Heart Of A Cold Hearted Hedgehog

A BlueXTikal Fan Fic

Chapter 3 A Chao friend

Blue sat in a cave looking at the walls he was bored out of his mind and he had only been there for a few seconds. Why did he leave and why had he be so stupid to yell at Tikal and now he had lost her friendship. Along with any hope that she may love him. Suddenly Blue hear wings flying he looked out the cave and saw a Chao.

"Cho Chao." Said the Chao.

"Go away now!" Said Blue.

"Cho Chao Cho right?" Said the Chao.

"What? Say again." Said Blue.

"Are you all right?" Asked the Chao.

"Oh god I can understand you." Said Blue.

"Tikal?" Said Shadow standing in the door way to her room.

Tikal looked at him her eyes red from crying. "What?" She said in a very small voice.

"I can take you to Blue hiding place if you wish." Said Shadow.

Tikal looked at Shadow. "You can." She said but then looked uneasy. "Well I don't know he may not want to see me." She Said.

"It your choice." Said Shadow.

"Ok take me." Said Tikal.

"So you do know what you did." Said Blue.

"Yeah I am sorry I got in the way it just well look." Said the Chao he turned around and Blue saw that one of his wings where slashed.

"Oh are they ok." Said Blue.

"They find just sometimes I can't fly very well." Said the Chao.

"What you name anyway?" Said Blue.

"Yellow." Said the Chao. "Anyway I am not here to talk about me I am here to help you." Said Yellow.

"Help me? why?" Said Blue.

"You want to be with Tikal right?" Said Yellow.

"Yeah." Said Blue.

"Then let's talk." Said Yellow.

"Gamma understands." Said Gamma when Tikal told him not to say a word to anyone where she was.

"Ok Gamma we trust you not to say anything." Said Shadow.

"Gamma will obey." Said Gamma.

"Ok Tikal ready." Said Shadow.

"Ready." Said Tikal.

"CHAOS CONTARL." yelled Shadow and they both disappeared.

"Ok so what are we going to do." Said Blue.

"Well how about you go somewhere with Tikal make some thing up and take her with you." Said Yellow.

"Easier said then done." Said Blue.

Suddenly Tikal and Shadow appear in the cave

"Wow he is your chance." Said Yellow.

"ssshhh she may hear you." Said Blue noticed who it was.

Tikal walked over to Blue.

"Blue?" Said Tikal.

"Yeah what is it?" Said Blue.

"I just need to say goodbye I am leaving." Said Tikal.

Blue stood Shocked and he was not the only one Shadow was also shocked.

Tikal turned to leave but Blue took her arm.

"Why are you leavening?" Said Blue.

"Look I made you mad at me and I don't want to be the cause of that so I going away." Said Tikal.

"No you can't." Said Blue.

"CHAO CHO". Said Yellow flying over to her and hugging her chest.

"No stay here." Said Tikal and she walked out.

Tikal walked around the floating island not looking where she was going and soon found her self by the .M.E. she looked at it think how much easier life was before she was seal in it and then came out again.

"Tikal?" Said a voice.

Tikal turn to see Knuckles.

"Oh hi Knuckles." Said Tikal.

"What are you doing here should you be at Chris house or with Amy or someone." Said Knuckles.

"I am a big girl Knuckles and don't need looking after." Said Tikal.

"Wow clam down I didn't mean it like that." Said Knuckles.

"Well it sound like it." Said Tikal.

"Is something wrong." Said Knuckles

"Yeah that's one way of putting it." Said Tikal.

Late that day.

Blue sat at the breach the sun was setting and the sea looked like it was glowing.

Blue sight it had been the worst day of his life he had told Yellow that it did not matter to try and help him anymore not now anyway.

"Blue." Said a voice.

Blue turned to see Tikal, Tikal looked and then walked over to him and fell in to his arms. "I am so sorry Blue I didn't mean to get you mad at me." She cried in to Blues chest slowly Blue pull his arms around her, and rubed her head tear's start to run down his face to he rubed. His tears away and then move Tikal face to look at him he rubed her tears away.

"Tikal you are not the one who should be sorry I am the one would should be." Said Blue.

once again Blues Ruby eyes meet Tikal's Sapphire eyes. Blue lowed his head slowly and kisses her Tikal let the kiss wash over her she pulled her around Blues neck and kisses back. Not wanting the kiss to end Blue pulled away and hugged Tikal.

"Blue I love you." Said Tikal almost in tears again.

"I love you to Tikal." Said Blue. "Don't cry."

Blue sat down again and Tikal sat next to him and rested her head on Blues chest. She slimed and close her eyes. Blue hugged her has the sun set on the two Blue final felt like life had just got a lot better for him.

The end.

Shinning road of Sonic X plays

else where.

Sonic ran in to the cave and stopped and looked around.

"What the Blue?" He called.

"Anyone?" He Called.

Looks out of the page at you

"Oh great hey you writer guy you leave me out next time and you find your self a other story to write." Said Sonic and walks off

(hope you guys like his)