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I'm in the sky when I'm on the floor

My world's a mess and you're my only cure

There's no time for me to act mature

The only words I know are more, more, and more

-Le Tigre, Bedroom Dancing

Things seemed peaceful enough. Christmas break was just around the corner and staff and students alike were itching for vacation. Severus and Minerva successfully avoided each other during that time. Each event that called for them to be in the presence of each other was evaded and they always came up with iron-clad alibis to not perform a certain task. Other times they would simply not do anything, forcing the other faculty members to do the job for them. They executed their other jobs too well for anyone to complain. The staff noticed their odd behavior towards each other but simply brushed it off as plain dislike between Gryffindor and Slytherin.

Severus and Minerva were all too happy to confirm that fact.

Severus didn't attend the Christmas Eve dinner at the Great Hall. Sinistra apparently noticed his absence and set off to look for him. After many excuses and snide remarks he was able to escape. His indifference didn't deter her though. She just kept appearing. Her head materialized out of thin air when he least expected. If he had less control he would've hexed her on the spot. He actually planned to do so and make it look like an accident.

The house elves brought him down every dish served at the party but he did not have a single bite. Another year of peace would pass without the Dark Lord, yet Severus could sometimes feel his mark burning. He didn't know if it was real or his imagination. He sat by his table with the food laid out before him. He had not touched any of it except for the two bottles of Firewhiskey that Albus sent him. The gesture surprised Severus but he greed any free alcoholic beverage with welcome.

Despite the cold Severus was dressed down to his underwear. The Firewhiskey was keeping him warm enough and he just didn't want to feel the itch of his robes. He glanced at his spacious yet untidy quarters. Books lay open on the floor, articles of clothing were scattered around, and he thought he saw something yellow crawl underneath his bookshelf, but that may have been his imagination playing tricks on him. He forbade the house elves to clean his quarters because he didn't like the little masochists poking their noses around his things. It just made him uncomfortable.

After pouring himself another glass he heard someone knocking on his portrait hole. At first he it was quiet enough for him to ignore so he just sat by his table drinking. Whoever it was seemed as though they had no plans to leave him alone because the knocking became louder and more persistent. Severus decided to wait 'til the blasted person gave up but each knock felt like someone was pounding his head with a bat.

A full minute passed and the person was still knocking. Severus banged his glass on the table and growled, "Stop rapping on my portrait hole!"

The knocking stopped. Severus glanced at the portrait hole and held his breath. When no sound came he sighed in relief and leaned back into his chair. Just as he was about to take a sip of his drink there come another sharp knock and he spilled whiskey down his front.

Severus made a violent noise in the back of his throat as he stood up and walked to the portrait hole. Whoever was knocking on his door would choke on slug essence in the morning.

"Who in Merlin's name…" he muttered as the portrait swung open.

He snapped his mouth shut when he saw who was standing on the other side of the portrait hole.

Minerva stood in front of him, her hair was down and her square spectacles were at the tip of her nose just ready to tip off at any moment. She had a bottle of Firewhiskey in her hand; it looked much like the one Albus had given him. The smell of it reeked on her breath.

Before Severus could protest she pushed her way through and sat where he had earlier. She took a swig from the bottle and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand in the most unceremonious way. If Minerva was herself she would have been likely to slap herself back into sobriety.

Severus was planted to his spot, speechless and confused. He had never seen Minerva this way and he never wished to ever again. He stood behind her and crossed his arms. He still had his glass in his hand and he could feel his knuckles turning white from holding it too tightly.

"Minerva, if you don't mind me asking-what the bloody hell are you doing in here?"

Minerva turned and she wore an expression of surprise. She shrugged, drank from her bottle, and said in a matter-of-fact way, "Celebrating Christmas Eve."

Severus was almost too shocked to answer, but he composed himself after a moment and snapped, "Could you celebrate elsewhere? I wish to be alone at the moment."

"I didn't realize this was a private party."

"Well it is, now please leave," he said, gesturing to the hole in the wall.

Minerva turned away and put her feet up on the table. "Relax, Severus. It's Christmas."

Severus mouth hung slightly open. He could not believe his eyes or his ears. Minerva was drunk and conducting herself in a highly un-Mcgonagall manner. The night was full of surprises.

"Aren't you cold, Severus?" Minerva eyed his boxers innocently as she held the bottle to her lips.

Severus then remembered his state of undress and in vain attempt to cover himself with his hands he ran to his room and slammed the door behind him, leaving Minerva at the table filled with untouched food.

In his room, Severus was desperately trying to put some trousers on but he found that his motor skills were performing badly. All the while he was babbling obscenities and things like, "Dang blasted woman," and "Strangle that skinny neck." He didn't even think to put down the glass he was holding. When he finally had them on he sat on his bed and decided that instead of going back out he would stay in his room and just wait for Minerva to leave. He became agitated after he realized that he had already worn his pants after making the decision.

He looked at his glass and was thankful that there was still some whiskey in it. There wasn't much left but it was better than having to go back out again. He finished the contents, propped his elbows on his legs, and closed his eyes. Thank Merlin he was drunk enough.

He was also drunk enough to not hear his door creak open when Minerva stepped in. And as quietly as a drunken woman could she walked toward him. She placed a hand on his bare shoulder and she felt how warm he was under her cold hand. Even if she had been drinking the same thing he had she was still freezing.

When Severus felt her he quickly drew away. He eyed her with contempt and he spat, "Bloody hell, woman. When will you leave me alone?"

Anyone else would've cringed back at his harsh words but she paid him no mind and sat beside him. She could feel her robes sticking to her skin in the most uncomfortable way. She thought of how nice it might be to feel someone else's skin on hers.

She wasn't in control of her thoughts anymore. She was too drunk to be. Minerva has left the building.

Minerva leaned forward until she was close enough for Severus to smell the whisky, and feel the pleasant heat of her breath on his face. Her robes were brushing gently against his chest but they made him itchy. He wanted to get them out of the way. He didn't know what that meant exactly.

Severus placed his hand on the safe spot of her chest and tried to push her away. He saw that she wasn't wearing her spectacles anymore and her black hair cascaded gracefully over her shoulders and dipped into her cleavage. Her gray eyes were glazed over and her lips were slightly parted and oh so inviting. He remembered her just as she was three years ago in that dinky bar and he wanted her even more than he did then.

"You're drunk, Minerva."

Minerva pressed her fingertips against his lips and felt the heat of them and wished for them to be on her neck, among other places. As drunk as she was she could hear herself screaming not to do anything stupid in the back of her head, but she didn't listen.

"So are you."

Minerva kissed him with her whiskey stained lips and as she did he brought his hand to her clothed breast. Severus ran the kiss to her neck and slowly nipped at the soft flesh between her neck and ear. She made tiny noises as she pressed her body closer to his. Severus rolled her over on the bed. He now had her straddled beneath him and she was unsuccessfully undoing her robes. He leaned to help her; all this took quite some time because both were desperately drunk and horny.

He found that she wasn't wearing a bra and all she had on underneath was a pair of white knickers. He felt his erection react at the sight of her full breasts and flat stomach. His pants were becoming too tight for him now, but Minerva was already pulling them off along with his boxers. She ran her hand down the length of him and he hissed at her touched. He hadn't been with a woman since that night and her touch felt new to him. He thought that he could give in at any moment.

Severus took hold of her wrists and pinned them above her head. Minerva whimpered and arched her back so she could feel his erection press against her stomach. Severus gasped and buried his head between her neck.

"Wait, in heaven's name, Minerva…wait," his voice was muffled and she still did not cease writhing under him. He made his way to her chest, still holding her hands above her head and sucked the flesh in the valley between her breasts. She moaned and bucked forward again.


His breath hitched at the sound of his name. He had never heard anyone call him with such want. He stole a glance to her face but she had her eyes closed. She had no idea of the torture she inflicted upon him.

He brought his attention back to her chest and took one pink areole in his mouth and suckled. He traced lazy circles around her pink nipples with his tongue, eliciting more moans for her.

Minerva could feel her hands itching. She wanted to touch him so badly, but she was unable to because he still had her hands pinned down above her head. She brought her head forward and whispered something in his ear, making him blush.

"Later," he murmured.

Severus brought one of his hands down south, leaving only one to hold hers down. He ran a finger down her belly, caressing the soft flesh. He came to the garter of her knickers and pulled at them playfully, but he was uncertain. He was now looking her in the face and she was staring back. Both their gazes bore into each other. His eyes were questioning and hers were beckoning for him to continue even though they both knew that they shouldn't be doing this at all.

He slipped his hand into her underwear and felt the soft hair framing the top of her womanhood. He brought a finger to the opening of her lips and felt the heat. It was slick, smooth, and wet when he inserted his finger into her. He felt the soft folds and rubbed gently, finding her nub and putting a little pressure there. Her breaths were short and sharp, she was quiet but her body reacted to his every touch, begging for him to go on.

Severus stopped though. He took his hand out of her knickers and placed it just above them. He set her hands free and stared at her face. Her cheeks were tinged with pink and her chest heaved steadily with each breath. His mind suddenly went blank and he wasn't sure if he should go on, even in his drunken state he could not will himself to go further.

Minerva saw this and sat up so their eyes were leveled. She did not say anything. Her gaze was calm and she brought a hand to his cheek. She felt the alcohol coursing through her veins and the heat in her loins, just as he did, but she was bolder so she kissed him. She caught his bottom lip between hers and sucked and pulled. She felt his hands creep up and entangle themselves in her hair.

She pushed him down and now she was on top, running her hands all over his thin chest while kissing him. His erection was still pressing into her stomach; unsure as he was she knew he wanted this, just as much as she did. She lowered herself and wrapped her hands around has length. Stroking slowly and cupping his balls in one hand. She heard him groan, and he was fighting not to buck his hips forward. She pressed her tongue pressed against the slit of his head and swirled around his shaft. She left her hands to stroke the rest.

Severus breaths were noisy and he whimpered as she teased him. He grabbed fistfuls of his sheets when she wrapped her lips around his head and slowly took in the length of him. She slid has manhood in and out of her mouth and he couldn't help his gasps of breath. He was fighting so hard to not grab her head and thrust himself at her.

"Oh gods, Minerva…ah…" he found himself panting.

The heat in his abdomen was building up as she picked up the pace. Her hands were also working him and he could feel his climax approaching. He frantically motioned for her to pull away and while clutching his penis in one hand he rolled over and shot his load on the bed. He had his face buried into the mess of white sheets and he breathed heavily into them. His breathing was erratic and he held his limp member in his hand.

Severus turned his head and saw Minerva wiping her lips with the back of her hand. Their eyes met and she crawled beside him and her arm crept around his waist. She felt his hand reaching down to hold hers.

They fell asleep in his room that smelled of whiskey and drunken sex.

The next morning Severus woke up with a vicious hangover and a curiously sore body. He did not have any recollections of the previous night. He was surprised to find himself stark naked and ravenous. He grabbed the nearest article of clothing and slipped it on.

Nothing could have prepared him for what he would see next when he went through the door.

He saw Minerva Mcgonagall, the wretched woman he should've been avoiding at all costs, sitting at his table filled with untouched food. She was wearing his robes and avoided his gaze. And all at once Severus remembered what had happened; it hit him like a blow in the face. He brought his hands up to his greasy hair and held it as if he had a headache. He staggered into his room and was crying out, "Oh gods, oh Merlin, not again, no, no, no…"

Minerva bit her lip and closed her eyes. She felt a headache coming on as frustration and guilt racked through her mind.

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