This song is by Kelly Clarkson, and the perfect title for my song inspired series of Nabiki, Ranma and Tatewaki Kuno Love Triangle. I still don't know who Nabiki will end up with this Fic, it will be my long term project. There are also mini subplots with the other characters but at the moment I'm only focusing on Nabiki. But for the authors out there feel free to use my ideas. But please let me know first…


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This is my take of Ranma's relationship to Akane…

Bold means song Lyrics

Italics means Thoughts

Listen baby

I wonder why sometimes we fall apart, (ooh babe),

Together we are so wonderful,

Yeh, baby,

Ranma was sitting on top of a rooftop overlooking the grounds of the Tendo dojo. He sits there and watches Akane angrily pommeling a practice dummy. He already knew what was on her mind, as he heard the curses she calls out in frustration. It was always like this. He sat there and watched Akane work out her aggressions towards him. He winced as he touched his right cheek. The spot where Akane had just hit him.

and every single day I pray,

I really think it should've never been this way, (shouldn't be this way)

I'm only trying to be (only trying to be) a better man (a better man),

so baby,

He could never understand why Akane treats him the way she did. He use to think it was because of his curse or the fact that he was a boy but he thought that they had passed that. That somehow they had some sort of relationship, even so close as to have an obscure friendship. He really did like Akane, but she always treated him like some sort of vile disease. There are times that she was nice to him but it rarely happens. Could she not see that it wasn't his fault that he had so many fiancées? That he never starts the fights that happens? That he always tries to say the right thing but always stuffs it up because he was never good with words?

Why then do you see all the negative things in me?

Cos all I ever do is try and be

All that I can be,

Girl, u know your hurting me,

All the pain you weigh to me,

Akane always blamed him for everything that happens. Ranma guessed he couldn't blame her. It was true that chaos happened to him all the time but there was nothing he could do about it. All he wanted to do was to make her understand. To make someone understand. For someone to at least listen to his side of the story without jumping to the wrong conclusion first or make assumptions or judgements.

As I lie at night,

I'm imagining things,

how they used to be

Girl, you know your hurting me,

What am I to do with a broken heart? (broken heart, yeh)

Ranma remembered the first time they had met. He was in his cursed form. When she had asked him to be her friend, it lighted up his life. No. Akane asked HER to be her friend. He can see it clearly now and it hurts. It hurt to be pushed to someone you think will love you but pushes you away. At that very moment he knew just how Mousse felt about Shampoo's constant rejection. How could Mousse put himself through this? Time and time again he had been rejected and he felt like his heart tears into amillion pieces.How could Ranma put himself through this?

All over town

Everybody say

That you and me are over,

But I know we're meant to be

Together for eternity

He wasn't deaf nor stupid. He knew what everyone was saying behind his back.

"He didn't deserve Akane"

"Akane's too good for him"

"Akane's all wrong for him"

"He's a pervert"

"Dumb jock"


"Enemy of women"


But somehow he thought Akane was different. He felt himself attracted to her, even perhaps see her as something more. But how could she treat him the way she did? He has destroyed mountains for her. Even killed for her.

Was it untrue what we promised each other?

Baby, my heart keeps telling me (shouldn't be this way)

That it shouldn't be this way forever, (only trying to be)

I'm only trying to be a better man, (better man), so lady,

But why? Why couldn't she trust him? After all this time, why couldn't she just listen to him? Hear him out? Shampoo and Ukyo and perhaps even Kodachi will never be more than just friends. Friends that Ranma so desperately wants them all to be. Couldn't Akane understand that? Couldn't she see that it wasn't easy for him to make friends?. Every time he does, things always went wrong. Just look at Ukyo and Ryoga. He tries so desperately to keep things together the best he can, but it always blew up in his face.

Broken heart, girl,

Remember when we made our promises,

That we would be together throughout every single thing,

Now I'm only trying to be a better man,

It hurt. There were no words to describe Ranma's pain. A lone tear escaped his eyes as he violently wiped it away. Real men don't cry. But was he a man? Was he really a real man?

He continued watching Akane from a distance. He didn't notice that he had begun clenching his fists. His knuckles turning white but all he could feel was pain. The pain of being rejected. The pain of knowing no one wanted him for him. The pain of being alone. He shook his head at the thought. He should be used to it by now.

But you'd never notice that,

Girl, I truly love to be around you,

and baby, I'll give you anything you want me to, (shouldn't be this way)

Cos I know this might seem hard for you, (only trying to be)

I know That we will be... (a better man) yeh, yeh

He then stood up noticing that Akane had finished her "work out" and had headed back towards the dojo. He should also head back. As he leaped down from the roof, he noticed his father trying to sneak up on him. Ranma just smiled. He really needed to work out his aggressions. Why not to the person responsible for most of it?

Then the father and son commenced their fight.

Unbeknownst to Ranma, Genma smiled inwardly. He had seen his son's melancholy behaviour. He also knew what has caused it. He knew he made mistakes in raising Ranma. Ok a lot of mistakes. But he was still Ranma's father. He may not show it but he did care for the boy. He really doesn't know how to talk to him or give him really good advice but there was one thing he could always give him. A stress relief.

Sparring releases all the aggressions Ranma carries, and for a little while unburdens him with his troubles. This is also a way to get closer to his son. Ranma may not know it, but the sparring they always indulged in was a simple bonding sessions they had together. To spend time together without words. To communicate without words. Well sort of. Genma never had any social skills to begin with and communicating was more of a feminine trait. This was one of the only ways to show his son how much he cares for him and how much he loved him without loosing his masculinity.

Little do they know, a figure watches over them. Mesmerized by their display and was also filled with sadness and pain...

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