Phoenix and Fire

Author: Sigma

Disclaimer: Again I own nothing, I know nothing, this is merely a humble act of admiration. All characters belong to Gekko Corp and Mutant Enemy respectively apart from any original characters that may creep in and they belong to me!

Rating: PG -13 for language, AU – Futurefic – romance/drama, B/D

Summary – Crossover with Stargate. A chance meeting leads to a unexpected outcome for two lonely individuals....

Note: I've messed with cannon a little here. In my version Daniel was born in 1969, which makes him 38 in 2007 when this story is set. Buffy is 26 (I think – feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). Angel did die – Buffy disappeared off when she got the news, to Nepal and spent a year staying with Oz at his monastery, fighting Asian demons in order to find some peace. Whether she was successful or not is up to you to judge.

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Thousands of stories start like this. A girl walks into a bar. ...

Buffy stopped just within the entrance; wrinkling her nose in disgust at the fetid combination of stale cigarette smoke, sour beer and blood. Vampire bars...ewwhh. Even after ten years as the slayer there were some things she never wanted to get used to. And hanging around in demon bars was one of them. She scanned the room almost absentmindedly as she tried to calculate exactly how many scuzzy demon and vampire hangouts she had ruined shoes, pants and other items of apparel in during her tenure as the Slayer but quickly gave up her mental survey when the count went into the hundred's. It was just too depressing. Suddenly all she wanted to was get in, get the Ring of Tahnmonet from Giles' contact and get out, before someone got in her face to the extent that she was forced to stake them out of sheer irritation.

Checking that Mr Pointy was securely in her back pocket she sauntered over to the bar where the barista, a human male in his early 30's watched her approach with wary eyes as he polished a glass. She turned on her best California girl smile, amping up the wattage, and leaned halfway across the bar displaying just a little golden cleavage as she did so, her smile widening as the look in the barman's eyes shifted from suspicious to vacant. Sometimes it was a lot easier to use the carrot rather than the stick.

"Hi! – I was just wondering if you can help me?"

The barman smiled in response a little goofily, hastily putting down the glass and running a hand through already dishevelled hair. Buffy's smile widened just a fraction. Gotcha little fishy.

"I'll sure try Ma'am. What exactly do you need help with?"

The blond sighed a little, leaning her elbows on the counter so that they framed that elusive glimpse of cleavage.

"Well I'm meant to be picking up a present for a friend from a seller here. His name's Kalson. Any ideas where I might find him?"

She could see the surprise in his eyes at the idea that she might be looking for Kalson, who according to Giles was a deeply unpleasant and rather smelly old guy, although of course being Giles he hadn't used quite those terms to describe him. But as far as she could judge it was only surprise, not unease and when he nodded over to a darkened corner of the bar she gave him a thousand watt smile as thanks, before sauntering over to the indicated corner, leaving him flushed and stuttering in her wake. It was nice to know she still had it, even if she never had any intention of using it seriously. Just one more weapon in an arsenal full of them. The thought wiped the remnants of the smile off her face and by the time she reached the booth her face was its usual expressionless mask.

The old man leaning over his drink was filthy, long black beard full of grease and other unidentifiable substances but when he looked her up and down the narrowed eyes were bright and crafty. She slid onto the other seat, careful to keep out of olfactory distance and nodded curtly to him.


"Yeah – who's asking?"

"I've been sent by Rupert Giles – I'm here to pick up an artefact."

At her Watcher's name the bleary eyes brightened still further and Buffy heaved a small sigh of relief. It looked like for once she was going to get out of a demon bar without ruining any clothing.