In Darkness...

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Admiral's revelations

Talon watched Mara closely. She was still pale and tired looking. It had been a week since he had arrived, a week since she had collapsed. She still refused to talk about whatever it was she had seen. Her green eyes swiveled to look at him. He could almost hear her telling him off for worrying about her. She looked away after glaring at him. He sighed and looked away himself. His eyes settling on the holovid. He switched on the news. After a minute he grew bored.

Looking away he watched as the sun sank on Coruscant, outlining the tall woman in the window.

She brushed at the imperial uniform with distaste. The black uniform made her feel sick. She looked at her faint reflection in the huge window as it looked out at the beautiful starscape. She was the image of an imperial officer. Thick hair braided into an elaborate coil on the back of her head. She turned her head and watched as the doors opened.

A young colonel was standing in the doorway. She watched his eyes blink and mouth open as he looked at her face. A slight smile graced her lips. He blinked.

"Hmm. Uh the Admiral will see you now." He said as formally as possible. She nodded crisply. He motioned for her to proceed him out the door. She paused as several stromtroopers formed up around her. She sighed as they began down the corridor of the Star Destroyer Chimera. They arrived at a door. The escort stopped. She glanced at the young Colonel and then stepped closer to the door. It opened with a hiss. She brushed her sweaty palms over her thighs before entering. She walked through the darkened anti-room before entering the main room. Around her were numerous paintings, sculptures and various other pieces of art.

She paused and glanced quickly around. These images were from a place she had not seen in ages. She saw an image nearby. A tall woman in pink with overdone face paint stood on a set of stone steps. She was very imperious looking. Naraé turned her head to look at other representations of women in stunning gowns. Other images showed beautiful countryside dotted with swampy looking forests and beautiful cities.

"Familiar?" asked a stern voice. She nodded slightly, lost in memories f a time long ago, when she had been a different person. When she had had a different name. When she had been happy and full of laughter.

"A little" she said softly. She turned to see a figure in an Admiral's uniform watching her with strong intelligent eyes. A white moustache twitched as he smiled slightly.

"You're rather unusual for an imperial officer aren't you?" he asked with a smile playing around the corners of his mouth. She raised an eyebrow, her heart beating like a caged animal inside her. "You are rather beautiful you know…" he said pacing a semi circle around her. "Not too mention we can find no record that you exist…" he paused and tilted his head, all amusement had disappeared from his face. "Except this." He touched a button on one of the sculptures. It changed into a child's smiling face as she looked up at herself. "The young neice of an Old Republic senator Amidala. She made headlines when she was taken to be a member of the Jedi Order. No relative of a serving senator had ever been taken before." He was watching her. She looked up at him.

"Forgive me Admiral, but I have no idea what you are talking about. I was born on Naboo, but I was taken to Laris 7 as a baby. About the time the Clone wars broke out." He was watching her as she spoke. She gently pushed that he believe her. He looked back at the hologram of the child looking up at her.

She remembered the Holo being taken, she felt memories wash over her... She had been on Coruscant when it was taken. She remembered the soulful blue eyes of the man who had held her hand darkening when the Holo was taken; he had pulled her behind him as they walked on into the Temple. She remembered the heated whispers they had exchanged the two men, and the others. Other children. And a little alien who twitched when he looked at her, at the moment he did so she saw something… something distant and frightening. She saw herself without hair, her eyes were strange and she wore a tight black outfit. In her hands blazed a lightsaber. The little alien had walked away quickly then. Not looking back to reassure her. A hand had brushed over her dark curls. She looked up as the kind man knelt down.

"You'll be fine." She nodded. As he smiled at her she took his proffered hand.

"Can I call you Bennie?" he looked down at her surprised.

"Why, little one, what does that mean?" he asked softly.

"It means you'll protect me." She looked up at him earnestly as he smiled.

"Well then yes, you may call me Bennie. He leaned down. "I will protect you little one. I promise." She smiled her grin unfettered by her missing front tooth.

She looked back at the Admiral as she pushed away the memories. "Besides, if this is supposed to be me before or even during the clone wars I would be far older than I am." She smiled at the Admiral. A bitter smile touched his lips.

"Touché." He murmured. She smiled.

"Now to the talks Admiral?" she asked. Her eyes flitting back to the hologram for a moment.

He had watched her reaction carefully. She was stunning and he found himself wanting to believe her. Then he saw her eyes flit back to the picture. Twice now he saw something appear that removed the only flaw to her beauty, her eyes. They were dead and lackluster. Where they should have glowed with something, anything, they did not, they showed nothing in their dark depths. But twice they had flickered to life. Once they had lost focus as though she was trying or perhaps even was remembering something from her past, and then as she looked at the image they glowed with something else… love he thought. He sighed soundlessly as he sat down opposite her once again dead eyes, he would discover this mystery he thought, but first he listened as her rich, accented voice began to speak. He listened to her warnings, and found himself forgetting his questions with every word.
Her mind strayed back to the towers reaching for the sky and the crevasses plunging down into the earth, she blinked to her self and admonished herself silently as she continued to speak to the Admiral. She shut the child up, locking her away in the tiniest corner of her mind she could manage.
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