Last Saturday, the kids were watching cartoons, including Pokemon. I could swear that Ash said they were going to Smallville City next, at the end of the episode.

"Keep digging, James!"

"But where are we going?"

"The twoip said Smallville City, so there we'll go. Meowth!"

"But I never heard of it! Are you sure he didn't say Mallville?"

"Just dig!"

"Yes, Jess."


"Now what!?" With Jessie's frantic supervision, James excavated the object blocking their path.

It was a naked man.

"We'll bring him along," Jessie decided. "Find him something to wear."

"His shoulders look too broad for any of my clothes."

"Meowth! Look! A cave opening!"

So that's how Clark returned home with two notorious Pokemon-thieves and a talking Meowth, and wearing a strapless ball gown.