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Fallen Angel
Chapter 4: The Battle Ends

Human Realm--Tokyo, Japan

The battle was just heating up. It had been an hour since the battle began. The demon death count was rising as fast as the angel death count. Both sides were fight ruthlessly. Vegeta dodged an attack from Colonel Endymoin. The man was the most ugly angel he had ever seen. Endymoin tried again to attack him, but not only was he ugly, he was weak and a poor aim. Endymoin was hit from behind by a monster and Vegeta quickly set his sights on another angel.

Endymoin grumbled and killed the monster that attacked him and looked around. No one was paying any attention to him. He smirked as he felt arms encircle him. "Destroy, her, my prince, and the world will be in the palm of your hands," Beryl said behind him.

"As you wish, my queen," he said, aiming an attack at the flying Serenity. He let loose. Serenity was struck and fell from the sky. Vegeta who had just finished an attack caught her by accident, though Endymoin and Beryl didn't notice.

Serenity was unconscious, but breathing. 'She's beautiful,' Vegeta thought as he took a second to decide what to do. Making a split second decision he disappeared from the battle deciding that life in the human world might not be so bad.

Kakarot watched his brother out of the corner of his eye and smiled. He knew his twin would finding happiness with that woman. He knew from his dreams. He knew that if he wanted happiness he would have to go with them. Using the connection all twins have he disappeared from the battle.

Umbrio felt the stirring she had felt the other day on guard duty and looked up. She was the only one who knew Endymoin would betray the General, however she had not said anything. Time was a rather fragile thing. The future was not set in stone, but if you said anything about any of the possibilities you would create a paradox. She was pretty sure happiness would come to her friend for this, she was only saddened she couldn't have changed the how.

Terra watched Endymoin attack, but it was too late to help Serenity. Turning to the traitor she fired her most destructive attack, "Death Reborn Revolution!" For Serenity she thought as she felt her body change form and Endymoin and Beryl die.

The battle quickly ended after that. The other angels looked around, Serenity, Terra, and Endymoin were no where in site. The disappeared and went speak with Selene.