A Little Bonding Time

By: Comm. Butler

Disclaimer: The characters of JAG especially Webb don't belong to me. They belong to CBS and DPB, (if I owned Webb I think would jump off a cliff, but Harm on the other hand… slips into censored fantasy world. )

Author's Note: Here is a funny little story that I cooked up, because one I needed some serious laughter and two this idea resulted from one of my guy friends and I babysitting together and since we both watch JAG we thought what if? But our weekend didn't have such romantic results. Thank goodness cause I don't like him that way… yet. Anyway I digress I hope you enjoy this and please review it. By the way, Webb is out of the picture you can kill him or send him off to Timbuktu use your imagination and just for kicks let's say it's summertime and Mattie is on a trip with a foreign language class. I don't know think of something creative to get her out of the picture for this. The season finale had NO effect on this story. So Mac is in perfect health and the Admiral is still at JAG etc. etc.

1315 Romeo


"You know Harm I was thinking what if we went for a similarity vote?"

"Like I did in that case before the JAG a Thon? You know I might just have to try really hard, it's difficult to woo a jury, even with my physic."

Mac rolled her eyes and took another bite of her noodles.

"Of you had half the 'physic' you say you do you would get the sesame dressing off your face."

"What? Where is it?" Harm asked worriedly.

"Right there." Mac pointed to the side of his face and Harm snatched up a napkin and began to rub the spot furiously.

"All gone?"

"Yes, because it was never there, but there is a red spot there now and we have court in five minutes." Mac giggled.

"MAC! Thanks a ton, now take your little marine green butt out of my office!" Harm snapped playfully. Mac stood up still smiling and left leaving Harm in a semi bad mood.

1645 Romeo

Same day

"Nice going Commander. I thought you said you knew what you were doing!" Mac snapped. Their playful mood over lunch had vanished and been replaced with a sour one as they walked through the bullpen.

"Well maybe if you had given me all the notes I might have known about that prior offence to his record. How am I supposed to defend someone when I don't every detail of the case?" Harm shot back challengingly. Mac stepped right up next to him so their faces were inches apart.

"You're an attorney you should have the art of improvising in your head just like any man has the hand book of se…"

"Red light Colonel! Look why don't you just get off my case okay! God you act like my wife!"

"FYI you don't have one Harm, and sometimes I wish I was your wife so I could…" Mac slapped her hand over her mouth. Had she just said that out loud? Oh man this didn't look good. Harm as well as several people in the bullpen had wide eyes and Harm's mouth was gaping open. They stared at each other for a minute before they heard the Admiral yell.

"Rabb! Mackenzie! My office NOW!"

"Things just keep getting better with you don't they it's like a curse isn't it?" Harm snapped and began to storm towards the Admiral's office. Mac immediately rushed to Harm's side and grabbed his sleeve, and they entered the office as such.

"Yes sir." They said together.

"Colonel let go of the Commander!"

"Aye, aye sir." Mac immediately, let go of Harm's sleeve blushing slightly. They stood before AJ who was puzzled, but continued on.

"I don't know what is up your sixes this week would either of you like to enlightening me?"

"Yes." Harm said.

"No." Mac said at the same time.

"Go figure you two disagreeing again, yet I hate to break you up your the best I've got, so I have decided to let you two have a little bonding time."

"Bonding time sir?" Mac asked quizzically.

"Yes and I have the perfect way. I have some friends of mine whose daughter and her husband need someone to house sit for the weekend and I suggested you two."

"Both of us? Together? That will be a breeze…umm sir." Harm said cockily.

"Let me finish Commander. This young couple also have a baby that needs to be taken care of and they can't take him where they are going so you two will be responsible for Patrick their son."

"A baby! You are joking sir." Mac looked a little shocked and excited at the same time. The Admiral shook his head.

"I figure why not. You two already act like your married and the next logical step would be parenthood, and it might teach you two not to take the other for granted. Taking care of a child even for a weekend involves teamwork and effort so I expect you will put your best foot forward. You will be leaving early like in a half hour, that will give you about two hours to pack a weekend bag and get to their home, you need to be there at 1900 sharp. Make a good impression please, and try to agree. Dismissed!"

"But sir…" Mac attempted.

"I said dismissed Colonel!"

"Yes sir." They both agreed somberly and then with tails between their legs they left his office, and headed for their own. Out in the bullpen Harriet turned to Sturgis,

"Now sir what do you suppose they are all down about?"

"No idea lieutenant, but what we saw in the bullpen a few minutes ago makes me wonder if it is of any relevance." Harriet shrugged.

"Oh well, but do you think that they might…"

"Lieutenant, don't hold your breath they day those two get together I'll be back on a submarine again."

"Well sir you better start packing your bags because you're taking a tour of duty in a steel tube." Harriet said walking away briskly and Sturgis called after,

"A Submarine! It's a submarine!" Then he turned and went back into his office shaking his head and weighing his chances of Harm and Mac getting together. He shuddered at the thought, man he would hate to see how that marriage would play out. Little did anyone know that Harm and Mac would be playing house for the weekend and might have some very interesting results.