Chapter 27
Always Dare

Sephiroth was still feeling somewhat uncomfortable. He sat stiffly on a towel, not letting a grain of sand inch onto the soft fabric. It had taken a lot of trouble to get him to come out with the rest of the group, let alone strip down to swim trunks and sunglasses. He was feeling horribly embarrassed with himself. Cloud was out in the water, presently dunking Yuffie. Sephiroth shifted a little. It looked like fun. And honestly, he'd very much like to dunk the little brat himself. He winced. Not good…no violent thoughts no violent thoughts….
A bucket of sand was dumped heavily over his head.
DEATH!Sephiroth spun where he sat, glaring daggers up at a grinning Zack. Zack's grin widened when he saw his friend's angry expression.
"Get up and play, damnit!" Zack cried, pulling Sephiroth up to his feet. Sephiroth glowered at his friend.
"Zack…" Sephiroth complained.
"Oh /come on!/" Zack cried. "God, even /Vincent/ is having a good time!" He pointed at said person, to find him being buried 'alive' by Marlene and Aeris. Cid was poking his nose, trying to annoy the patient man. Sephiroth blinked. That's something I wouldn't have expected…Tifa was sunbathing, but smiling up into the sky. Even Barret was out in the water, now helping Cloud torture Yuffie. He looked back up at Zack.
"…Your shorts are falling off your hips, Zack." Sephiroth said flatly. Zack grinned.
"Its fashionable." He said, shimmying them down a little lower so that his hipbones jutted up past the elastic waistband. Any lower and he'd be arrested. "See? Here!" Sephiroth let out a yelp as Zack reached foreword and gave his own shorts a firm tug, nearly, Sephiroth though, yanking them clean off. He jumped back, flustered.
"What? Don't you want to impress Cloud??" Zack said, grinning. Sephiroth felt the heat rushing to his face, and turned away. He started to hitch his shorts back up with an irritated grunt. "No no no, Seph! You pull them back up and I'm gunna yank them off completely!" Zack threatened. Sephiroth turned to glare at him.
"I /will/ kill you, Zachary." Zack grinned.
"You gotta catch me first!" He leapt in for the kill, giving Sephiroth's shorts one more hard tug, before letting out a yelp as Sephiroth swatted at him angrily, and ran off, heading for the ocean.
As planned, Sephiroth gave chase, pulling his pants up from around his thighs as he did so, grumbling. Thank god no one saw that…He thought as he ran.

Cloud looked up in time to see Zack pants Sephiroth. He blushed, and dunked his head under the water before it could show. He came up to see Sephiroth running along the beach, chasing Zack angrily. Cloud smiled. Sephiroth's hair, while tied back loosely, was flying like a banner behind him, the muscles in his chest, arms and legs tensed as he ran. He was developing a tan almost as dark as Zack's after three days in Costa Del Sol, and was quite the image. He watched as Zack veered toward the water, and grinned. Zack, you're nothing but trouble on wheels…He thought happily. Sephiroth gave chase. Cloud started paddling back to where he could stand, and then began to run to meet them. He let Sephiroth hit the water, then charged.

Sephiroth noticed Zack's trap a moment too late, as he spotted Cloud charging right at him, grin humongous, eyes flashing with mischief. Sephiroth tired to veer away, but hit deeper water and was slowed as Cloud leapt, tackling him into the water with a laugh.
Sephiroth came up snorting salt water, Cloud clinging happily to his side, laughing. Sephiroth couldn't help but laugh too. He looked over Cloud's shoulder and watched as Aeris circled around to sneak up on Zack from behind. He kissed Cloud's nose, and pointed the other man in her direction, watching Cloud's face light up with joy.
Aeris and Zack hadn't missed a single beat since they'd been reunited, and from the outside no one would ever know that they had been separated from each other for so long. They watched together as Aeris crept up through the waves on Zack, tackling him much the way Cloud just had. Zack turned just in time to catch her as she leapt, but still fell back into the water, laughing. They came up together, Aeris now cradled in Zack's arms, laughing and smiling.
It was like one of those movies with the slow motion love scenes, Cloud thought. He looked around at his friends, then back at Sephiroth. He'd never dared hope for a happy ending.
'Always dare'Sephiroth had told him. He smiled back at his lover, only to find Sephiroth smiling right back at him. He looked around for a moment. Only Barret was watching them. Cloud grinned, and pulled Sephiroth close, kissing him passionately. He heard a squelch from Barret's direction and had to choke back laughter as he continued to kiss Sephiroth. Poor Barret…
Finally pulling back, Cloud smiled, eyes sparkling.
"Let's sneak back to the house for a shower…" He said huskily into Sephiroth's ear.

Zack looked up from the barrage of kisses he was receiving from Aeris to see Sephiroth and Cloud running up the beach towards the house together, hand in hand. He chuckled. Damn. Aeris had just suggested they sneak back up to the Villa for a while.
"I think…" he began, smiling back down on her. "That maybe we should wait an hour…or two or three…"

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