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Characters (names have been changed):

Fallen Angel
Chapter One: Preparing for Battle


Serenity looked down on the human world below her with a small smile on her lips though her eyes were sad. She wore a floor length white dress, though you couldn't tell as she was sitting and hugging her legs to her chest. Her large white feathered wings were folded near close to her. She was a general of the goddess Selene in the lunar angel army.

Selene had a large army with many generals, though she trusted none as much as Serenity. Serenity was a fifteenth generation general in Selene's army. She took over for her mother, who took over for her mother, etc. etc. However, it was only the eldest female that became general. Serenity, despite being close to two hundred years old was the youngest general of Selene's army, though no one objects because she had served her mother from a very young age.

Vann, Minne, Fuoco, Ceresoveras, Himmel, Hav, Terra, and Umbrio came towards their friend and leader. They were colonels for Serenity. There was one more, but he never showed up on time. She smiled to them and then asked, "Where is Colonel Endymoin?"

It was no secret that she didn't like Endymoin. While she was often informal with her friends, with Endymoin she was always formal. She hadn't choose him as general. Luna, one of the military advisors to Selene had choosen him. He was an egotistical pig who didn't listen to her orders.

"Behind you, Serenity-love," he said. Serenity frowned. Luna had chosen him based on his lust for Serenity. She hated him and didn't have any desire to marry him, but Luna wanted him to be her husband and figured that if she put him in Serenity's army than Serenity would see reason. It had been ninety years and Serenity had yet to "see reason."

"Tomorrow we go into battle," she said. She pulled out a map she had made of the location they were going to be battling in. "This is a place the humans call Tokyo. It's in the country they call Japan." She pulled out pictures and handed one to each of the angels around her. "Vann, the location pictured is called Tokyo Tower, I need you to be on the top of it with your equipment. We need to know what we are fighting, be prepared to fly at any moment."

Vann nodded. She had dark blue wings that matched her hair perfectly. "I should get ready than." Without much more of an excuse she stood up and left.

"Fuoco, I need you and a group of sharp shooters to be on top of those buildings. Aim towards the ground. That's where the opposition with come from," Serenity said. An angel whose wings looked like flames nodded. "You may go get started.

"Himmel, I want you on the ground, facing Tokyo Tower, but allow Fuoco's team to be ahead of yours," she said. Himmel was an angel with navy blue wings. Said angel nodded and left.

"Hav, I want you to be on the buildings opposite of Fuoco with another group of sharp shooters," she said. Hav nodded, her sea green wings matched her hair. Hav left.

"Endymoin and Minne I want you to behind Tokyo Tower, when the tower falls I want you two to lead the troops forward and clean up the mess. Minne, capture as many as you can," Minne nodded. She had orange wings. She was also Serenity's sister. She was predicted to take control in Serenity's absence.

"Why do we have to wait for the tower to fall?"

"Do you want to be smashed, colonel?" Serenity asked. The man shook his head and ruffled his black wings, leaving with Minne.

"Ceresoveras, you are in charge of healing. I want none of my troops or the humans to get injured and die. You lead the medics at that location. Run into and out of the battle with the injured angels," she said. Ceresoveras had pink wings, which clashed horribly with her green dress.

"Terra, try to protect as many of the humans as possible," Terra nodded, she was Serenity's favorite angel. She left, her purple wings trailing behind her.

"Umbrio, make sure the humans don't remember afterwards," she said. Umbrio nodded. She had maroon wings. She left. With all her colonels gone Serenity turned her attention back to the earth below. "Why do I have a bad feeling about tomorrow?"


Vegeta glared at the wall as he destroyed another punching bag. He didn't look like a demon, but he was.

There were three types of demons, the weakest and second most numerous were the monsters of which there were seven categories. Youma, the weakest, were made up of forty-five females. Cardian, the second weakest; of which there were only twelve females. Droid, the third weakest, were made up of sixteen females. Daimon, the third strongest, were made up of thirty females and a handful of males. Lemures, the second strongest, were made up of thirty-five females and about the same amount of males. Phage were the strongest with eighteen male and female monsters. A seventh group was made up of all the rejects and extra monster demons. They truly looked like monsters and each one was different, some were even human like (though purple or blue, etc. skin color made them different).

The monsters, who were the stupidest group, were controlled by several demons, all of which were nearly human. Kunzite, Zoisite, Nephrite, and Jadeite controlled the youma. Al and En controlled the Cardian. Petz, Calaveras, Berthier, Kooan, Crimson Rubeus, Green Esmeraude, and Blue Saphir controlled the Droids. Kaolinite, Cyprine, Ptilol, Viluy, Tellu, Mimete, and Eudial controlled the Daimons. Tiger's-eye, Hawk's-eye, Fisheye, Cere Cere, Ves Ves, Jun Jun, and Palla Palla controlled the Lemures. Sailor Tin Nyanko, Sailor Lead Crow, Sailor Aluminum Seiren, and Sailor Iron Mouse controlled the phages. No one truly led the seventh group.

The third group was the royal family. Queen Beryl, the weakest, was the embodiment of human weakness to temptation, she had a major crush on Endymoin. Queen Metaria, the second weakest, was the embodiment of greed. Makaiju was Lucifer's mother and the wise old woman who's energy created lepers. Death Fantom was Lucifer's father and the man who took the dead. Black Lady was Lucifer's younger sister and a bit of a baby, she was the "goddess" of spoiled children. Prince Demand was Lucifer's youngest son who lusted for Serenity. Professor Tomoe created the monsters out of sinning humans. Mistress 9 advised Tomoe and was Lucifer's granddaughter. Master Pharaoh 90 was Mistress 9's mother and Metaria's twin. Zirconia and Zircon were supposed to be twin, but Zircon wasn't fully developed at birth. Queen Nehellenia wanted to be the most beautiful ever, despite being the eldest daughter of Lucifer, and quiet old. Sailor Galaxia was the child of Deman. Then there was Lucifer, the ruler and oldest son of Death Fantom and Makaiju. Vegeta and his twin brother Kakarot were both middle children of Lucifer.

"Hey, Vegeta," Kakarot said. Kakarot was different then the others. He was cheerful and fun to be around. It was often believed that he wanted to be human, though he wouldn't admit it to anyone.

"What?" Vegeta said.

"Did you hear? We're going to the human world tomorrow."

"Yes, I heard," Vegeta said, despite the fact that he hadn't.

"Want to spar?"

"Sure?" Vegeta got up and followed his brother hoping that tomorrow would be a good day.