Chapter Seven---The Past Reminds Us

All was silent as Seifer stared at the pale hand enxtended in front of him. Fujin was, needless to say, completely shocked. This wasn't something she expected. Did he remember? She searched his eyes but he didn't look at her.

"Squall. Sit...can't be much fun with that air-head Rinoa." Squall allowed a ghost of a smile to grace his lips and Fujin looked at her lap for a few minutes. Here he was again. Sitting right beside her, yet so far away. So untouchable. It was then she knew she'd been wrong to lose the contest in whatever time frame Hyne had put them in. She'd been wrong to deny the love that had been burning in her heart ever since Squall had saved her life.

--- Flash Back---

"SEIFER!!!" Fujin's grip on the ledge was slipping steadily and her left arm couldn't not help her now. It was broken, the bone protruded nastily from the skin and the wind burned like Hyne himself. Unwanted tears streamed down her face. She didn't want to go like this. Seifer's green eye were saddened and helpless. A look that did not belong on the face of the great Seifer Almasy. He couldn't save her. It was taking all his strength and both hands to hang onto Raijin.

Fujin closed her eyes. She would not be scared. But niether did she want to see the end. A deep breath was taken in and she left go. She waited for impact but it never came. Fujin opened her eyes to meet ice blue orbs. Squall's hand was gripping hers tightly, an odd emotion swirling around in his orbs. Seifer watched the two with relief. She was safe now and thats all he wanted. He hauled Raijin up and ran over to where Fujin lay beside Squall.

"Fuu? Fuu are you alright?" Fujin looked up at him, a small smile on her lips. She was just as strong as before. Never afraid, never any less then she'd ever been. Squall looked at her, a mental checklist repeating over in his mind, making sure she didn't collapse from trauma or shock. Fujin met his gaze and nodded. Silent thanks. He nodded back and helped her stand. That's when she realized it. Seifer kept her safe but Squall would save her.


"Fuu? Fuu, you alright? You look like you've seen Hyne." Seifer commented and Squall's heartbroke at the fallen look on her face. He wanted to wrap his arms around her and tell her it was ok. He remembered and he loved her still. He'd always loved her, he'd just been to stubborn and arrogant to admit it.


" Fujin?" Fujin whirled to face Squall. Her eye narrowed and her entire body stiffened.

"NEED. WHAT." Squall sighed.

"Where's Seifer?" Fujin scowled.

"Leave him alone. Haven't you caused enough trouble in our lives? Just leave us alone!" Squall saw the fiery sadness in her eye and he looked away. The anguish you could see in her soul was too much.

"I'm not here to make more trouble..."

"Really? You seem to be good at that." Squall frowned.

"Why are you getting angry at me? I haven't done anything yet!"

"Yet! You always manage to screw things up for us! It was just starting to go alright again and then you come along and suddenly Seifer disappears!" Fujin caught her mistake to late. She growled and turned away from him.

"Where did he go?" Silence.

" can't protect him from the world. He's all grown up now." Fujin turned to face him, tears threatning to fall.

"I don't have to protect him from the world. Just you." With that she walked away. He didn't know it, but it took every ounce of self-respect and strength she had to walk away from him that day. She would not betray Seifer to this man who would only tear him down more then Ultimecia had done. She would not go back to the old life to face the man she loved.


"FINE. TIRED." Fujin got up and walked away, hugging herself tightly. Seifer frowned and turned to Squall. They couldn't be the only ones who remembered. He had to remember.

"You've gotta go make things right, ya know?" Raijin told him softly and Squall's surprised face was more then enough assurance he did remember. Seifer nodded solemnly at him and Squall got up, following the girl.

"Fujin? Fuu!" Fujin whirled around to face him. How dare he call her that privileged name? Squall stopped dead in his tracks.

"I just want to talk." Fujin turned away from him, her nails digging into her palms.

"I have nothing to say to you Squall. Leave me be." She heard the sound of his foot steps creeping closer to her and try as she might, she could not make herself yell at him to leave her alone.

"I'm sorry Fuu...I am. I never meant to hurt you...I..." Fujin slowly turned around, pain in her crimson orb.

"You were right. I am afraid of being alone...but it's not just being alone...its being alone without you...I love you Fujin...I think I always have." A single tear escaped against her will. Squall took a chance and stepped closer to her, reaching out a tentative hand.

"I thought I hated you...but I was wrong...I told myself I did because I was afraid you'd laugh in my face and then you'd be gone just like everyone else." Fujin reached out and took his hand firmly, yet still soft and gentle.

"I'm still here Squall. I've always been right here. I won't go anywhere." Squall pulled her to him suddenly and held her tightly. Fujin was startled at first but soon found her arms wrapped around him as well. Squall stepped back slightly and looked at her with a smile. Fujin found it in her heart to truly smile at him. The kinda that lit her eyes and face into a happy glow. Before either knew it happened, they found their lips together in a soft, hungry kiss.

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