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Livin' La Vida Loca


On just an ordinary day in Tortuga in the Faithful Bride, Jack was enjoying some much-deserved rum after a couple of weeks of pillaging and plundering.

"Well, luv. Give good ol' Jack another drink."

Captain Jack Sparrow winked to the barmaid and she giggled as if she's still a young and innocent girl. Which she obviously isn't. A large scar can be seen at the left side of her face, a constant reminder of a meeting she once had with a couple of dangerously drunken men. Soon she returned with a new mug filled with rum and she's being rewarded with a golden-white grin from the eccentric pirate captain.

"Aye! Rosalind! We want some ale over here!"

Rosalind pouted, but she knew she had to get back to her work. She couldn't risk to loose this, especially not since she has had far worse jobs. Though she always rather enjoys talking to this particular visitor since he could be a real charm and, when in the right mood, loved to order some drinks for her as well.

Happily Jack emptied yet another mug. Life was certainly good at the moment. He had made a large profit during his last trip, plundering a Spanish Galion and even managing to find some rather exclusive stuff along the way. Selling those had been a good idea as well and now his purse was filled with a couple of large golden coins, enough to continue drinking for at least a couple of hours more. And above all this he had just visited his friends, Will and Elizabeth Turner, something that always brought him in higher spirits. Yes, life was good!

"Hello mate. You are captain Jack Sparrow, innit?"

A man sat down next to Jack, leaning towards him while his long black hair fell in his face. The man had a bit of an odd accent and two surprisingly intelligent brown eyes.

"The one and only, mate," Jack flashed a grin.

"Aye. My name is Pedro Sanchez. Nice to meet you, mate." They shook hands. "I'm looking for a spot on a ship. Can I offer ye a drink?"

"Captain Jack Sparrow never says no to a drink, mate."

Pedro smiled and placed the order. Soon after another girl than Rosalind brought the two drinks, leaving the two men alone. Pedro took a large sip from his beer and turned his attention back on Jack.

"If I understand well you are the Captain of the Black Pearl right?"

Jack grinned proudly. "She's all mine mate. Just like it should." He took a sip from his rum and frowned. It tasted not right. They probably used some of the old rum bottles from behind the bar, those who were normally used for the mean and annoying customers. This other waitress was obviously new and hadn't had the pleasure of meeting him just yet. He had to remember to change that really soon.

"Aye… need anyone for your crew?"

Jack took another sip from his rum, but it still doesn't taste any better. In fact, it tasted even worse. Slowly the world started spinning in front of Jack's eyes, something that isn't supposed to happen yet. Worlds only start spinning if he had been drinking far more than he had so far, or somebody put something in the rum. Jack noticed how Pedro's intelligent eyes search for his and suddenly the puzzle becomes very clear.

"Yer poisoned the rum!" he managed to whisper in utter shock. He tried to stand on his feet, but the poison already takes over and darkness claimed him.


Yes, I know I said I'm going to allow Jack some fun in this one. Be patient ;)