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Summary: Raven has had trouble with her meditation lately and she knows why. How will this affect Raven when her and Cyborg are left home alone while the others revisit there family members, will they ever admit there feelings for each other, or will Ravens powers blow up everything before she has a chance.

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Chapter 1

Everything was black. Words could be heard chanted in the distance. "Azirath Metreon Zinthos". As the rhythmic chanting continued something happened, an emotion was out of place. That emotion began to terrorize the once easy meditation process. The chanting began to get louder, more detached, and more strained. Azirath, Metreon, Zinthos. The chanter knew it was now time to stop
before something became damaged. "Time to wake up".
The lavender haired girl awoke in a jolt. For the last week or so, Raven's meditation in her sleep was becoming more of a strain. She glanced wearily at the clock on her nightstand. The digital numbers began blinking three o' clock. She sighed. "At least I woke up in the morning; I must get my herbal tea." She wearily lifted herself out of her bed and walked out of her room. She had gotten so accustomed to waking up in the middle of the night and not getting back to sleep that she started sleeping in her cloths.

Once in the kitchen she began brewing her usual morning herbal tea. She walked over to a counter and placed her elbows on it to support her tired body, she than began to think about her meditation. "This past week has been such a strain because one of my emotions. I would say it was my mirror but I hid the mirror from the two who knew about it, Cyborg..." She was snapped from her thoughts as the tea kettle screeched for her to release it from the heat. She hastily turned of the heat and began hoping the others where to fast asleep to notice the teakettle's screech. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly to Raven, one was not as she hoped.

"Yo Ray, ya think you could keep that thing down. What are you doing up at three fifteen in the morning." Said the cranky Cyborg. Raven was thinking of an excuse but for some reason looking at Cyborg completely clouded her mind. She blushed as the oven's door opened and expelled flames. Cyborg, who was once half asleep, was know wide-awake, and beginning to fear Raven and the oven for the sudden outburst. Raven's blush began to deepen as this happened a vase full of flowers nearby exploded. "Raven! Are you al...?" "I must go." Raven interrupted in a monotone but hastily voice, as she walked down the hall all alarm clocks went off on high volume.

With the whole "alarm clock" incident, all the titans where up early and any other day they would of hated it, but today was an exception. Today was the day Robin, Starfire, and Beastboy all had plans with there parents. As the seven o' clock chime began the three titans where packed and ready to go. "All right titans it's time, is everyone ready." Said Robin "Cyborg are you sure you're not going?" "Yeah man I planned for an outing with my parents in a week." Said Cyborg. "What about Raven, I haven't seen her all morning." Said Starfire in a concerned voice she used so much. "I hope she hasn't gotten the acne, or the chicken of pox or the weasels!" "Oh she'll be fine, if she has plans she'll take care of them, and me and Terra will help her if she has the "weasels." Said Cyborg, still worried about the events last night. "And what about Terra?" Asked Beastboy. "B.B. she'll be fine, last I saw her she was in the training area and she can fully take care of her self." Said Cyborg. "Stop worrying I got the whole thing under control." "All right," said Robin "titans move out!"
"Azirath, Metreon, Zinthos. Azirath...Metreon...Zinthos. Azirath, Ahhh!" The breaking of her mantle pieces interrupted Raven's chanting. "Err what's the point!! I can't concentrate; why know! I couldn't fall in love when I got complete control over my powers, if that's even possible. Who am I kidding, this would have happened sooner or later, there's only one thing to do." Raven said walking to one of the corners of her room. "Azirath, Metreon, Zinthos!!" she chanted as a black vortex appeared, she reached in and grabbed her Azirathein mirror, the object that links to her mind. She chanted again and was warped into the mirror unfortunately she wasn't alone.
End of Chapter 1

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