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1) Each chapter is a different twin but they aren't fixed: for example the first chapter isn't decidedly from Amrod's POV or Amras' POV – it can be either. But the second chapter is from the POV of the other twin. I hope that is understandable…

2) When they say 'my brother' without any indication to which of the seven brothers they are talking about their twin.

These are mostly short 500wordish chapters but the last two are longer. Review and you shall be granted the next chapter or two (back to emotional bribery again heh heh)

Blood on the mind

Standing on deck I look out into the sea. No red, just blues, greens, greys. No red. Not like my hands, nor the wood of this ship. I sense my brother move to stand beside me; I look at him, a mirror image. We both feel the same; I can tell.

Though the decks were ordered to be cleaned, though we have scrubbed at our hands and swords and armour…the colour is still there, clouding our vision. I would weep – but is this not what we wanted? Is this not what we swore to do? No. It is not – I did not swear to kill my people, to steal and ruin.

Our other brothers deal with the events in their own ways; but we stay together, we will help each other. I think of what we have left behind, it seems such a great loss…but there will be more to see, more to do. And there will be vengeance. What was ours will be taken back, then maybe our father will calm, maybe his fire with be satisfied when his jewels are reclaimed. Maybe.

I hear my father calling us together for a talk, I do not wish to talk, I do not want to see what my brothers feel. I look at my father briefly, he seems emotionless: how can one who has a spirit of fire have a frozen heart? I study my feet, the wood of the deck…anything but looking up and seeing their faces. I am worried at what I may see…if they are not suffering the same guilt, I do not know what I will do.

Father reassures my eldest brother, I listen to his words. They bring no comfort to me: so unlike the times when I was a child who could not sleep and when I was burnt by the leaping flames of the forge. I fear it is now my father that will burn me, I do not wish for that.

"My sons, you must not despair! We did what was needed so we could wreak our vengeance, so we could reclaim the Silmarils. An oath we swore, and from that oath we must not stray."

Ah yes, the oath. Dare I question it? It is too late now, I made that decision, and as much as I hate to agree with my father: I cannot go back on my word, however rash or hasty a decision it may have been.

After more words with our father, concerning plans and fiery discussion we move away again, back to our thoughts.

"Do you regret it?" I turn to my brother who, as always, is beside me.

"Who can say? We have done one deed that will haunt me for my life –will there be more deeds that are the same? Will there be vengeance?" I answer. He nods in understanding.

The future cannot be guessed and the past cannot be dwelt on.

My brother suddenly straightens and peers into the distance, I see the same sight.