Raspberry Sugar Quills

Josie E.


No, sorry guys this isn't a new chapter. I know I've been a little slow on the updates and all, but my grandmother is passing away and it's an extremely hard and emotional time for all of us. She has Alzheimer, a horrible cruel disease that renders the subject to lose not only her memory but strip them of everything. So, please, if you can, donate money at the Alzheimer's society so that we can make sure no one else has to suffer. Because without donations, scientist can't support their research; it is an extremely costly profession, which needs a lot of expensive equipment. I saw my great grandmother pass away in the same fashion, and since it's hereditary I wouldn't be able to watch my father slowly disappear either (I don't think I could go threw it all again) and I hope that together we can find a cure. I'm sorry for the huge damper but I can't bring myself to update for a while, I'll be extremely busy and to say the least very depressed and angry for the next couple of days. So keep looking for updates, but I can't guarantee anything until the end of the week or next week at the latest. Sorry any inconvenience this may have caused and I hope you'll keep with the story anyway. In the mean time I suggest reading some of my other stories, which include: Stuck in my Crawl, which has been recently updated. Thank you, once again for your time and support.

Love always,

Josie G. Evans