that to a small extent, since he was trapped in the infirmary and couldn't do spells, he had tried to get rid of the tension headache he had been experiencing for the last few days by sending a few tendrils of magic Draco's way. It had worked.

"Morning." Harry whispered to Draco.

Draco smiled gently at Harry. "Morning yourself, love. Excited to get to leave?"

Harry grinned and nodded. "Excited…scared."

Draco frowned slightly. "Scared?"

Harry sighed and fiddled with the sleeve of his pajama top, refusing to look at Draco. "Sure."

Draco scowled. "And why are you scared?"

Harry shrugged, he had never been so nervous in his life. He swung his legs over the side of his bed and was saved from answering by the door swinging open.

"Good, you are awake." Pom said as she entered. She looked from Draco to Harry but as she didn't see anger she continued talking. "This is the last potion for you, Harry. After this, you can get dressed and leave."

Harry took the vial and downed it then stood. He hugged Pom tightly and whispered a 'thank you' in her ear. He gathered the bag that held his clothes and walked to the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day's activities.

Pom turned to glare at Draco, "what's wrong?"

Draco was pale and he shook his head in confusion. "I don't know, he said he was scared."

Pom snorted, "of course he is Draco!"

Draco looked startled, "but why?"

The incredulous look she sent him made Draco flush. "He's a virgin, Draco."

"Oh." Draco knew his face was red. He had been planning for days for when Harry got out of the infirmary but it never once occurred to him that Harry didn't have any experience at all. "But Cho?"

Pom snorted again, "please, that was doomed from the get go."

"Ginny?" Draco offered up hesitantly.

"All on her part."


"What planet have you been on? Draco, have you ever seen Harry with anyone?" Pom was getting aggravated now.

Draco shook his head no. "I just didn't think he had no experience at all."

"I think he has had a grand total of three kisses his entire life."


Pom laughed, "your face!"

"It's not funny, Pom!" Draco cried out. "I had plans!"

Pom chuckled some more before laying a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Have all the plans you want Draco, just go at his pace."

Draco nodded. His face had never been this red before he knew, not even when he was growing up and experienced his own sexual embarrassments.

Pom left the room laughing. She couldn't wait for Harry to come see her for tea. All the juicy tidbits that he would not be able to keep from her would be told then. She could wait.

Harry took his time in the shower. He wanted to make sure all his bits were as clean as they could possibly be. To this affect he washed everything twice. Though he was nervous as hell, he didn't want to wait to have Draco any longer than he needed to. He had plans to be spread as wide as he could possibly be as soon as he could possibly get that way. Though he didn't actually know what to do, he did trust Draco. That didn't mean he wasn't scared. Not of Draco or what they were going to be doing, but for the fact that he would do it wrong.

His hands were shaking as he dried off and got dressed. They were still shaking when he reached out and opened the door. He had been feeling only need through the bond so he didn't think Draco had changed his mind. Not that they had talked about this. There had been little hints and lots of implications over the last day or two. Harry knew he had got his want across to Draco. But he hadn't the first clue as to what Draco had planned.

Draco stood as Harry opened the door and with a few quick strides had gathered Harry tightly in an embrace. Draco buried his nose in Harry's neck and breathed deeply. The scent that was all Harry filled his senses and he felt dizzy for a split second.

"Did you just sniff me?" Harry's voice was soft and filled with wonder and amusement.

Draco shrugged as he breathed in deeply again. "You smell good."


Draco held him tightly for a few minutes more before stepping back. He kept hold of Harry's hand and slowly rubbed his knuckles with a finger. "Ready to go?"

Harry nodded. "Where are we going?"

"Two choices…breakfast or our rooms." Draco had deliberately said rooms in a huskier voice and added a stronger rub on his mate's hand.

"R-rooms?" Harry stuttered. His hand was beginning to sweat and just that one gentle touch was driving him insane.

"A gift from Severus."

Harry was at a loss for words. Breakfast or rooms! Was there even any doubt as to his answer? Harry lifted his head and stared steadily at his soul mate. A confidence he had never experienced before flooded him and he was able to say with only the smallest of blushes, "rooms."

Draco grinned at Harry and pulled him quickly from the infirmary. Harry could feel Draco's excitement through their bond and that only made him more excited. He balked at the door and Draco turned to him with a concerned face.


Harry blushed and then shrugged. He lowered his head not wanting to see the disappointment in Draco's lovely eyes.

"Still scared?" Draco asked quietly as he moved Harry's chin up gently to stare into Harry's eyes.

"Yeah." Harry tried to look away but Draco didn't let him. "I don't know much."

"It'll be okay, Harry. I promise."

Harry nodded and then reached past Draco to open the door to their rooms. "Shall we?"

"Getting cocky, hey?"

Harry could feel his face go red and his heartbeat triple but he managed to level a heated glance at the man standing beside him. "Not yet."

Draco was startled into laughing loudly and then with a whoop he picked up Harry and walked him, bridal style, across the thresh hold. He kicked the door closed, knowing that they were not going to be disturbed for a few days, except for a house elf for food.


The heated kisses had been going on for so long that Harry had lost track of time. He was melted into a pile of gooey mess anyway. Draco had been kissing him until he was breathless for so long he had forgotten his doubts.

"I love you." Harry whispered as Draco moved to kiss his neck softly.

Draco looked up from where he had been nipping at Harry's neck and smiled. "I love you, too."

Harry leaned down and took Draco's lips in a kiss that was beyond anything he had ever initiated. Draco responded and gently wrapped his arms around Harry.

Feeling that he wanted something more but not knowing what, Harry stepped closer to the body in front of him and tightened his hold on Draco. He groaned in frustration when Draco stepped back and loosened the hold they had on each other. Harry tried to get closer, to kiss deeper, to hug tighter. But Draco kept backing off.

Harry took Draco's earlobe between his teeth and bit down harder then he had before and with the brief flash of fire that went from his lips to his groin, Harry knew what he had been missing. He practically growled when Draco stepped back and tried to lessen the intensity of their actions.

Finally frustrated that he was feeling like he was missing something Harry pulled back. He studied Draco. Draco was beautiful in his passion. But deep down Harry knew what was missing, he just didn't know how to get that across to Draco.

Deciding that he couldn't loose anything by trying he grew bold. Lowering his hand slowly down Draco's chest until he came to the firm bulge that was waiting for him, Harry moaned. He slowly let out a sigh, just enough air for Draco to feel it slide across his swollen lips. Time for playing was past.

"Draco, love…" Harry breathed into Draco's ear as he nibbled on the flesh and gripped him harder. He had started to slowly move his hand up and down and was rewarded by a shudder from the other man.

"Yes." Draco hissed. He had been trying to keep it slow and at a pace Harry would be comfortable with.

"I'm not a woman." Harry whispered as he bit down, hard, at the juncture where neck met shoulder.

Draco stilled for a second before stepping back from Harry and studying him. His eyes had darken to a deep blue with the force of his desire and he ran those darkened eyes over every inch of Harry that he could see. He looked deep into Harry's eyes and Harry swallowed a huge lump in his throat as he saw the hidden depths to Draco's eyes. Whatever Draco saw in Harry's eyes, changed his mind about going slow because an instant latter he flew into action.

"That's the point, love." Was the last that either spoke for a long while.

Draco had Harry pushed up against the edge of the bed using a bedpost as his trapping point. Harry's hands were pulled up tight above his head and caught by one of Draco's own. Their erections, which Draco had been keeping apart, were now pressed tightly together. Their mouths were fused together in a searing kiss that made Harry's toes curl. They were both shuddering as they ground their hips together.

Each were lost in bliss and knew they were finally where they were suppose to be. Cries and pleas and moans were all that were heard for a very long time after that.


Pom had the tea things set out and was waiting patently or Harry to arrive. She had waited for three days before she sent the message with Tinky for Harry to come to tea with her. Three days to find out all the juicy tidbits. That was long enough in her opinion.

A soft knock heralded Harry's arrival and she was pouring by the time he sat across from her. She could tell from the glowing eyes and the softness around his face that the three days of confinement had been good ones. She waited calmly as Harry fixed his tea and took the first sip.

"So…how was it?"

"Pom!" Harry's shocked voice and red face would stay with her for the rest of her life.

Their happy laughter could be heard outside as Draco walked away from Pom's door. Draco himself couldn't stop his chuckle at Pom's question. In his opinion it had been the most wonderful experience of his life. And it was something that he would get to experience everyday for the rest of his life.

He made his way up to his Godfather's office sure in the knowledge that it was his turn to be embarrassed by his mentor and happy with that fact.



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