Warnings: OOCness, random almost!indecency, Yami with a "real" body, aaaand … thinks unlikely situations. Oh, and shonen-ai. It's fiction!

Disclaimer: After I take over the world, YGO will belong to me and I will make Yami, Bakura, (and Yami-Marik) have real bodies, thus settling this whole spirit/physical presence debate once and for all. ((smirks)) And then I will have their respective partners snog them happily, because I'm in a generous mood today.

Brainfarque 10

The wait

Location: A deserted waiting room

Yuugi stared in front of him, absently reading the posters on the wall. Beside him, Yami slouched, arms crossed. The ticking of the clock seemed too loud for comfort.

Yuugi gave up and grabbed a magazine. He stared at the fashionably clad male on the cover, then glanced down at his own outfit in comparison. Instead of constricting black jeans and a midriff-baring purple tank top, Yuugi wore soft blue sweats and a loose grey shirt made of fleece.

He pursed his lips. Apparently, he was taking a break from being fashionable today. But darnit, he was comfy, so there.

Yami shifted impatiently. "How much longer, aibou?"

Yuugi shrugged. "These can be kinda hard to predict. I wouldn't worry about it, though."

Yami sighed and shifted some more. Yuugi tuned him out and slowly flipped through the magazine. The clock ticked on.

Ten minutes later, Yami had begun to fidget. Yuugi concentrated resolutely on his magazine.

Time passed. Yami stared ahead, still fidgeting, until Yuugi couldn't ignore it anymore. "Yami," he ventured softly, "you're creaking."

It was true. Yami had dressed in his traditional leather get up, and it was audibly apparent. Yami bit his lip and subsided.

"Sorry, aibou."

Yuugi smiled, "If it's any help, I'm bored, too."

Yami smiled back, then moved to stare at the ceiling disinterestedly.

A few more minutes, then Yuugi sighed. "Yami. Creaking again."

Yami stopped fidgeting again, then slouched down even more. He groaned softly in frustration.

Time dragged on some more. Yami drooped some more. Yuugi set aside the magazine and began to drop off in the quiet.

Creak, creeeaak.

Yuugi began to twitch. "Yamiiiii," he whined, giving up on politeness. "Creaky!" He poked at Yami's guilty pants (part of his leather ensemble) with a petulant expression. "Cut it out!"

Yami pouted. "It's not my fault. You made me all rushed this morning and I didn't have time to oil them."

"And I am sorry," Yuugi apologized sincerely. "But you have to admit it's kinda annoying."

Yami gave this due consideration, shifting experimentally. Yuugi resisted gritting his teeth.

"You're right, Yuugi. It is most annoying," Yami decided, then stood up.

CREAK. Creak, groan, creak, creeaaak, ccccrrreeeeaaaaaaaak. Thump.

Yuugi stared at his yami in a mix of horror and amazement. "Yami?" he squeaked.

The manifested spirit in question sat down with distinct satisfaction. "There. Problem solved."

Yuugi went very, very red. Nonchalantly, Yami relaxed again and used his right foot to shove aside the discarded pile of clothing.

For his part, Yuugi stared, somehow unable to stop. Seeming miles of tanned, bare legs flowed upwards, scurried under modest black silk boxers, then re-emerged, more glorious than ever as a lovely expanse of tanned, bare, male chest. Under the cheap florescent lighting, Yami seemed to radiate sensuality and untameable freedom and Yuugi just. Couldn't. Stop. Staring.

When Yuugi finally dragged his eyes up to face level, Yami was smirking slightly, probably well aware of the effect he was having. "Yes, aibou?"

"You … stripped?"

The smirk grew. "No more creaky leather, aibou. Problem solved."

Yuugi's previously red face decided to hijack the rest of the blood in his body, creating a searing red colour not found in nature. "Yeah, but… you stripped!"

Smiling, Yami leaned forward and gently flicked his nose. "Only for you, aibou. Now go back to reading your glossy book."

At that moment, Yuugi's grandpa entered the waiting area, stretching in relief and scrunching his eyes closed as he did so. "Aaaah. Nothing like your annual dental cleaning to make your teeth feel all happy! Were you two waiting long?"

A/N: Lame ending, I know. Ah, well.

Written as secret vengeance (aka: stress relief) b/c of the annoying semi-friend who sat beside me today in his constantly creaking leather jacket. He drove me insane in 10 minutes, and it's entirely his fault that I wrote this in the margins of my notes during class. XD Evil creaky leather. ((shrugs)) That was really the only point I wanted to make, though implied Yami/Yuugi shonen-ai is always nice, right?