If I Never Knew You

Chapter One ---- In the Eye of the Beholder

Squall woke up knowing something horribly wrong would happen. How he knew? He didn't know. He just had the horrible sinking feeling in his stomach telling him something was going to happen and his life would change for the worse. One out of two isn't bad.

Squall got up and walked to his closet only to find that wasn't his room. Those weren't his roommates. Raijin lay snoring softly on the couch and Fujin was sleeping soundlessly on the twin bed next to his. Why in Hyne was he in here? This wasn't possible was it?

Apparently it was. He walked around trying to find the bathroom and once finding it, took a long hot shower, blissfully unaware of the pain that would follow that hot shower. Squall towel dried his hair and stepped out of the steaming bathroom. Fujin stood outside the door, glaring angrily.

"Great! On the day of our SeeD test you take ALL the hot water. You know I HATE cold showers! You are rotten you know that?!" She kicked him hard in the shins. He didn't feel it. Fujin could talk?! Normally?! He nearly passed out from shock but Fujin yanked him out of the doorway, slammed the door and got ready.

'SeeD...but I'm already...' Squall realized what had happened. Sort of. He must have, somehow, switched places with Seifer. He desperately wanted his own life back, and his shin to stop hurting, have his own room, be able to glare at the world and hate his own life. How could he hate something that wasn't his? Little did he know, that just the reason he got his life switched.

"Hey Squall, want some coffee, ya know?" Raijin smiled at him and poured a cup. Surprisingly it was good.

"Thanks.' He mumbled and Raijin stared at him.

"No problem, ya know?" Squall shrugged, wondering what in Hyne that was about. But right now he didn't care. He had a SeeD test to worry about.

"Ok class, in order to pass this, you all know the rules. Follow directions and take orders. You have two days to retrieve the prisoner in Trabia. Without getting anything blown up, if possible Squall. Don't screw this up, Headmaster says this is your last chance Leonheart." Quistis was surprisingly cold and snappish. This is what Seifer went through?

"Leonheart, Raijin and...the girl." Fujin snarled and Squall had the oddest sensation to stick up for her.

"She has a name. Use it." He snapped and Quistis' eyes went colder, if possible.

"Shut up before I fail you now, Leonheart. Save us the trouble though, your going to fail anyways." Squall narrowed his eyes and swore that he would get this mission done and he, Fujin and Raijin would be SeeDs.

"Go!" Now, the details of this mission were unbearably boring and nothing was new for Squall. He didn't blow anything up and he and his 'Posse' followed every order to the letter. They came back noon the next day. Telling you the details would be pointless, as the only important fact was that they completed their test in record time, with the highest scores in the class.

"Now what, Instructor?" Icy blue eyes clashed against each other.

"You wait ,Leonheart. You wait and pray to Hyne you made, otherwise, you and you 'little posse' are out of here." Squall was slightly perturbed that someone could be so cold because of...well, he didn't know why.

So they waited. Fujin paced the room and finally went to the Training Center.

"Why is she pacing?" He asked and Raijin got an odd look on his face.

"You don't remember? Musta got hit hard last week, ya know? Anyways, this is her last chance too, ya know? She kept refusing to become SeeD when you and I didn't, ya know. She'd probably have to go back home, ain't no one wants that, ya know?" Why couldn't Fujin go home? Did she have so much loyalty to a friendship that she would give up something very important to her? Obviously she did. Fujin Kazeno had earned the right to be respected with the other members of SeeD but she turned them down because the Posse was more important to her. Needless to say, Squall was surprised.

They announced the results the next day. Fujin had been on pins and needles all night and hadn't sleep.

"Lela Johnson, Kayla Howard, Squall Leonheart, Raijin Suko, Fujin Kazeno. Congratulations." Quistis' voice held no happiness for them. Surprise, surprise. The SeeD Ball would be held that night and all SeeDs were to attend. Fujin growled and Raijin snickered. She kicked him and stormed off. Squall raised a brow and asked what that was all about.

"I won the bet ,yah know?" Squall didn't. Raijin explained that he'd bet Fujin that they all would make SeeD this time and Fujin didn't think they would.

"So, what did you win?" Raijin snickered and walked off whistling to himself. If Squall had thought Fujin had to do something for Raijin, he was only partially right.

"Fujin, hurry up we'll be late!" Squall yelled. He wasn't up for the stupid ball but it was requirement and he didn't want to face Quistis and the other SeeDs alone. Who knew Seifer had had such a rough time?

"NEGATIVE. LEAVE.COME LATER.WILL SEE. THERE." She yelled back and Seifer sighed as he and Raijin made their way to the ball. Half and hour later, Fujin still was not there and they were passing out awards for making SeeD.

"Fujin Kazeno!...Fujin?" Selphie called, looking around. Fujin was nowhere. The 'award committee' frowned and then smiled when they heard the familiar voice call out.

"HERE." Squall turned and forgot how to breath. Fujin stood at the bottom of the stairs in a blood red dress and heels. You read right. A halter-necked dress with a split up the side of the already short dress. Amazingly, she could actually walk in the 5-inch heels. All the men in the room watched her as she made her way to receive her award. Selphie hugged her and clapped. The announcements were over and the dancing would begin. Fujin sat in a corner, holding the small medal in her pale hands.

"No dancing?" Squall asked, sitting beside her. Fujin gave him a small smile. Her face lit when she smiled and he wished she'd smile more. That was the first smile she'd ever used and Squall got to see it. Seifer had gotten to see those types of smiles all the time, but everyone else got a scowling, unhappy Fujin that they disliked for no reason.

"You know I don't like to dance. Besides, I feel like this dress is going to fall off." She gave a soft laugh and Squall, much to his own surprise, took her hand and pulled her on to the dance floor. Fujin's pretty red eye was a mix of surprise and softness he'd never seen anywhere. Not even in Quistis or Selphie.

"Make an exception. It's a special night." He said softly, pulling her close. He felt a tremor run through her body and he only pulled closer. The song was long and soft, the words couldn't be hear and the tune was hard to discern, but they danced anyway.

"Why don't you leave, Squall? You know you'll never be welcome here." Seifer's voice hissed in his ear. Seifer's green eyes sparked and Fujin narrowed her red orb.

"CARE.NOT.LEAVE.ALONE." Seifer gave her a pouty look.

"No. Does the little one eyed freak wanna be left alone? Why don't you take your---" Seifer never finished. Fujin's fist met his nose, effectively breaking it, and he cried out in pain.

"Stupid----" Squall's fist met his stomach. No one called Fujin that. Why was he defending her? What was wrong with him? She was one of the three people he hated... so,why didn't he hate her?

"Squall! Kazeno! Headmasters, now!" Quistis bellowed and they went. Fujin, once out of sight and ear shot, began to laugh uncontrollably.

"That was great! I've always wanted to do that and I finally did! Wow, I feel so much better." She laughed some more and immediately straightened up in Headmasters office.

"What have you two to say?" Cid asked, Edea by his side. She smiled gently at Squall and Fujin. Was Edea the only one who'd stuck up for Seifer and his Posse after the Wars? Was that they only reason they were given a chance to come back?

"SEIFER. SAID THINGS. HURTFUL. ANGER. HIT. NO APOLOGIES." Fujin explained, not giving Squall a chance to get angry.

"Ok, you were provoked. Everyone knows Seifer needs work on his people skills... well, since you two like hitting people so much. I'm assigning you to Disciplinary Committee. Enforce the rules and try not to hurt the students." Edea's approving look told Fujin and Squall that she was they only reason they were still in the building and SeeD. Was life always this unfair for them?

Had Squall been the sole cause of their problems? They headed back to the dorm and found Raijin sleeping soundly on the bed next to Squall's. Fujin wanted to kick him off, but she let the lovable ogre sleep and went into the living room, piling the couch with blankets after changing into one of Squall's old t-shirts he'd supposedly given her a year or so ago.

"You can have the bed." He said leaning over the back of the couch. Fujin didn't look up.

"Negative. You sleep. Am fine. Goodnight." and with that she closed her eyes, telling him, rather rudely, the conversation was over. Squall crawled into bed and that night, he wished he'd never gone to sleep at all.

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