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0910 Romeo



"Sorry we're late sir my car wouldn't start. The Commander had to pick me up." Mac explained as she and Harm walked late into the staff meeting. They sat down across from each other. The whole roomful of attorneys smiled, Harriet really couldn't keep her mouth shut.

"That was very nice of the Commander, now from time to time I like to know how my people are in their lives outside of work, so I will ask you all what you did this weekend and you must be honest and everyone else is free to ask questions. Commander Turner, why don't you start us off?" The Admiral suggested. When everyone else had shared there weekends and they looked at Harm and Mac, who took a deep breath,

"This weekend was an event to say the least. The Admiral hired the Commander and I out as babysitters to a wonderful couple in Alexandria. All weekend we watched their son Patrick who was such a sweetheart. The Commander and I also shared a little bonding time which… was well needed." Mac finished. Sturgis was the first to ask,

"Now Harm I see those scratches on your neck and Colonel is that a bruise on yours? Things must have gotten a little rough, care to enlighten us?" Mac kicked Harm under the table.

"Ouch! Uh, the Colonel and I had a bit of a wrestling match and my neck paid the price. The Colonel's neck however… umm well that isn't a bruise…" The entire room cocked their eyebrows.


"Ma'am it is also rumored that your conditions at the home were against regulations, is that true?" Harriet asked. Mac snapped.

"We shared a bed, we kissed each other and I stayed at his apartment last night so what!" Harriet looked shocked by this answer and Mac slapped a hand against her forehead.

"Nice going Mac! I thought you said to…" Harm started in on her and she shot back standing up,

"Well it's not my fault! You're the one who gave me…"

"ENOUGH!" The Admiral shouted. "Now if you two would stop fighting please I am sure there are others in this room who would like to ask you something, yes Lieutenant." The Admiral gave the floor over to Bud, who asked softly,

"Sir, did you find the Colonel's tattoo?"

"BUD!" The entire table exclaimed including the Admiral and Harriet hit him upside the head. Harm however cleared his throat,

"The Admiral told us to be honest so… Yes Bud I did it is a red rose on her mmph!"

"NO!" Mac had just flung herself across the table and slapped a hand over his mouth. Everyone wanted to know what Harm was saying under Mac's hand, and when Mac removed it Harm finished,

"And I was right, it was right where I thought so Bud you owe me twenty bucks." Everyone in attendance groaned and Mac let out a sigh of relief. The Admiral then asked them as Mac scrambled off the table,

"I'm I to assume that something more than an affair is going to come out of these events?"

"Yes sir, Mac and I were discussing that issue last night." Harm nodded. Sturgis muttered under his breath,

"Well that discussion mustn't have been very long." The Admiral eyed him harshly before continuing.

"I guess it is a good thing I decided to pull all the Admiral's privilege I could to keep you two together. You won't be having other partners for a very long time and you will be stuck in this facility for the rest of your Navy and Marine careers, unless determined by the SECNAV. Now I think that we have stepped a little too far out of the office and into the bedroom so back to the meeting. Rabb, Mackenzie here is a conduct un'bunk'coming, it seems that two petty officers unknowingly slept together and were found by their CO. Don't ask me how. Roberts a drunk and disorderly, and Turner, you have a temporary designator change to a submarine in the Pacific so I will be seeing you in oh about six weeks or more, depending." Sturgis' eyes widened.

"I'm going back on a sub?"

"That's what I just said."

"Wow Harm and Mac are my lucky charms." Sturgis grinned. The Admiral then stood,

'I do believe that was the most interesting staff meeting I have ever run. We will have to do this more often. Oh and people what was shared today, stays in this room. Dismissed." The Admiral turned and left and everyone else took their things and piled on the elevator. As they stood there Sturgis started singing softly,

"Oh the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and the moon up above and a thing called love…" Harm and Mac stood in the corner hugging their files and Harm snapped,

"Shut up Sturgis!" This only made him sing louder and everyone began to hum the tune. Harm and Mac in unison whacked Bud and Harriet on the back of the heads with their files and Mac warned,

"Stop humming and wipe that smile off your face Lieutenants." Just then the doors opened and everyone headed to the bullpen and Mac stopped Harm,

"Wait I forgot that other sheet in the library for court this afternoon."

"Okay then let's go get it." Harm suggested and they climbed back on the elevator.

"You know that scene reminds me of another time in an elevator."

"Well Mac we have been in quite a few elevators." Mac smirked and began,

"Moon River…"

"No Mac! I get it okay. Now what is your comeback to that case." The elevator doors opened and as they stepped out Mac slapped his ass.

"That was."

"Commander, Colonel let's keep it office appropriate shall we?" The Admiral said stepping onto the elevator and leaving Harm and Mac alone."

"Thanks Mac. What would I do without you." Harm said sarcastically.

"Oh I don't know but I would be alone. There's no one here beside me. My troubles have all gone there's no one to…" Harm silenced her once again with a kiss.

"There would be one less sexy Marine in my life."

"And there would be one less cocky Flyboy in mine." Mac replied and then she looked thoughtful.

"You know I think I'm starting to like this bonding time thing, we should do it more often."

"You do?" Harm asked.

"Oh yeah." Mac grabbed him by his tie and kissed him passionately. Then she let go and went into the library and emerged two minutes later and this time they took the stairs and when they entered the bullpen everyone snickered.

"Mac what is so funny." Harm hissed and Mac whispered back through gritted teeth,

"Just keep walking, you have some of my lipstick on your lip."

"Oh shit!" Harm muttered. He liked the new relationship that they had, but he hated how he kept getting things on the side of his face that everyone seemed to think was funny. Oh well it must just come with loving Mac, but a little sesame dressing and lipstick, were worth it to have her.

Mac smiled to herself. She got Harm finally after all this time and she didn't care if everyone knew about it. If she had to suffer through the teasing that would go with being a Marine and loving a Sailor and a fighter jock it was worth it to her. She would love Harm all her life and that was what mattered.

There was and never is a typical day at JAG Headquarters with Commander Rabb, USN and Lt. Colonel Sarah 'Mac' Mackenzie, USMC on duty and that was how everyone liked it and that is how it was going to stay for a very, very, very, very, very, very long time.

The End