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This is about Duo. It's supposed to be an angst fic, but I don't know if it is, so read and review.

Thoughts flashed through the head of Duo Maxwell. He had just been on an another mission, and as always, the part he had excelled at was ending other people's lives.

"Damn… Why do I have to go on with this way of life? Do I have to kill everyday? It seems to me that death is the only consistent thing in my life. Everyday it's the same. I pull off another successful mission, and at the end I wonder who won't have a daddy coming home. I wonder who won't have a husband coming home. A brother. A son. I've lost track of how many people I've killed. It's ironic in a way. I was raised in a church, and what was one of the Ten Commandments? "Thou shalt not kill." Hah! I've broken that so many times. Sister Helen… Father Maxwell… Solo… please forgive me.

(Flashback. Duo is standing over on of his dying friends.)

"Solo! Don't die! Please…"

"Don't worry bud. I'll see you again sometime... and besides, even if I die, we'll always be Duo… (That's my take on where his name came from. This is also more or less what happened in Episode Zero)

"Solo… UWAAHHHH!!!!"

Duo promptly snapped back into reality. "I have to stop thinking like that. I have a mission. Stop OZ, no matter what is takes. But at what cost…"

(Flashback. Duo is standing on what remains of the Maxwell church after it was attacked.)

"Sister Helen!" Duo yelled as he ran up to the person who took care of him, now lying on the ground after being shot, a pool of blood spreading around her.

"Duo… run quickly child. Get away…The Federation attacked us…

"Is it because I stole that mobile suit for those guys?" Duo felt sick that he had caused all this bloodshed.

"Yes. But don't blame yourself. Those men…God has been out of their lives for so long. Father Maxwell… he is dead. But before he died, he forgave them. Forgave his killers."


"Duo, you must run, even if we die, you must live."

"No! Sister Helen don't leave!"

"Farewell Duo…" Her body went limp.


Duo simply lay there crying. He remembered how he met Professor G, the maker of the Gundam Deathscythe. How he asked Duo to be its pilot. And the conversation that followed…

"Tell me boy, what is your name?"

"It's Duo. Duo Maxwell!"

"Hmmm. Like Maxwell's demon?"

"I'm no demon… I'm the God of Death!"

He also remembered the first time he met Sister Helen. When Sister Helen had asked him if he believed in god…

"Did you pray to God to survive?"

"Ha, you wish… The only God I believe in is the God of Death!

"Oh? And why is that?"

"Do you know how many dead people I've seen? Do you?!"

He had calmed down a little after that. So many memories… Wait. That was why he was fighting in the first place. To make sure nothing like that happened again.

"I am the Great Destroyer. I am the living hand of destruction. I am the God of Death."

I am Shinigami.