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Chapter One

North City

July / Friday evening

"Azure Princess, twenty-five, seeks Prince to carry her off to his castle and take care of her forever."

"What do you think, dear?" Sophia Gero looked over the table at her new client.

Bulma Briefs shifted in her chair, struggling for a response that wouldn't offend Sophia. She turned to her friend Juu for assistance, since she had been the one to talk her into joining a dating service in the first place.

"Doesn't that caption sound like something to grab a man's attention, Bulma?" Sophia pressed.

Deciding Juu wasn't going to help, Bulma thought about her options. She might have been tired after a long day-a long week, really-but not tired enough to let that gem go untouched. Joining the Gero's dating service was humiliating enough, but having a blurb like the one Sophia had suggested appear next to her picture would be pathetic. Bulma worked hard to look serious. "I was thinking more along the line of 'Businesswoman, twenty-five, has castle, seeks prince to help with upkeep and provides occasional foot massage.'" Bulma's deadpan expression was angelic. She had spent her formative years tormenting teachers in Lambert Academy in West City, so getting Sophia's back was easy.

Sophia drew herself up straight in her chair, inhaling deep through her nose, while across the table, her daughter and business partner covered laughter with a cough. Juu Gero truly enjoyed seeing someone make her mother pucker up-it happened so rarely.

"Mom, why don't you make sure the computer is set up for Bulma to view the eligible candidates. She and I could work on her bio later." Juu said, carefully to not met Bulma's gaze.

Sophia surveyed them both for a long moment. "All right. But really, Bulma, you should put more thought into developing the caption to go with your picture in the catalogue. It's the first impression the male candidates will have of you, and you certainly don't want to come across as too flip. Or assertive. Men don't care for that in a young lady."

Sophia pushed back from the table, straightened her skirt with practiced move, and went out the door of the conference room. Bulma looked closely at her departing figure, trying to see if Sophia, indeed, wearing nylons and a slip in the sweltering heat of North City summer. Bulma looked up and caught Juu rolling her eyes. They shared a moment of silent humor over Sophia's stodgy approach to both fashion and romance in the 21st century. Than Bulma straightened in her chair, turning dancing blue eyes to Juu. "Hey, I left out the part about 'providing foot massage in exchange for the occasional blow job."

Juu laughed out loud. it was just like Bulma to say something outrageous and make her forget that it was after nine on a Friday evening, she had been working without a break for the last seven days. She'd had to stay late tonight to accommodate Bulma's busy schedule, but she didn't mind doing her friend this favor. Besides, it had been Juu's naggin that convinced Bulma to give the dating service a try in the first place. The least she could do was offer moral support.

"I'm suddenly not sure about signing up for a dating service," Bulma said once she'd stopped laughing. "It seems so, I don't know, sad. Needy." That was one word she wouldn't use to describe herself. She hated being in a situation where the particular shoe might fit.

"Don't be ridiculous," Juu said quickly, not wanting Bulma to back out now that she had finally dragged her in. "We went over this. You're paying for a service-special friend's price, I might add-just like getting your carpet cleaned or car washed. We're providing you with something you don't have time to do yourself. It's as simple as that."

"Maybe, but I never had to fill out my preferences for eyes, hair, and build the carpet cleaner or car wash guy before." Bulma's eyes were serious, yet she gave a half smile. Juu had become a very close friend in the past six years because Bulma admired intelligence, guts, and determination. She didn't want to wimp out and waste everyone's time. "Oh, never mind. Let's go look at our selection of eligible studs in the catalogue before I lose my nerve completely."

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